Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it any wonder-- Muslim Brotherhood?

Tom's Journal.

Is it any wonder... duh?  Most of us knew all along who and what the Muslim Brotherhood were --even in the early part of the Egypt uprising months ago!  And just what manner or kind of "democracy" would come from a 'grass roots' org like that 'Brotherhood' in that part of the world, huh?   Was it going to be a Paul Revere thing like ours in 1775--- and how the media played things up, as usual... lol.  

Again, friends, all things understood, fore told, according to the scriptures, we are on the same page and everything is going along according to Hoyle-- as real, biblical literate Christians still stand unwaveringly good soldiers of Christ-- still expecting things to fall into place... "let your kingdom come and your will be done, on earth as they are in heaven..." ~Matt. 6:9.  We firmly expect the Rapture to be right on time, come hell or high water, come economic melt down, countries going bankrupt, etc.  

We should be happy with full knowledge that God will protect us for the most part [in America], as we continue to serve Him-- sharing the Gospel with everyone we are able to, one way or another.  Most of my relatives just continue to live in the rat race of survival, trying to hold on to what they've got.   I suggest that they hunker down and lower their life style to where they don't have to kill themselves by taking on more work and over time to "maintain" their high quality of life, expensive houses, etc.  "Having food and sustenance we shall be content."   Many Christians will also come under Satanic temptation of keeping up with the Jones's, but why should they?  Actually, I would like to sell my house and move closer to a mid- sized city in the burbs, but that may be close to impossible with the dead house sales and economy now-- so I will just be content and play it by ear.  

My nephew, Billy Schuckman, brought my hound dog back this morning, and I am very happy to have some much needed company again at home!  After a good meal, my dog, Deuce, is sleeping in peace, very contently.  I feel well enough to take care of him now.   
We again had some powerful storms race through our WI area last night and early this morning, but I don't see much power outage near me.  I figure that it will be a long, hot Summer, and looking forward to getting some welcome sun on my back, and playing with Deuce in the back yard.


Posted: 05 Jul 2011 08:47 AM PDT
By Ryan Jones Israel Today US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the weekend publicly announced the Obama Administration's desire to reestablish ties with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.The Brotherhood responded this week by thanking Clinton, and issuing its first demand of its new American friends: drop support for the "Zionist regime."In an email response quoted by Bloomberg, Muslim