Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exsposing Joel's Army.

Tom's Journal.

Exposing Joel's Army -- Trojan Horse !

The part I want to highlight is:  Exposing Joel's Army.... as I was listening to Brannon Howse  [WVCY- 107.7 FM, Christian Radio]  on the way home from shopping today.  

We can assume and figure out just how angry and desperate the good, loyal, conservative Americans are right now with the melting economy and all sorts of Congressional corruption, etc.  Gov. Perry, who seems like "a man's man" who has what it takes to take control of the 'ran away stage coach' and bring things back to normal, even appeals to me.  Seems like he could easily win the Republican ticket and be the new PREZ!!  But from what I heard today-- there is a lot to beware of--  sorry to shoot a big dream down, dear ones.  Being a history buff and knowing human nature, I can see where Gov. Perry could sweep the race and come in cool --smelling like a rose.  And yes,  I do miss G.W. Bush, even with all his faults... compared to the corrupt clown we have in the WH now!

Beware the "TROJAN HORSE !"  Just like post WW-2 Germany, the people are 'ripe' to elect someone who can lead them out of the impending disasters that could crush the life out of America, and the world.  Be careful what we wish for, friends.  On a brighter note-- God has everything in control, and His Will-- will be done.

On a personal note-- I think that I am over doing my knee and leg exercises because the knee is sore and hurts more when ever I get up.   Deep, long sleep does me a world of good, but when I drove Deuce to the Walgreen store to drop off my camera film, getting in and out of the truck and off loading my power scooter may have taxed my knee more than I should have.  Hint:  It will take longer than one month to heal up, I am sure, Ha!  I had a big meal of chicken [3 pieces] and rice/ beans from Popeye today, and gave the dog some too, but I will not go back to my old eating habits and gain back the pounds.  I KNOW the trick now to losing weight, with my fresh fruit and pure water diet. I guess I was just a stubborn old man most of my life, eating with a vengeance... lol, to satisfy something in my life, but better late than never to get with a good, sensible program of eating and living better.  NOT for longevity and many years on earth-- but to just have a better quality of life so that I many serve the Lord with a higher percentage of strength and power.  On the other hand, we ought to be ready to give/ sacrifice our very lives for Christ our King-- being soldiers in His mighty Army.  
Have a great sunny day!

Tom Schuckman
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I Marvel.

Tom's Journal.

I just marvel...   How powerful and mighty MY GOD is, and all His promises come true-- in His good time, and never late!  

     l marvel.  That God does hear the prayers of the righteous -- and the sinners who are humble and repentant who surrender their hearts and minds to Christ and confess Him as Lord and Savior.  And yes, this does take guts and courage in this un-believing world that we live in-- 7-13-11, July.   But soldiers of Christ are NOT cowards!
    I asked the Lord to take away my taste for different items and put the ladies 'on hold',  if not forever-- because the Lord will be coming back soon to Rapture up His saints and believers.   I sure don't need any other distractions-- but if some one special comes my way-- well we will just have to wait and see.   Let us put 'first things first' and get our priorities straight, please!  My new mantra is:  "Strip off the extra, heavy WEIGHT in our life, so that we can run the race unencumbered and without extra burden!"  I can't help but remember all the things I learned in High School Track and Field, at Waterford HS, WI., from some great instructors/ teachers.  How to work the legs and feet and arms, with correct 'form' and strategy and attitude.  Taking humble, average guys with the hearts of champions!   I did the high hurdles, pole vault, and half mile run- [and the 880 relay sometimes].  Everything I learned in my teen years helped me to work and survive the coming battles and traumas/ tribulations... and I believe that my parents raised me right too.  Of course... "IF" I was raised with the Bible as my guild-- perhaps things could have turned out differently.   But I am Saved and know where I am going-- and what could be better than that??!  Christ died for the sinners in the world and technically, ANYONE who accepts the Lord's supreme sacrifice and confesses that fact with his lips-- will be Saved.  2nd Peter 2:9, says:  "The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserved the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished."  So when people tell me that they just CANNOT do something, like stop/ quit practicing an 'unclean habit', I tell them a little of my own personal history and past-- having a few demons to crush and throw away-- with the help of God [Holy Spirit, especially].   If you need some personal help with a problem, you can contact me privately, and I will try my best to help and encourage:

But it makes sense [doesn't it?] to 'slim down' in many aspects, and cast off many possessions that we just don't use or need, so that we can "bug out" in a heart beat, if and when that time comes, dear brothers and sisters.  Why have a heart attack or stroke over something material / or carnal-- and we ought to know that this nasty economic storm is coming-- dear friends.  Hold on to what is dear and necessary/ Holy,  to survive-- like all the wisdom of the Bible, and an intense love for Christ!    And that's the way I see it, on this fine, warm July day in Wisconsin.  I need to hang around for my Physical Therapy lady to come over and make me do 'tricks'  -- but I wanted to take the dog with me if i go out to eat or buy some chicken today.  I ate some fruit for breakfast, but now I am getting hungry!  Grrrrr.  

Tommy Schuckman