Sunday, July 31, 2011

Warm August.

Tom's Journal.

Here it is at 9PM and the air temp. is till 89 degrees F. !  But the corn in the field just loves this kind of weather to grow well in, and since we did get some much needed rain in WI., things will be OK, we think.   PTL.
   A lady friend from a different church came to visit me this morning at the place I attend, and then I took her out for a nice lunch, and we enjoyed each other's company.  I think that we are both in need of some good Christian company, and that made me feel good, to be "liked" and respected by another person.  Don't worry, I will take things slow--- and this will give the older people at church 'something to talk about' - LOL.  

I learned about something new on the radar today as an evangelist had the forum at our church and explained his Christian ministry, where he and his small company teaches children to 'Sing the Bible' as a means of showing them some wholesome Christian activity that will actually be on TV/ InterNet soon! I bought some of his CD's and literature, etc.... and Earl Martin is his name, from Watertown, WI.  Phone: 262-353-2332.
  I don't mind spending/ contributing some money for a good, worthy cause, so that our Christian youth have something else than rotten TV to watch.  This could develop into a BIG THING!!   Please check this out.

Well, I have to drive my old 2007 Ram truck to the shop to have new shocks and front end alignment tomorrow, and I hope it will be safer and smoother riding for the rest of the year.  I love my truck but it seems to 'nickle and dime' me lately.  I am fighting against the urge to buy a new vehicle, because I suspect that our economy will get MUCH worse in a few months, friends.  Now is NOT the time to get into more, deeper debt, IMHO, as interest rates might shoot up in every area of life and finance.  And that's the way I see it... and I 'calls 'em like I sees 'em, Charlie Brown.'   

I just hate fear mongering, and I don't want to post anything that I'm not sure about-- although I am still allowed my opinion, in the USA.  The Truth of the Bible is much more than my opinion -- it's never failed me and never been proven wrong.  It's the one sure thing that I can bet on, and win every time!  I get so much knowledge, wisdom and strength when I read/ study the Scriptures, and just gave away a brand new DEFINED KJV Bible TODAY, again. A $55 large print, nice one, to a new friend!  That makes me feel so good inside too!  The Lord has blessed me-- so I can and should bless others freely.  My knees have been hurting again because I am trying to wean myself from my power scooter, slowly, and then I pay for it the next few days....  Ha!  I plan to join a health club next month and lift weights to get my muscles back in shape again, and facilitate more weight loss.  I hope that I can 'walk to my vehicle' after I get down pumping iron... lol.  
      I am just plain tired now and will go to bed early to recharge my battery-- big day tomorrow.

Warm Regards,
--Power Lifter in 1989...