Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chinook shot down.

Tom's Journal.

A soldier is always on guard-- but even the most diligent of us may have not been totally prepared for what is happening these past few days with the economic system, too much borrowing, printing too much money in the back room, and Market slide, and my past Blog posts these past few years accurately pointing to this very thing  as the DJ Market making it's "corrections" ... LOL!  All while both political parties were posturing to 'look good' while our 401K's were melting down...Ha!  Many Christians, if not most, are not rich, as they donate a 'tithe' or 1/10th of their copper, silver and gold in support of the missionaries, church expenses, KJV Bibles, etc...  but we can still have/ bear JOY, and the other 8 Fruits of the Spirit. ~Gal. 5:22.   As I was just reading the first 3 chapters of 1st Corinthians, I was reinforced by how much we Christians really have in comparison to the NON-believers in the world.  What we lack in 'filthy lucre'---  we gain in real godly wisdom [IF WE HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT]!   I love to share my secrets with others on survival, Herbs, and stash, but that stuff is only temporary, as I've blogged so many times.  I just ordered a water-sterilizer [Steri-PEN] today for $99. -- in case we lose the grid and need safe drinking water, but I also have a water distiller in the house too.  And as for me, personally, paying off/ paying down my debts is the smartest idea now--before the US currency loses it's "buying power."  But that's just my humble opinion, folks.   Got to buy more dog food too... lol.

Q. When I plead the blood of Jesus upon myself, family and friends, and put on the Armour of God, a Christian friend told me that it is not necessary to do both, either one is sufficient. Is this so? A. When Paul admonished us to put on the full armor of God (Ephes. 6:10-18), [...]
I don't know what I was dreaming about last night or early morning, but I woke up thinking it was Sunday, so I dressed up some what, and went to church, but no cars!  I almost thought for a second that the Rapture had come and I was LEFT BEHIND!!  Ha!  What a total scare!  So then I did some light shopping and followed a woman home just West of town, but I knew it was the wife of my good buddy, Bob Melby, a brother from church, age 85, and gave him some sweet cherries, and now I know where he lives.. not far from the animal hospital outside of town!  Good.
I don't know why I fall asleep during the day, during TV or at my PC, so maybe I should just be happy because I am retired  but disabled, and have enough to pay my bills and worship God -- with some peace and security, yet.
To my friends and readers, please continue to pray for my nephew, Joe Erwin, who is a soldier in Iraq right now, and for the families of the Navy SEALS who recently were shot down in a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan.  I know personally how big and cumbersome Chinooks are as they make fine targets for the enemy.  I prefer the good old Huey's that were a smaller target and more maneuverable-- back in Vietnam: 68-70. 

From Jimmy Hood:
Tom I saw the taliban film of the downing of that chinook. The rpg was fired almost right under it and it looked like it was near hover as it attempted to land. We learned many lessons in the Viet Nam war about how to use helicopters in combat areas. Those lessons have been forgotten. I don't think there was any gun ship prep of the lz
many of those downed in Iran had no gunners and were flying in the death zone altitude. The lessons learned in Viet Nam were paid for in blood but it looks like they will be paid for again in blood. Wonder what idiot decided to use a Chinook for an insertion anyway. ... jim
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