Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Build on It.

Tom's Journal.

 Carolyn's comment was so important that I feel I ought to "build on it, and flesh it out."  Christians have a 'secret vocabulary' all their own, and let's just use the term:  "Bible-Speak," for now, OK?  When a 'new Christian' just starts to learn about the Good News of God's Kingdom, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- confessing all their sins and making Christ their personal Lord and Savior, forever,  if they are very sincere and serious they can and will be Saved, with the divine assurance that they WILL positively go to heaven.  But they are still 'young and inexperienced' and could be 'stumbled' or snatched away by the 'Wicked one' -- by the demons or earthly agents of the devil who hate Jesus and God and the Bible!  The 'young Christians', [even though they may be advanced in years... need to form GOOD HABITS of daily Bible study, and steady attendance in a Bible teaching church[ if they can and if there is one near by].  As I and most other mature Christians have repeatedly said... there are 'tell-tale signs-- Red Flags that should go up in a person's head when he/ she walks into a different church that 'claims to be a Christian place of gathering/ place of worship.' [See: Matthew 24:5, and verse 11 too]   Such as:  No Bibles in the pews/ chairs, or nobody carrying their own copy of the Bible into church.  I also believe that the mature ones in the church and else where 'ought' to be using the KJV Bible to get the most pure, true rendering of the Holy Scriptures, and if you have a question on any of these things, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer:
The way people dress might give you insight as to how folks feel about pure Christian worship, and music too.   I always felt that, if a person seems to have money for smokes and strong drink-- they ought to own a few changes of clean, orderly, un-ripped and un- raggy business type clothes, and you all KNOW what I mean!   How would you show respect if you went before a judge or the Governor ??   So, how do the members of the church look and act, in general?  Please remember that I am NOT saying that other churches who operate in different ways with other customs DON'T have the Holy Spirit and are not Saved... just that I have observed many things in my last 40 years on earth, and also having dealt with Cults that will steal everything you hold dear!  

Per the Gov. of Texas, Rick Perry,  LOOK BEYOND what you see and hear and try to measure him through/ with the Bible, instead of a phony "feel-good" Conservative values thing designed just to collect votes after being 'stung royal' by the ultra Left, baby-killing- abortion, Gay agenda, Gun-grabbing, Socialist,  tax fraud, cheating agenda for Illegal Aliens, money laundering/ borrowing BS fiasco/ trauma, Constitution bashing... that we have ever experienced in our life time, and TOTAL  money/ tax mismanagement of all time!!!

And just where in the Bible does it say that God will do or protect America from total economic melt down and even EXISTENCE.... when it's not even mentioned in the Scriptures??  By simple Bible study we can find out that God has made a exclusive covenant with ISRAEL in Genesis Chapter 12, verse 3, [and there is also a curse attached to that same prophecy to ANY one who tries to harm, abuse, take away land, or throw Israel under the bus-- type of people, person or Governments!]  so that no matter what, God will ALWAYS honor that 'Contract !'  On the other hand, nothing is said about God always blessing America-- no matter how many patriotic songs we sing or hear!!  

The big deal/ thing is with folks like Gov. Rick Perry [who 'looks like' a fine, conservative, Christian gentleman and resembles Bush-2 a little bit] -- we don't know that much about his past, but we do know WHO HE HANGS OUT WITH and what kind of religious folks support him!!  When the terms, 'emerging church' and New Age type religion come up in relationship to some body, or friends of... we better start doing our homework, and deep digging,  and here's why >>>  IF [and this might be Satan's Plan...] things get any worse in our American [ and world economy] in the weeks and months ahead-- people will get so desperate and sick of obama-type baloney/ melt down, taking away of entitlements and benefits that obama  PROMISED [in the pay back of the Dims and Unions who put him in office...] -- that they will start looking for most anything that might reverse our course with total disaster, and I mean 3rd world-- just about 'Stone Age' kind of life !!!   [I also don't leave out  violence in the streets, perhaps like London -- and they won't be  Christians out in the street, robbing, murdering, looting, etc., because Christians just DON'T do that!!]  And don't depend on the police or authorities to protect your families and possessions...Ha!

  Americans will sign away all of their/ our hard fought for, FREEDOMS and god given liberties!  And the younger folks have  not been "educated" or experienced times of real hardship [yet] as those of us in our 60's and above...thanks to the lazy, godless, Socialist, God-hating, Bible-hating, greedy heathen people--educational system hijacked by the Socialists Unions, etc, who may be a small minority but know how to harness 'community organizing' types who are honestly hell-bent on destroying America and pushing for their real, hidden agenda of a -ONE WORLD Government,  ONE CURRENCY, ONE  false RELIGION, where about 95% of the human race are more or less slaves to the empire-- ruled by the top rich 5% of an elite rich folks-- followed by the Anti-Christ.

Bottom line:  If we don't know/ understand the wolves in sheep's clothing that the Bible simply explains-- we will be duped, sliced and diced !  
Please tell me that this makes, at least, a little sense.  I believe, that if one has the Holy Spirit, he/ she will agree.  Thank you, sister Carolyn! 

Tom Schuckman

Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
Start storing up some canned goods and distilled water-- just my personal advice...


Carolyn has left a new comment on your post "The NEW religious Right.":

Tom- I'm glad you posted this. Brannon Howse and others are taking a lot of heat for speaking out against the "response" prayers this past weekend. I've been Cramming, and researching- as some of the stuff I knew about already, or heard about at least, and when I first learned about the call to prayers in Texas, I had mixed feelings. While I agree with public prayers, I especially appreciated when Georgia's Governor held a prayer vigil when they so needed rain, this time it felt different, even though Texas (and the whole nation) need help. This is another time though- religion and politics, which are going to be an interesting time. As I talked with another brother about this, it is going to confuse a lot of new believers and being purposely yoked with the emergent, liberal "church", it can't be anything which would help this nation or Bible believing Christians. When I pour through all the things I've been reading and get it all tied together, you can be sure I will blog about this Tom. The church has been split enough already, and apostasy is rampant, but this, well, this may have even more of a division.
God Bless and thanks for posting about it!
Your sister- Carolyn