Friday, August 12, 2011

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Tom's Journal.

I am always in the  mood for a juicy good book to read, as I have always had the ability to just "climb on inside of the author's head and into the book itself--with my vivid imagination !!"  I don't think the rest of my siblings did have those same inclinations, but they had other bright abilities in their lives-- like making and salting down money and possessions.  I know that there are many out there reading this Blog that will appreciate some of the products I am posting-- and what really knocks my socks off one of the clips that says:  'and after the Church is taken up to heaven-- others on earth 'Left Behind" - loved ones, will NEED this sort of help/ resource, book !!'   Wow!

What a fine, productive day I had with the dog getting my  body out of bed to let him outside in the back door [and he is so well trained that he knows well to stay in the confines of the  un-fenced back yard] -- and I sensed some urgency on Deuce's "speaking" to me...and jamming his cold wet nose onto my hanging right arm out of bed.  

Then the cleaning lady came over and did a great job with my old house, and it was so nice to be able to visit with another human being on my own level-- and she speaks German.  Then I had a commitment with old Bobby Melby for lunch at a local restaurant in town, and I am proud of myself for only having the one portion on my plate-- even though I ordered 'FISH, all you can eat!!'   And then I drove to the Casual Male store, in a huge shopping Strip Mall near IL... and spent $250 on Fall clothes for myself.  I figure that when my under shorts are so thread bare that I can READ THROUGH THEM, it's time to buy a few more, plus socks, T-shirts, etc., too.  Still, I consider that a lot of money!!  Actually, I am thinking about Winter right now--projecting ahead. 

And now it's about 3 PM and ready for the news on TV-- Ha! -- which way is the Stock Market heading today?  In the back of my head I am expecting a total melt down soon-- and therefore buying up last minute items that I feel I need BEFORE hyper -inflation makes my American dollars about worthless... but I just have to STOP my spending, today!  I figure that I ought to take care off and tie off every area/ aspect, corner of life and planning-- but in the long run-- we ought to be following Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart..."  Time to kick back with a cold soda pop and let some of my care slip away.  Take care, dear friends, and brothers/ sisters in the Lord.

Tom Schuckman

Dynamic, Relevant, NEW Information  
You Need to Know!
August 12, 2011 

I've got four new books and one audio CD drama spread out on my desk.  I just added them into our online store and I keep saying, "Jan, can I please take one of these?"  They all look fantastic!  I know it's the end of summer and -- especially in Minnesota -- we try and milk it for all its worth, but tick-tick goes the clock as we wind our way ever closer to Home.  And it shows in world events!  Have you noticed?  That's why I'm not just giving you a line . . . You really need this information!  Let me tell you a little about each of these products:
This is a brand new CDMP3 drama by Jim Tetlow, who has
The coming global transformation
A new audio drama by Jim Tetlow
brought you such awesome products as the God of Wonders DVD and the 101 Last Days Prophecies
booklets.  Jim has done a phenomenal job on this audio drama.  It explores subjects from real news headlines such as UFOs, Marian apparitions, the crisis in the Middle East and lots more -- all in story form (and he even provides footnotes showing where he got the information!)  He created it not only for you to share with friends and family now, but also for you to leave behind once the church is called Home.  We have a
but will shortly have quicksleeves for sale online as well!
A new book by Ron Rhodes
Jan just hosted
a one-hour interview with Ron Rhodes on this, his newest book.  We all know that the Internet is becoming a more dangerous place.  Did you hear the news that in July the Pentagon disclosed 
that this past spring it suffered one of its largest losses of sensitive data to date via cyber theft?   

Computers and the Internet continue to revolutionize the way we live.  But it's just possible that our increasing dependence on these technologies is stealing our privacy and setting us up for a devastating fall.  Ron covers some very practical information like:
  • What do computer viruses do, and how do they spread?
  • How are terrorists and opposing nations using cyberspace as a weapon? Is America vulnerable to cyberterrorism?  If so, how?
  • What new technologies seem to be paving the way for the fulfillment of end-time prophecies in the Bible?
I highly encourage you to check out this new book!  It's $14 + $5 S/H.
This book looks like an absolute must-read!  It is edited by
A NEW book edited by Terry James
Terry James from
and has contributions from a number of financial and other experts including economist, best-selling author and radio show host Jerry Robinson of 
FTM Daily   (Jan's most recent interview with Jerry was April 9, 2011); and G. Edward Griffin , author of the popular and widely-read book, The Creature at Jekyll Island, which tells the true, nefarious story of the creation of the Federal Reserve system. 

 In his Introduction to the book, Terry says,  
"America and the world are being rushed headlong into uncharted socioeconomic waters. Unprecedented, tsunami-like fiscal pressures gush at sovereign national currency structures, the flood bulldozing everything in its path toward a totally changed order of some sort.

"There is a force generating and pushing the tidal wave, some diabolist energy that manipulates and maneuvers behind the state of history upon which mankind acts and reacts. This book calls that force "demonomics" for the purpose of giving that force a face -- a face behind which lurks an evil intention to bring all peoples of earth under absolute control."

Please consider purchasing this book!  It's just $17+ $5 S/H!

You Can Understand the Book of Revelation  
A NEW book by Skip Heitzig
Looking for answers?  They're in the back of The Book!  When God makes a prediction, He does so because He knows the end from the beginning. And in the book of Revelation, He makes very definite predictions," author Skip Heitzig says.

Although some people shy away from the book of Revelation because of its mysteries, God promises blessing to those who read Revelation.  According to Joel Rosenberg, "Skip is a first-rate Bible teacher who has a great passion for helping people understand Bible prophecy, what it means and why it should motivate believers to live more faithfully for Jesus Christ as we see the Day approaching."

This is an awesome book.  Skip has a conversational style and makes this book easily understood with a one-sentence summary at the beginning of each chapter, a list of related Scriptures for study and, admirably, some reflections for personal application.  This is not a commentary in the normal sense of the term.  It's a book your average layman will dig into with fervor!  It is only $14 + $5 S/H

 And finally, something definitely uplifting and inspirational
We Shall See God
A NEW devotional by Charles Hadden Spurgeon and Randy Alcorn  
- a devotional book with clips from sermons of Charles Spurgeon (and comments from best-selling author Randy Alcorn) on my favorite subject -- Heaven!  No 
author in history has more material in print than Charles Spurgeon.  Some of Spurgeon's most powerful sermons were those he preached on Heaven.  Up until now, however, very few of these sermons have been available to a modern audience.

Just one quote from Charles Spurgeon to whet your appetite: "I beg you to conceive of yourselves as being in Heaven.  You would say, 'What! Are these streets of gold? Are these walls of jasper? Am I here? In white? Am I here, with a crown on my head? Am I here singing -- I who once groaned? Profusion of happiness! Wonder of wonders! Miracle of miracles! What a world I am in! And oh, that I am here -- this is the greatest miracle of all!' and yet it is true.  And that is the glory of it. It is true."

There's a lot of really bad news going on in our world today.  But here's the good news:  A better world is coming!  It benefits each of us to come away from the horror of our present for snippets of time to contemplate our future as glorified sons and daughters of God with our sin nature once-and-for-all eradicated!  It really is coming!
Consider purchasing this book.  It's only $15 + $5 S/H.


What more can I say?  The angel that spoke with Daniel in the 12th chapter of his book said that as the "time of the end" drew near, knowledge would be increased.  Have you noticed how hard it is to keep up with new technology, new, deceptive twists on religion, new falsehoods on the state of our economy, etc.?  We at Olive Tree Ministries do try and provide you with a wide selection of products that will keep you informed during these last days.  Check out these products and receive and upgrade on information.  Then, tell your friends and loved ones.  They need to know, too!  
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Heidi Swander

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