Our Mission Statement

A CALL for sound Biblical and Spiritual discernment in the church of JESUS CHRIST at a time of the Great Falling Away. We are called to be His witness in exposing and rebuking false teachings, religions, and deception in these end times so that "Men Are WITHOUT EXCUSE" in claiming they did not know the truth. As Bereans we are asked to test ALL things against the Word of God and call out this apostasy infiltrating our churches. Let us use this group to edify our Lord Jesus Christ by not only pointing out the deception infiltrating our churches but in doing so provide sound Scripture from the Word of God that refutes those false doctrines and teachings so that others are not deceived.
ABOUT the Administrator of this Group:
I'm also an EX-Catholic but NOT Anti-Catholic. However I am 100% PRO-Christ. I stand for the Word of God and I don't care if it's Heinz 57 variety religion, if it's perverting the truth or preaching a different Gospel that was not preached you better believe I am going to stand for the TRUTH. Whether it be Catholic, Mormon, Islam, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses or any other including the NEW "Emergent Church Movement". I don't care if I lose family or friends in the process. I don't care if the Word of God offends you because it's all we have.
This also applies to Christian Science, Kabbalah, or any pastor in the Emergent Church Movement ( aka Rick Warren, Joel Olsteen, Todd Bently, Benny Hinn, Creoflo Dollar, John Crowder, IHOP, Toronto Blessing and MANY others ) who preach a different Jesus, a false Gospel that was not preached. We are surrounded by WOLVES. Make no mistake. Jesus said the path IS narrow and few will find it. Not many but few. The SIZE of any religion, congregation and ministries following isn't proof that it SPEAKS the TRUTH! We are called as Berean's to test EVERYTHING against the Word of God.
Conspiracy theorists, Blasphemers or mockers of TRUE Biblical Christianity will NOT be permitted to participate on this board as well as those who hold up any other Authority for the Truth outside of the HOLY BIBLE. In addition those who promote holy laughter, prayer soaking, slain by the spirit practices, etc, this is NOT the place for you.
Requests for group membership are on an individual basis and sent for approval by the administrator(s) of this group. If we determine you are not here to learn or open to BIBLICAL correction but only to MOCK and promote false doctrines please go elsewhere. However if you are troubled or truly seeking discermnent through the Word of God I pray this board will be a blessing to you.
For now this Group is set to OPEN so anyone can read it, even if NOT a member in the sincere hope that the Word of God will reach as many of those who are lost in this deception as possible. This may need to change down the road but hopefully not.
By requesting to be a member of this group you agree to abide by the group rules and area of conduct set above. Should you violate these rules you can most likely expect to be removed at anytime. This is not something I would be happy about and hope this would never be the case. But our witness must remain PURE in the eyes of God.