Thursday, September 22, 2011

A very fruitful day.

Tom's Journal.

Hurray!  PTL.  I have reason to be happy today.  Yesterday I got a new, updated CPAP breathing machine to help me breath better at night when I sleep, and it works so much better!!  Good "proper" restful, REM type sleep is key to all healing and health, and I have been deprived of it for a long time!  Now my healing, etc., will be accelerated and I will be more alert!  I count it as a small 'miracle.'  And I gave a detailed Christian witness to the specialist who came over and explained/ set up the new, sophisticated, self regulating, machine for me.  It was a fruitful event-- and the machine did not cost me a dime-- good Chrysler health insurance covers it all.  Praise the Lord.

I am also going to meet a new lady today, and pray that I can take things slow and easy so as not to jump into things too fast, but just have a good time and she is a Bible student too.   So things are looking better for me today, and I will have to go to the new North Chicago VA hospital tomorrow for more tests, etc., for arthritis, etc.  In the meantime, the world continues to spin with every conceivable unrest, violence and wickedness imaginable.  Now wonder so many people choose to drink and take drugs to ESCAPE reality...Ha!   "Winter is knocking on the door in many respects..."  Per my own adventure/ life, perhaps things are looking my way-- and the Lord is answering some of my prayers and anxieties.  The Father smiles upon his simple servant-- Old Soldier Tom.

I just get a kick when I can help other people in one way or another, and I have the feeling that I am fulfilling God's purpose for putting me on earth.  We simply CANNOT 'earn' our way into heaven like many false religions teach-- but by being a good Christian, it's our JOB to first magnify and bring glory to God, and then to emulate our Savior Jesus Christ and show love for our fellow man-- by sharing the Gospel to them.  What could be better??  "We received free-- so we can and should GIVE free."

I am going to count all my blessings today and try to smile more.  Got to buy more dog food for 'Deuce' too $$$.

My good friend, Bill Tippett is better and out of the woods for a while-- thanks for the prayers.

Warm Regards,