Friday, September 23, 2011

It's going to be a great day.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day!  I have changed over night in a sense, in that I am more settled down with a better purpose now, down to earth, balanced, IMO.    I had a nice meeting, dinner, and made a special friend yesterday, and it seems that without reaching out and helping others in the world-- I lack purpose.  Lord,  give me real constructive purpose in life, and I am a happy, productive man with a very positive, kind, helping, attitude!  And that will also go a long way to healing my body, mind and spirit!  It's when I temporarily lose my sense of direction and purpose-- do I fall into a slump of depression and fumble around trying to find my way back to the joy of serving the Lord properly.  Too, the new, upgraded CPAP breathing machine that I just got 2 days ago, has already done wonders to helping me feel much better physically, rested, and thinking more clearly!! I can't believe the 'quantum leap' I've just experienced in just 2 days!!  Sleep is SO VERY IMPORTANT because the 4th stage "REM" [rapid eye movement] sleep is when the mind 'reorganizes all the events of the day, and sorts them out and then properly stores them in special compartments.' It's also when the body cleans itself from the inside out and heals itself!  Most people know how to use a PC [computer] as a servant/ a slave to learn from and cherry pick all the latest medical knowledge and break through s.  I am a near expert at this, but God gave me these talents for a reason.  He expects me to use my "gifts" to bring glory to Him and also benefit others.  If I choose to lead a sinful, selfish lifestyle-- I "won't get back much on my 'Investment'."-- storing up treasures in heaven. Anyway... I must be careful where and how I step and not stray far from my Lord and Master.  I only know that I am more happy right now than I have been for a LONG time.  Bless my soul, dear Jesus.  Correct me in your love and not in your anger, dear Lord.  Please help me apply Proverbs 3:5, Son of heaven and Master.  Bless my efforts and make others willing to listen to the fruit-age of my lips-- the Gospel of Salvation. Put fire and zeal in the hearts of all those to whom I have handed a new KJV Bible, please, so that they crack that great BOOK open daily!  In Jesus name, I beg. Amen.
  Proper rest means proper HEALING from injury and surgery,and so much more! Even my metabolism and digesting food, losing more weight will be better/ easier now!

 I am on target now and fully committed to lose another 60 pounds in 90 days, the best way I know how, same as I already lost 54 pounds in the last 90 days.  I am walking more and plan to re-join a health club, like maybe the Kenosha, WI., YMCA that has excellent facilities.  And that will expedite losing even more weight and firm up the sagging tissue of losing weight, IMHO.  [here is a pic of me age age 19 in CuChi, Vietnam: 1968]

Many of my well-meaning friends are telling me to take any new relationship SLOW and EASY, and that has always been difficult for me-- good old Soldier Tom who likes to jump out of the helicopter, with M-60 in tow, and sally forth...'bull rushing' everything and everybody.. lol.  That has always netted me some trouble and heart ache...and much pain and 'resources.'  Hopefully, I have more wisdom by now, but I will have to work on self-control for ever..Ha!  The BIG "IF" is:  When 2 people have the Lord and the Bible in common-- things are bound to get off well. Without God's blessing-- we are all doomed to failure, especially relationships.  I figure that for most people, at least one hour per day of intense Bible study is just about mandatory for us to increase in knowledge of God and a close relationship with Him, and gleaning as much Holy Spirit as possible, along with intense prayer.  And I need to hold myself to that regimen too.

So, I have a different mind set now, and feel more relaxed, poised, in control and level headed.  PTL.  I don't doubt that most of my friends and readers will start to see a change in my attitude now [no matter what comes down the pike], more to the positive and less to the negative.  It's incredible what a simple hug and some kindness can do for a big, old Teddy Bear, and Soldier.  You know, friends,  "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to it!!"  I have walked a heavy, lonely road for a long time and saddled with injury, sickness, severe loss of camaraderie,  and depression, with only a modicum of help from other so-called believers who can't spare too many minutes from their greedy, rat-race lives or chasing their own tails, instead of really relying on the Holy Spirit and Bible for direction.  I don't mean to be 'mean-spirited' or vindictive, but... what goes around --comes around.

Thank you all for all your well wishes and prayers for me, and some of my requests.  Remember that we are still living in very perilous times-- these 'last days', in the 11th hour, when anything could break loose or slide down the slippery slope into total chaos and destruction-- especially war between ISRAEL and her hateful, greedy neighbors of the Islamic world in the Middle East!  I find myself praying for Israel and Jerusalem more and more, for they are the "APPLE OF GOD'S EYE"...  still loved and protected my Almighty God-- see Genesis 12:3, etc.  America's future and fate are closely tied to that of Israel, believe it or not.  But you will never know or understand these things if you don't study your Bible!!  And we will never know too much or be "too smart" regarding the Bible!

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 09:27 AM PDT
By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report As the 66th session of the United Nations convened this week, the number one topic of speculation has been the Palestinian bid for UN recognition. US diplomats have burned up the sidelines of the gathering in a mad scramble to convince the Palestinians to drop their request and avert an international crisis.PA President Mahmoud Abbas wants the United
Take care, dear friends.