Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Syria threatens War.

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Does ANYONE see the 'plot thicken' besides most well read, studied, real Christians here about??  If things get  any more apparent they will bite us in the nose... LOL!!  Mean while, back at the ranch, I look on with mild interest at the USA, and daily stock market, slipping ever faster down the slippery slope as the DOW Jones sinks and our miserable economy flounders like a Coho salmon in the Fall trying to swim up steam to spawn, up here in Wisconsin.  We used to catch them by hand like a bear does and have them smoked-- so delicious!!  
     The book of Revelation says that most of earth's population will mourn as things get economically worse, but true Christians KNOW and understand that these times MUST TAKE PLACE before our Lord returns to 'gather us up into the clouds with Him' in the soon coming Rapture!  Just like the old women used to weep every year for the pagan god Tamuz which inspired some modern day pagan celebrations around Resurrection Sunday [Easter to the world...ahem], when our Lord rose from the dead after He was killed by the Jews, using the resident State power, Rome, to accomplish their purpose.  The same thing is happening now days with the ACLU perverting or Constitution and way ward Gov't liberals. 
   Do we all understand that Bible prophecy says that Damascus will be utterly destroyed in the coming war between Israel and her hateful, surrounding Islamic nations [soon]??  Damascus is the OLDEST continuously inhabited city in the world!  Warning!  Do NOT mess with the "Apple of God's Eye -- Israel !!   That includes the good old USA.  
  Folks,  I was very dissatisfied during my visit today at the North Chicago VAMC [hospital[ in IL, feeling like I got jerked around, and I will travel back there tomorrow to get some satisfaction, and you better get up pretty early in the morning to beat Old Soldier Tom.  I admit when I am wrong-- but will fight when I'm right.  Today they took more x-rays of my back, etc., and did 8 vials full of blood work.  The lady who drew my blood was Vietnamese, and we had a good time with my small knowledge of her native language, and I surprised her!  I always carry a few pocket Bibles and some Bible tracts with me when I go there.  An old friend at Victory B.C. gave me 2- dozen more KJV pocket bibles this past Sunday just for that purpose, Chip M... thank you, Bro. Chip.  Always be prepared and LOOK for an opportunity to witness.  How did WE all come to know the Lord??  The stories are always so warm and exciting on this subject, are they not?  I also gave away one "Love the Jewish People" tract, by Chick Publications-- small comic book form.  And everyone always asks me IF I am Jewish...Ha!  I tell them "NO"-- but I wish I were... and I would gladly travel there to help them fight their hateful Islamic neighbors who want to see all Israel dead, because I used to have a professional "Trade" taught to me by the U.S. Army...helicopter machine gunner- M-60... lol.  Ha!  I know I am just a dreamer.  Christians are pretty much commanded by the Lord to sit out this coming fight-- and leave it all up to GOD to 'take care of business.'  Our 'mission' [ the Christian Church] will be over pretty much after the war between Israel --and a good portion of Islam will bite the dust, and then the Rapture cometh.  I would hate to be around after that when the "Man of Lawlessness" cometh -- the Anti-Christ.  So, if you see or hear of me headed the wrong way from here 'till then, drive up to WI and kick my glutious maximus, please.

My Left knee and ankle are sore again because I've been forced to walk more-- without the use of my nifty power scooter still in my truck- in the repair shop.  I NEED the exercise, but not all at once or all the time.  I seem to sleep pretty good lately, and am in search of sun tan treatments... so I don't look so white.   I was out in the sun eating some Popeye's chicken and rice for a while with the Deuce -- old hound dog boy... after I got home from the VA.
  Pray that I have a more speedy recovery and healing, and lose massive amounts of weight, again.  I will go on another fast if I have to.  And if the VA won't see me eye to eye, and be reasonable,  I just may cancel my colon maneuver appointment.  Got to buy some more Cortland apples tomorrow too.  I like a sour twang in apples.  Granny Smith are good too.
   Got to let Deuce outside before I hit the hay.
    Thank you all for all your prayers, advice and well wishes.  My dear old Mom and my sister Linda have finally got her new apartment in order after working so hard for a week.  Thank you, Linda.

Warm Regards,

Posted: 04 Oct 2011 01:22 PM PDT
By Aaron Klein Klein Online Syrian President Bashar Assad today reportedly warned he will set the Middle East on fire if NATO forces attack his country. "If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv," Assad reportedly said, according to Iran's state-run Fars