Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My long day.

Tom's Journal.

What?? Another total screw up again today at the North Chicago VA Hosp!  I came there 3 hours early to see "doctor" Bombay, and he took me 45 minutes LATE and goofed around so much repeating himself and questioning me so  often, and finally wrote a script for some meds that he totally messed up the FIRST TIME  he saw me, last month!!  So when I took them to the in- house VA  pharmacy, I was the very last guy to be served 2 minutes before they closed at 5PM, and they said they could not fill the scripts because the doctor screwed up writing them!!!  Rather then trust those air heads to ship them FED EX, I will probably pick them up after another long drive down there tomorrow, and the IL traffic is a nightmare!  I have never seen so many stupid people in one place at the same time!  I was praying all the time I was there for the Holy Spirit to prevent me from losing my temper with all the incompetence surrounding me.... lol.  Right now, I am thanking the Lord-- and also patting myself on the back, just a bit.  I'll tell you one thing-- if you are going down there for help-- PLAN ON SEEING MURPHY'S LAW in action--big time!  For some reason the "doctor" was happy with my urine sample.... duh.  Well, at least I made myself laugh at my own blog post joke right now..Ha!  In a little bit I will prob be back to 'normal' as I sip a Welche's Grape soda.    I went there early to see the Patient Advocate, just in case there was some trouble, but my communication skills are still quite good... or so I thought.  I have learned to speak slowly to the 'brain dead' folks  down there.  On the other hand I see so many people in uniform-- and that kind of makes me feel at home and happy... and I feel that I can trust and communicate well with them-- my brothers and sisters.  I have not worked up my nerve yet to try the chow... lol, but I always thought that the Navy had the best.   Wait!  I just remembered that I did try their food, and it was all dried out and nasty...Ha!

And then the guards/ valet parking people left for home by the time I got done, and they just so happened to park my rental car [Ford Escape] on the 4th floor of the parking building, and I didn't know.   So I snagged a sailor and he got my keys [with a 'cat-o-nine' whip on it] and  followed him on my power scooter given to me by the VA when I first got there, and he drove it back to his post.... and I thanked him very much for that kindness.   And EVERYONE else I talked to while there told me their own  horror stories about the BS [berry sap] and goofy goose chase- run around they also got at the North Chicago--VA Medical Center.  I just have a sneaky feeling that things will NOT get any better there, and I don't know if I trust that same doctor doing a procedure up [colonostophy --sp?]   my back side....  He just may leave some tools up there!   Milwaukee VAMC doesn't look so bad anymore.

Other than that-- it was a beautiful day!  [Ha!]
   I didn't eat all day, but that's OK, and I need to feed the hound dog now.  It's 6:26 PM and all is well, sort of.  
I was just thinking about really smart men [and women] who are educated in different areas-- besides survival skills and military back ground...  sometimes all the knowledge, skills, talents and education, and even prayer won't stop or cure a BAD DAY.  That old Murphy's Law comes into play and you wonder if it was smart to get up in the morning.  And if a person has a working knowledge of French, German, Latin, Spanish, and some Vietnamese -- along comes a person who is Chinese or Russian.

Every time this year in Autumn, I get a craving for apples and eat plenty to clean out my system.  I love Cortlands, but I also like pears, pineapples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, etc.  Who knows that I'll have time tomorrow to buy some good apples.

I left a pocket Bible at the VA today and also gave a Vet one of my bible tracts, so it may not have been a total loss.  Seems to be plenty of old Army guys there so I can at least engage in some intelligent conversation.  We got to stick together and help each other.   If we don't -- who will?  For some odd reason the pay master could not pay me my travel pay because I knew that my 3PM appointment with Dr. "D" would end too late and the pay master closes at 3:30, and then it would be too late to claim my $20 and change, so I told her to mail it to me.  They have a totally different 'system' down there compared to the Milwaukee VAMC.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Warm Regards,
"Iron sharpens Iron"  ~Proverbs 27:17  -- that means: two good Christian soldier hone each other in that they speak the truth of the Bible and help each other out.  When one falls down-- the other can pick him up!  I like Proverbs! 

I didn't need a doctor in my prime, being a power lifter most of my adult life-- but a few accidents and hard work forever took some of the 'wind out of my sails'.. and old age.  I am still blessed-- being Saved, and heaven is my home.  PTL.