Saturday, October 8, 2011


Tom's Journal.

Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love - YouTube

Believe me, I am NOT complaining-- but we have another warm, sunny, beautiful day in S.E. Wisconsin, and I intend to soak up as much healthy sun as possible, as it helps melt away the psoriasis on my hands.  The rest of my body is not affected, PTL.  Next week I have another doctor's appointment at NC-VAMC [North Chicago] but this time I will check my mileage and timing to see just how long it takes to get down there.  I am hoping that we can all get things somewhat better organized-- and by 'we' I mean: the VA down there.  Man!  Talk about the "Gov't" messing things up...Ha! The more Gov't intervention-- the more chaos, IMHO.  But I refuse to go negative on a great day like today!
In years past, I learned a trick from some Ph.,D [that stands for 'Post Hole Digger']  It's calls imagery, and perhaps a form of self hypnosis.  Every time we go to sleep at night-- we use self hypnosis to fall asleep.  Since I have sleep apnea, I studied up on 'Sleep' wanting to learn everything about that subject, since I broke my neck in 1997 because of it and am blessed by the Lord for escaping/ cheating death ANOTHER TIME!  The chances are just too great for me surviving all my accidents, mishaps, plus 2 years of war and battle, being a respected crew member/ door gunner flying in helicopters 7 days a week on my 2nd tour in RVN [the Republic of Vietnam]: 68-70, and yes, I am proud to have 'made the grade' qualifying an aviation physical and joining the good camaraderie of the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company-- out of BearCat, RVN.].  But every good, well studied Christian I know, including the local pastor where I attend, say that, 'God must have REALLY LOVED ME A LOT to have Saved me all those times!!'  And I would have been in hell had I been killed BEFORE I had a chance to be SAVED, confessing Jesus as my Lord and Savior, as a born-again Christian....  Thank you, Lord!  PTL.

Back at the ranch... Imagery:  Is when you focus intently about [perhaps] a most joyful time in your life, or picture a scene from something you've seen, or a picture of a BEAUTIFUL place, maybe some tropical island of happiness with everything you ever wanted... NO WORRIES!  Remember that scene from the "Deer Hunter" movie and the mountains where they were deer hunting??  Smart people can learn how to 'freeze' that moment of time in a special compartment in the back of their minds and then 'summon' it up again when they NEED to.  Not just a day dream.  This can also be used to block pain or horror in our lives.  I have used this method many times and taught others how to do it... and thought that I might help some of you nice people today, and share this fine, important 'tool.'  Doing stuff like this, and also sharing the Gospel, giving bibles away, gives me great satisfaction and pleasure!!  It increases my feelings of  'self worth' and reason for still being on earth, IMO. 

Well, my orange crate, rental FORD ESCAPE, shoe box, GAS TANK IS ON EMPTY, and I need to get some money from my friendly old Credit Union that closed in 2 hours.

I hope that some of my readers profit from reading my humble Blog.  Like I said before, it was recommended by the [smarter and few]  The  VA folks as a good form of therapy for my PTSD, and also increases my typing, verbal aptitude skills, and calms the savage beast.. lol.  Enjoy the golden oldies song: "
The Power of Love.  

"Iron sharpens Iron;  so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." ~Proverbs 27:17 .. one of my fav. scriptures. It's about time that I carved another script in wood soon before the snow comes.
Love and Pray for the Jewish people, and Jerusalem.  There will come a great "Storm" their way, and soon!  Many will die, but Israel will prevail-- ONLY because the Lord God will intervene and win that day for them!  Hey!  It's all written plainly, clearly in the Bible-- and next time I will cite all the scriptures to prove it.

"Deuce" the Rottweiler.  What a noble beast... my buddy.

Christian Love, Hugs, and Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman