Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Folks.

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Two fine young men from church who are home schooled by their smart, hard working parents came over this morning to help me lift some huge bags of dog food and also do a few chores for me, as my right fore arm has some kind of tendinitis [in the top flexes] and hurts like crazy today!  Do any of my readers have a suggestion on how to cure or make it feel less painful-- fire or ice??  Nathaniel and Joshua  A, --are the two Bible loving teenagers who helped me so much, and I gave them a small reward-- and they PROMISED to come back and shovel my snow in the Winter time.  Thank you, guys!  And thank your Mom, Amy, too,  for giving them permission to 'cut class' for an hour!  Now that is Christianity in ACTION! 
     I think that I can pick up my Ram 4 by 4 Thursday morn, if I don't pick it up tomorrow some time.... finally.  It better be PERFECTLY repaired and run like new for all the bucks $$$  I am [My Insurance Company] sticking into it.  Grrrrr.  The top of the line Ram 'Big Horn' Dodge is in 'paint' today, and it has my power scooter in the back bed with a cap on it.    I will be so 'on guard' and hyper- vigilant from now on, and a defensive driver.  Again, I believe that the Lord prevented any serious injuries, PTL !   Hey!  I don't BELIEVE IN MIRACLES -- I DEPEND on them -Ha!!  But that doesn't mean I can run like a wild man, as if I was immortal, and speed.  I need to slow down, respect and cherish God's gift of Life!  And the Life of the Unborn, too.  We murder thousands each year in the Good Ole USA!  Hey, the old folks are next...and I hear that many Veterans watch the VA like hawks to make sure they walk the straight and narrow-- and the best way to go is to have you spouse of loved one PRESENT when ever you go to the office and hospital.  Your:  Patient Advocate, and your POA - Power of Attorney!  The doctors and nurses have a whole different demeanor when a Vet has those special friends seeing and hearing what goes on... and rightly so.

Well, folks, you may have guessed that I am 'happy' lately and have more to live for, but I pray constantly for wisdom and good judgement, and sound reasoning to make the best possible choices.  Eccl has so much to say about a "good team of horses" pulling together, and having peace, joy, happiness and reward for their hard work--- and sharing a sacred bond of love.   I think that you will 'see' and read a 'different character' on this humble Blog from now on.  I also think it's hard for other married folks and families to understand the loneliness and plight of the older, infirm, disabled single people who may enjoy their 'freedom' and independence, but it does get lonely for us, me, them, -- especially after I had to bear the loss of close loved ones close in time, and being in the hospital with just a minimum of friends to visit and care for me!    Most men and women don't want to leave their "comfort zones" on a cold Winter's night in Wisconsin-- and who really cares??   Yes, God saw me though it all, but I had to cling HARD to His Word, and get a 'death grip' on my Old Scofield KJV Bible!!  I dated a few "ladies" mostly from different churches, who used me, abused me.. takers and losers, and they all claimed to be 'Christians' but sure didn't act like it, IMHO.  I am an older guy who worked very hard all my life, have some good benefits, etc., own an old 100 year old house in a one horse town, and have acquired some wisdom, toys,  but most of the women were out for what they could GET/ TAKE, and that was all.  Made me feel used and cheated, to tell the truth... and I honestly know that there are evil, self centered, selfish, beasts/ animals of  lust filled men, who act the same way, or worse, dear ladies.   And now I can better understand how the Ladies feel if they are 'good looking' with a great, well built body-- and all the guys just want to 'have her and use her' and then dump her or abuse her, by treating her like a sex object or toy.  Some [many] women are a lot smarter than me and I acknowledge that without any problem.  They are muti-taskers, masters of many endeavors, crafts, skills and professions!  But what really caught my eye and my heart was a true lady/ woman who loves God, and the Bible!!  I could tell that she had the Holy Spirit in her and her life-- and she is the woman mentioned in Proverbs 31, just what a God-fearing  man looks for.  All her good looks were just frosting on the cake!  Praise the Lord, for bringing her to me, exactly when I needed someone close to share my life with-- no matter WHEN the Rapture comes-- two are better than one.  [Simple poetry, huh ?... lol]  I will keep her personal info very secret and private, because I love, cherish and respect her.  And if I embarrass her with this post, I will have to 'pull it'..immediately.  But it's hard to contain all my happiness with this new treasure and 'gift from above.'

All I have eaten all day is apples-- Cortlands!  If I can leave the soda pop alone-- I will be losing a lot of weight again!  Good!

Pray for Israel !!  They are in need of every scrap of prayer that we can muster.  Their enemies surround them with thousands of rockets and mortars, etc., and even the USA [obama and the Libs/ 'Dimwits' in 'Congress have thrown her under the bus!!].  Remember the Promise/ Covenant in Genesis 12:3.

My handsome, dear son, Andy-- dancing with the hound-- 'Deuce', the Rottweiler.  I miss Andy so much....  Lord, please help mend my heart and help me deal with the pain of loss of a child.  This old Soldier would have gladly given his life for his son.    "...for it is written, Vengeance is mine;  I will repay, saith the Lord."  ~Romans 12: 19.  Rest in Peace, my son.


Warm Regards,