Thursday, October 13, 2011

Real Happiness.

Tom's Journal.

If I could be LESS truthful about my past, and also a miser and tightwad... I'd probably do much better with the female species.  Now all of a sudden after much hugging and kissing and promises, my so-called girl friend dumped me and said "it was all over"  because she claims that I was in 'too many relationships  before in my past life' and I have much 'baggage' from combat PTSD- Vietnam, and I try to "buy my friends" with money and gifts!   She is behind on most of her bills with high credit card debt, and don't know how she is going to get her old car fixed, etc, etc., with NO health insurance at age 59 and serious health problems-- which I accepted and brushed off, even offering to marry her so that Chrysler Humana could cover and protect her.   So I offered her $1500 cash to stay afloat and pay off her stuff, or buy the new wedding gown that she was looking at yesterday!    And then she lays all this BALONEY on me and cut me to the heart today after such soft loving kisses in the morning after she called in sick today...  Some women love the money and security but just can't handle a man taking the lead-- or bible headship because of THEIR past baggage with HER Ex, and they just cut you and trash your love in a heart beat.  Oh well,  are we not used to getting used, and dumped on by now, Old Soldier??  AND, I had 7 wonderful years with my passed, dear wife, Sharon, until she died from major heart and lung disease on April 9th, and felt that our marriage was a total success, and we loved each other more than most other will ever know, and I would have traded MY life for hers rather then see her die and endure so much pain!!!  I don't think I was a loser, and my fine wife, Sharon, didn't either!  We thought we would be married until we died, or the Rapture came.  Actually I spoiled Sharon and gave her everything she wanted, and am still paying off her funeral!

Civilians back home want the brave ones to fight their stinking wars and battles, but they don't care to know how we do it!!  I am NOT in that foul a mood, but because I shared my heart felt joy and happiness with too many the last few days, I felt that I at least needed to tell my short story of another whirl wind, one week romance...Ha!   This will just make me trust LESS women and be more guarded in the future...  but right now things will be different in how I relate to wimmins [sic].  And I doubt if I will ever give anyone money again out of kindness, or feeling sorry for them  Let them live in the streets to take some of their egotistical,  arrogant  pride away!   Let them eat dog food!   All I did was tell the TRUTH... and many women LOVE their independence being single, but they end up not being able to pay the rent and every other bill-- without a man!!  When they do get married, they still want 100% of their total independence and don't ever want any male advice... really DO NOT want to do the Bible thing of getting married.  In other words-- they want their 'cake and eat it too.'  Is that what we'd call a weak, selfish "Christian woman?"   And there are always TWO SIDES OF THE DIVORCE Story!!    You can't have it both ways!
I ended up by giving in on many of my points, suggestions, views, and bent over backward-- even thought about selling my house and DOG to be with her up North, in Cedarburg,  but it was all in vain.  But even in the end, she could not dispute that I was a true born-again Christian and a child of God.  I predict that she will NEVER find a man 'good enough' for any kind of serious relationship.  And all of my predictions in the past have always come true-- and all those who have snubbed or hurt me have come to regret it -- NOT that I ever would work harm upon them!  I leave all that stuff up to the Lord.... and He works on my short comings too.  So, IMHO, it's not how much pain we suffer or abuse, it's how we manage it-- and deal with it.  Again, I have learned some important lessons, and am prob better off for them.  I don't know what the future will bring for me, but i do know that I am a lot better off then others.  PTL.

Well,  I am winding down and counting my blessings now, understanding my mistakes and stupidity and thinking that being lonely isn't all that bad after all!  I can only hope that I am a  little wiser now... again, and keep the rest of my relationships completely private and personal.  And I just want to set the record straight-- that real happiness seems to be an elusive butterfly, and only heaven will give us REAL Christians true happiness! 

--And then, just maybe the Lord caused this 'relationship' to fail [again] to save me from something WORSE down the pike!!  See the short  Bible prophecy message below:   >>>  I actually borrowed money from my own band 'line of credit account' JUST TO HELP A "FRIEND!!"  I am either too stupid, or just too generous, or fall into love way to easily!  Please, beat me with a good piece of hickory the next time I do something so FOOLISH!  Ha!

Q.  I have two brief questions. Considering that we are experiencing great economic difficulty throughout the world, do you think the Rapture will occur before conditions become worse and if so then could this momentous event we are anticipating cause a global economic collapse? A.  In Rev. 6:6 we can read about the effects of [...]

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