Friday, October 14, 2011

Damascus WILL be leveled.

Tom's Journal.

Friends!  I have only been 'beating this drum' about the total destruction of Damascus for the past 3 YEARS!!  Now-- people will know and agree that I have some credibility.. lol -- but it was always there in God's own Word, the Bible ALL THE TIME!!  This shook me a little bit as far as thinking that this is yet ANOTHER REASON, why the Lord 'may have caused' the 'dissolving' of a current emotional relationship of mine with a woman one hour North of where I live, in Wisconsin....not that I really want to air my dirty laundry on this platform.. sorry about that.  But it makes sense to me.

I can't say for certain except that a deacon friend from church enlightened me about Romans 8:28,  half a year ago..."And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."   And there is a lot more powerful stuff in that same chapter written by Paul!  Romans is one of the more deeper books and needs to be read well, with the aid of the Holy Spirit to fully understand, IMHO [in my humble opinion].  And if a so-called Christian never even read that book at all, just think how much they are missing!!  If I find a 'young or new Christian' -- I tell them to first read the book of John, and then the book of Romans, to get a firm grip on the Gospel, and what it means to be a real Christian and learn about Salvation.  Then, I tell them to read the whole Bible starting from Genesis-- the reason being that our Salvation from hell and getting Raptured up [or Saved before some deadly accident of disease takes us BEFORE the Rapture happens, has got to be the most important thing in our lives!!  It's all about PRIORITY, again, dear friends!    If you see a youngster running into the busy street, or see them putting their hands on an open flame of a fire-- you must take immediate, fast action!!  Same with Salvation.  Does that make sense?  It's the 2nd most important thing we Christians are charged to do on earth-- the first being that we are to worship, love, serve God and bring glory to His name.

The same thing:  when I first opened this 'Hal Lindsey Report' and read it, I figured that I needed to post it right away, before I got side-tracked or waited too long, or what if I died tonight?  Here, I know that at least 115 people will most likely get and read this Blog post, and might pas it on to their friends, from:  "TOM'S JOURNAL", no matter what happens to me.  Yes!  You see, I AM a child of God, His servant, His Soldier of Jesus Christ... EVEN IF I DO SOME GOOFY, TERRIBLE MESS UPS, and stupid things, being very imperfect, still a sinner until I take my last breath on earth!   Let us also give honor, respect and credit to Hal Lindsey, and praise to the Holy Spirit too, of course.   I am nothing but a lowly servant, a mouth piece, doing the work of my Master.   He, in turn, LOVES ME, and protects me-- even though my poor old heart be crushed and tears in eyes when someone I care for hurts me, breaks a promise/ commitment' relationship.  But..  better that I should suffer sorrow and pain now-- than miss that 'flight to heaven!'  PTL.

Things are starting to come back together for me and make sense again, and it's just me and the hound dog, looking to have some baloney sandwich and kick back for the night.   My old Army buddy, Jimmy Hood, from South Carolina, just called me, and  asked me to cite more scriptures and type them out so folks don't need to look them up their selves.  Suggestion noted, Jim!

Warm Regards,
Old Soldier Tom 

Posted: 14 Oct 2011 10:11 AM PDT
By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report You would think after a half-century of studying Bible prophecy, teaching it, writing about it, and producing a weekly television program on the subject for the last 15 years, nothing would surprise me. Not so. I am continually amazed by how precisely the predictions of the ancient prophets are unfolding in the news. How's this for prophetic

Posted: 14 Oct 2011 08:52 AM PDT
By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter In the days of the Apostle Paul, the city of Thessalonica was the largest city in Macedonia, boasting a population of nearly 200,000 people - a megapolis of the ancient world. The majority of its inhabitants were Greek, although there was a mixture of ethnic groups, including Jews. Paul’s letters to the Church at Thessalonica are accepted as authentic
This Week’s Feature Article by Jack Kelley If you believe as I do that the Bible teaches a rapture of the Church to occur before Daniel’s 70th Week begins then you’ve no doubt wondered what will happen to those among your friends and family who will miss it. Will they get another chance to be [...]

Better off Today.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks, Friends, Readers and Brothers!
Ahhh, I feel much better today all around, physically, mentally and emotionally.  PTL. At least I am learning how to 'bounce back' and have a good 'damage control' tool for my 'fix it box.'

I guess that part of my personality has always been that of a survivalist, sometimes fantasizing "what if" or 'when the storm comes'.... and you will find many combat Veterans who have the same markings on their soul too.  I figured that where is the harm in stocking up on toilet paper, laundry soap, and batteries??  Duh!  I shudder to think about the 'hard times' when parents worry all night about where to get the money so their kids can eat properly, etc, etc.  My aged, 62 year old eyes have seen enough poverty and heart break to  last a life time-- and I know that many people, so-called 'friends' including my own 'pastor' have laughed at me for storing a few canned goods, etc.  The thing is:  a real, Christian automatically MUST  "Trust in the Lord with all his heart and lean NOT upon his own understanding."  ~Proverbs 3:5.  OK!  I DO THAT GOOD STUFF, and I know the Bible backwards and forwards, and try my best to follow the foot steps of my Lord and Savior!  But the scriptures-- the "Good Book" also says to use your noodle and LEARN how to provide, work hard for your family!!  Right now I need to get some more laundry soap, bleach, and fresh fruit, etc.

Hey!!  I just got my 2007 Dodge Ram 4 by 4 back from the Pulera Collision Center in Kenosha, WI where they were working on it for TWO WEEKS!!  The steering and brakes seem kind of 'stiff' but the high winds were blowing me around on highway I-94 coming home.  So much extra, comfortable leg and head room in my beloved truck, compared to the small chicken coop rental Ford Escape!  Thank you, Lord!  I had to pay a $250 deductible... and pay for my 'sins' .. lol.  So this also means that I have my cool, vary valuable,  power scooter back too to help my legs and knee continue to mend and heal, and need to charge that battery today.  'Back in the Saddle again' ~ Gene Autry.  The rest of the day is mine, and someone came over to clean my house this morning too.   Things are back in order, and I intend to use some money to buy new tires that I spied at Farm and Fleet a few weeks ago-- for the back of my Ram before Winter,  but didn't know where the cash was coming from. Well, now,  the $1500 that I almost [goofed up] gave to a goofy, selfish woman-- down on her luck to help her with the bills she couldn't manage [but she just 'LOVES her independence' since she got divorced] -- is now free to buy 2 tires!  Hey--Satan sure does have a strangle hold on women these days with their almighty 'Women's Lib and Independence' thingy,  and that is NOT how God intended marriage/ relationships  to function!  See Genesis 3:13, "And the woman said, The serpent BEGUILED me, and I did eat. [!!!]."  And the woman was made as a "helper" for Adam, a loving helper [NOT A SLAVE, SERVANT OR 2ND CLASS PERSON OF LESSOR WORTH- like the Islamic folks teach and demand, or behead !!].  The apostle Paul repeats this fact later on in the Greek New Testament scriptures.   I am JUST saying that we all have our proper, respected  "roles" as men and women on earth.  Frankly, I am in awe of God's fine creation of women, so beautiful, lovely, warm and cuddly-- but also in need of a good, Bible loving man-Christian, who is kind, respectful and patient.  I still miss my past wife, Sharon, so much, and it took years to get to know her and learn her language, needs, wants, desires and nature-- but it was worth it, and I did bring her to the Lord....  Lord heal my heart and mind... and those like me, men AND women.    As an old black buddy who worked with me on the Chrysler assemble line used to say, "It's all good."  [gooooood] He liked to 'draw out the "O's".. lol. 

You all have got to know how much more easier, simpler, and less complicated life is when you're single...Ha!  You can pay off your bills, live cheap--but well, save and invest tons of money, and never want...  except for something that is  'missing' -- a mate.  I just got to take it slower and easier, and block out my desires and take more COLD SHOWERS like I used to years ago!  Heck!  I think I will do that today!! Woo Woo!  I want to be kind and sympathetic, but I NEED to hang tough and just let people figure out finance and debt management for themselves!  Just because I took a challege/ chance and left welding for a while [my chosen skill--bread and butter]-- got a Blue chip education in Finance and Security Licensed in Federal Securities, doesn't mean I have to run after every 'stray dog' that limps by me.  Some gals don't know that hanging all the fancy, expensive drapes, curtains and having the best fancy homes/ apartments won't balance the check book against harsh reality in a corrupts, failing society.  I learned the hard way too!   I had to work hard, study and pay out mucho dollars for all this information at one time-- when the rest were laughing and partying on.

I hope the rental car company in Kenosha won't charge me for a detailing because I ate some Popeye's chicken in the car-- was so hungry, starving myself half the time to be nice and skinny...Ha!  If I had a mate to make a good, balanced, reasonable sized meal every day, I guess I would be a lot better off.  Now I am going to eat some cold, left over pizza from last night-- as the dog watches me, begging for scraps, even though his dish is full of good dog food.

Let me thank all my dear friends for their constant support for Old Soldier Tom's many 'adventures.'  I ought to write a book.. lol.

Warm Regards,

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