Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some days a diamond-- somedays a stone.

Tom's Journal.

Is this short article personally prophetic or what ???!  Talk about a short ministry of sorts.. and I personally believe that God uses those who are clean and humble to do certain 'jobs'/ missions that only THEY are suited/ capable for!  I went through, experienced so many varied trials, traumas that make ME suited to witness to special types of people who NEED special things.  It happens to me so often that it's uncanny.  PTL.  Thank you, Lord, for using this tired, old Soldier as a 'tool' to accomplish your work in these last days.  And, anyone who is a servant of Jesus can be used in  the same way.  So what is holding you back, now that you know this?

Q.  Does the Holy Spirit know when the Rapture will occur?  This question arose a few weeks ago when a missionary friend of mine was in town and shared several words of knowledge with me.  He told me I would have a certain ministry.  I was excited about my upcoming ministry, but at the same [...]

What a super fine day in WI!!  I got so much done again but ran out of steam and didn't work out at the Kenosha YMCA.  Just me and the hound dog here, "Deuce" the wonder dog!  I was just sorting through some paper work and found a picture of my past dearest son, Andy, slain on May 10th, 2011, about one month after I lost my dear wife, Sharon, my soul mate.   I could lament and cry about my losses, but I think not.  I am charged by the DA NOT to talk about the case-- for fear of jeopardizing it in court.   
     Friends,  I don't mean to sound holy or pompous, but I am NOT worried about justice for my handsome, educated, talented son, Andrew Thomas Schuckman, age 37.  I personally trained him like a soldier-- everything I knew and learned, and then encouraged him to seek higher education to make sure he had a viable trade/skill to get what he needed in life.  I sat him on my knee teaching him to MEMORIZE parts of the Bible when he was a little boy in his long johns underwear and taught him the Bible, and  how to shoot, operate my power tools, and all facts of love, war, peace, self defense, and wisdom.  He was exceptionally handsome and a ladies man, tall and proud.  People immediately saw the resemble between us when I used to show my short movie of me in Vietnam at age 21, helicopter door gunner with the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company] BearCat, RVN.. My 2nd tour of duty.  
Well, I forced myself to move on, and I totally trust my Heavenly  Father to take care of business at His discretion.  And that's a quantum leap from the Terrible Tom 30 years ago...  Now I feel the loneliness and am searching for a kind, gentle Christian lady to be my soul mate again, but I am older now, age 62, and the younger women in their mid-50's want a skinny, handsome, young, wealthy man...Ha! So I am tapping the older set of mature ladies, and have a few friends, but I must wait and be patient for the Lord to help me, IF IT BE HIS WILL.

A certain lady trusted me enough to tell her story of sexual abuse as a young girl and many other horrible things, including her dear daughter's rape and murder long ago.  I had to control my eyes from getting emotional... and I thought that my own life was more of a 'cake walk' compared to hers'.  I prayed with her yesterday and gave her a new Bible [$50] with her promise that she would read it in her spare time.  I felt as if God was whispering in my ear to help her if I could.  I am so imperfect, sinful and fall flat on my face all the time, but this was one of my finest hours.  PTL.

Does anyone know how to 'block' an unwanted caller who loves to harass me??  Cell phone and land phone?

Time to kick back and play with my dog, Deuce.