Friday, October 28, 2011


Tom's Journal.

I have been having a lot better success dating and meeting nice people since I've been 'fishing in a different larger pond'!  Many of the younger girls usually want a younger guy, drop dead handsome, skinny and filthy rich-- a 'sugar daddy.'  Even the so-called "Christians."  That term now days is nothing more than a buzz word anyway, and there are really very few Christians out there that I can find, and you are taking a chance even at that.  I dated FOUR church going 'Christian' women these past 4 weeks, and they  all were so sour, demanding and egotistic.... duh.  I was disillusioned to say the least.  As I have said so many times:  "Going to church all the time no more makes a person a Christian-- than standing in a garage makes one a car!!"  Ha!  Some folks say that, "all is fair in love and war."  But I don't see it that way.  Truth and honesty are still very important to me.  I don't know if a woman just wants a free hot meal or just wants to 'unload' her problems, sorrows, tell her personal story [and I am a good listener], but I try to make myself abundantly clear that I am not the one who plays these games-- I am hunting/ looking. searching for the right woman who is somewhat compatible with me-- who will love me for who and what I am.   
That's not too hard to understand... or maybe it 

A fine lady came over for a glass of wine and a nice long visit/ talk this afternoon, and I like her,and I think we 'click'.  I am sure we MIGHT meet again, but I have 3 more dates lined up in the near future. After the person gets to know me well, trusts me, cares for me-- I will be wanting a commitment down the road, leading to a serious relationship and love.  I don't plan on jumping into to something pre-maturely, as I did in earlier years-- only to regret it, big time.   That stinks on ice, and break ups really destroy me and hurt!  But rest assured that God in Heaven sees all of this and He will judge us all in the end.  I really value my extensive Bible knowledge helped by the Holy Spirit through out so many years of hard, serious study and prayer.  PTL!
   You have to watch out for "PLAYERS" and Game players,'Users', greedy and selfish women [and men] and so many of  the women out there don't honestly know WHAT THEY REALLY WANT!!!  And so I have to just be blunt, direct in asking them if they are REALLY looking for a relationship-- because I am, and why waste time?   It's OK to meet and have fun, but I just like to be up front and honest.   But I am always a gentleman and treat them all well and with respect, tell them jokes and kid with them, make them laugh until they ache, and they leave with a smile on their face.
I also teach and explain the Bible with them in a very gentle way--[only if they want or ask for help], and I am starting to believe this  is what God really wants me to do. The Lord 'USES' me!  I am also convinced that long distance relationships seldom work because that means one person has to be willing to give up so much and move, so I don't want to play games there either, and try to be kind but realistic.  On the other hand I might be planning to sell my 100 year old house and re-locate to the suburbs of Kenosha, or some other nice place, if I meet the right person.   I am taking things slowly and that seems to work well.   I still get nervous before I meet someone, but that dissolves pretty quick after I beak the ice and make them feel comfortable, and after all-- I am a Christian gentleman, just searching for a compatible lady who likes to have fun and laugh!   So I am somewhat content-- and thank the Lord for every gentle mercy and all His abundant blessings on me...  No complaints, mate.

I did my first workout today at the Kenosha YMCA and meet an old work mate Chrysler buddy, named Dennis!  He told me about a one time mutual friend has turned himself into a hermit, but I still have to cut that Vietnam Vet Marine some slack, because I KNOW that he too suffers from PTSD.  Had a good time at the YMCA- but already SORE from the "light: work out, but need some swimming trunks.  I think I am building up my endurance with all the walking these days.
I also told the North Chicago VAMC that I don't want the colonoscophy, PERIOD!  that's just one more invasive procedure where they can mess me up again and hurt me worse than before.  I well remember how KMH- Kenosha replaced my Left knee on June 14th of this year and also gave me a horrible Staff Infection that could have been fatal!!  I was inches away for bringing a law suit...  I have great health insurance from both Chrysler and the VA, PTL, and I will not be treated like a bum or a refugee!  I fired one abusive "doctor" from Romania for verbally abusing me and treating me like used toilet paper....  Poof!

Q.  How do you comfort someone and reassure her that God loves her after she was raped and beaten?  She is 21 years old and was overpowered by an intruder in her home. She barely survived the ordeal. I know to tell her that it is Satan and not God that brings these things across [...]

Warm Regards, Christian Bear Hugs,