Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Israel's Nukes.

Tom's Journal.

I realize that the Lord Jehovah commanded the Israelites NOT to 'multiple their horses' so that they would remain faithful and dependent upon the Lord, instead of placing their faith in arms, chariots, etc.  Little known because of ignorance, stupidity and pride, nonchalance, the Bible clearly tells us WHOM will win this next war between Israel [ the apple of God's eye] and her hateful, warring Islamic neighbors who have promised to rub Israel off the map!  Take a wild goofy guess!  Remind me to put down the scriptures soon to prove what I say, please.  Ha! Anyone who reads my blog already has this info branded in their brains.  The Israeli people seem to have extra brain power, and are great inventors too.  I believe that they also invented the 'Predator' plane too.

Still the odds don't look good for Israel, but God likes it that way-- just read thru the OT and all the wars and battles God won for them!  

On a personal note, we all know about my past wife, and I am a lonely man, looking for a LTR with a Christian woman, but in the back of my mind the RAPTURE looms as a sure thing/ a reality for me.  I just wonder if the Lord is preventing me to getting into another relationship because the 'time is short' and He wants to either "use me more in the preaching work, evangelizing" or He doesn't want me taking a chance to goof up again.... and man are their ever so many mixed up women out there who DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!  A free meal, just to visit and talk??  I lay all my cards on the table when ever I email, chat, meet...  Ha!-- maybe they just find it stimulating to date, as entertainment.  That's not my motive, as I said before.  I get hurt pretty easily these days too, still recovering from 2 horrible deaths in my family, wife and son.

I had such an extreme workout today at the YMCA/Spa, that I could barely walk to my truck in the end!!!  I need to expand my lungs after two nasty surgeries TOOK THE WIND OUT OF MY SAILS, and I had to recover and convalesce all by my lonesome...  boo hoo.... LOL, but I am making progress and have now lost 70 pounds since June 14th.  I had to buy new dress pants and suspenders to keep them up and always worry about losing my pants-- hate that!  A weet lady from Ohio just called me, and I 've got to run.
    I really need to study MORE and count all my blessings when so many others lost their jobs, homes and dignity.  PTL. 

I like a full beard, nice and silky, but sometimes I get tired of it and cut it off... >>>
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Posted: 02 Nov 2011 09:16 AM PDT
By Sean Osborne Eschatology Today Succinct and to the point. Israel has apparently tested an upgraded version of its Jericho III missile this morning. The Jericho III, a/k/a the YA-4, is a full-fledged ICBM capable of putting a 1,650 lb nuclear warhead onto a target 4,350 miles away. A slightly smaller warhead or pair of warheads could be delivered via low earth orbit anywhere on the