Friday, November 4, 2011

Hectic Day-- but made another good Friend.

Tom's Journal.

Q.  In “Don’t Believe Anything I Tell You” you mention people feeling disappointment, anger and loss of hope because the rapture didn’t happened when they expected it.  But you failed to mention fear!   The fear that just maybe the world is at least partially right. We are surrounded by a society that considers the rapture [...]

What another hectic day at the North Chicago VAMC [Veterans Administration Medical Center] --for all the wonderful civilians out there reading my humble Blog/ Journal.  Remember, friends, as the old PFS Investments group I was with about 12 years ago, when I was licensed to market/ sell Securities, etc, said:  "Ignorance can be CURED-- but Stupidity is FOREVER!"  After you invest so much time and effort trying to use simple logic and facts to prove your point that they other person just won't get -- you've  got to cut your loses, shake the dust off your clothes and MOVE ON!!  Time is a precious commodity, and "time is money."  I am going to now apologize to you all for having a driving sense of "URGENCY" most of the time-- and I may have rattle your cage to often...  I am a man on a mission, driven, aggressive [in a good hard working way], truthful, honest, but I just feel that something is in the wind-- something BIG and Important is going to happen soon.  NOT the 'end of the world' but a life changing event that will rock the world.  We can put the bible aside for a minute and just look at pure, simple, logic, basic economics and the 'World View' of everything coming together....  sorry if you think I am a so-called 'dooms dayer' dude... lol.  I just been caught off guard a few times in my life, 'blind sided' and desperate and promised myself that would never happen again, as far as I can possible help it.  But in the same breath, I MUST admit that everything is happening for a reason and God has a plan that MUST happen for fulfill Bible prophecy.   It's the 'silver lining in a dark cloud' and solemn promise that Christ promised His followers-- that He would take care of us no matter what happens-- that gives us that grand glimmer of hope!  PTL.  

While I was waiting and waiting forever, jumping through hoops and seeing a multitude of staff, docs, nurses, etc., to day at the VA in IL, I always like to strike up a conversation with other combat Veterans who have the same slow burning dilemma that seems like torture... and we OUGHT to know how the Gov't has a way of running miles of red tape and making things complicated....duh.  I met several nice troopers there but one fine gentleman really stuck in my mind, and I asked permission from him to post/ write about the stuff he told me today.  He was in Vietnam too for two full tours, like me, but as a Navy Seal, with many near death close encounters, and being wounded, etc.  His name is Dale C, had one leg amputated and was in a power scooter like me with all the long walking in that huge facility of Great Lakes Naval Station.  I have never been turned away or rejected from any serious conversation with other combat Vets because I am ONE OF THEM, and helicopter aviators, crew chiefs and gunners are respected, because we save the Infantry's 'bacon' on a regular bases in combat operations, medivac, "Combat Assaults  [CA's], DCS,  LRRP's operations, adn support,  etc. I certainly don't see or call myself a 'hero'  -- just a another soldier who did his small part in Vietnam... and came home in one piece [pretty much] to talk about it-- to special people.  Well, these two guys were talking, one was a Marine who did time in Korea and the SF dude, Dale Collier.  I asked to sit in and just listen after ID'-ing myself and I wear my "Colors" when I go there, which gets me respect from mostly everyone.  Dale was adamant in telling some of the nasty shortcomings of the slow, inept VA system, the lies of the Gov't, "News Media" and I listened with rapt attention and respect.  He told about one Navy SF and 'River Rat' operation that went down in 'Nam, a year before I got 'in-country' where a Chief Petty officer who was riding in a boat [PBR] caught a 40 mm rocket right in the gut and evaporated-- poof!  This, said, Dale, stuck in his mind forever, and he could have got wasted in that action too.  But he had a gift for telling a most vibrant true story, and was some what of a 'work smith' -- a smart guy, who was mistreated as soon as he came home, and suffered from Agent Orange, serious injuries-combat related-- and was still jerked around by the VA even today!!  We shook hands a few times swapped email addresses and numbers, and so I just wanted to celebrate his victory over death and depression, even as he still struggles with the slow moving, slow thinking staff, 'docs' at the North Chicago VA, etc.  He is my brother... and I will not forget him.

I met a very fine lady name Janet, from the great state of Ohio recently over the Net, and we talk a lot on the phone, and we like each other a lot!  But I am playing it slow this time and certainly don't want to scare her off, but she is 'old school' conservative -- like me, and I pray we can someday become more than friends, if the Lord wills it.  PTL

So, I pray that I am counting my chickens this time and want to play it slow, gentle, and not make the same mistakes twice.  I know how to be a real gentleman, kind, affectionate and good to people.  Just watch.

I am finally 'simmered down', calm, very happy, joyful, content and reading more and praying.  I included the world news again about what touchy 'trigger points' are present in the Middle East, and anything could happen at any time.  I think it would just be nice watching the world while holding a loved one close.  Solomon said that 'two are better than one.. for they have a better reward.'

I just can't explain how fast the time goes in my humble hovel, my 110 year old house, with all my appointments and duties, widowed man that I am.  I've got so much to do, and a nice older lady will help me clean the house in the morning... I hope.
I value your friendship, comments, prayers and well wishes. 

Old Soldier Tom  -- be safe, dear friends.


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