Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bible-- and Illegal Aliens.

Tom's Journal.

When I advise other people to seek out a 'Bible teaching church' in their area, it's because the devil and his agents have done a great job of infiltrating MANY Christian churches today, will all sorts of un-scriptural  baloney, lies, half lies, and taking scriptures out of context!  Here we go again-- how will the people KNOW for sure if the preachers and priests are telling the truth of pure scripture???  The headmasters, pastors, elders, deacons of a church don't have some special, holy, magical power or insight of the Bible [or from God] that the rest of us don't!  ANYONE WITH AN AVERAGE MIND/ BRAIN --ALONG WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT -- can read/ study and understand the BIBLE!!  I keep shouting from the roof tops that our Good Book was written on a 5th grade level!   Let's grow up, grow some spine-bone, put our nose into the Book and just read and absorb it, please.   I would say that an average man or woman can reach a high plateau of understanding in 6 months or less if they really work hard and apply themselves-- if they have a humble, God-fearing heart and the Holy Spirit showing them the way.  I challenge anyone to just try this.  

The real problem lies with those evil people who have an 'agenda' that they want to push, and they twist and truncate the Scriptures to suit their selfish wants and ambitions.  But you will only know and understand this IF YOU KNOW THE BIBLE PERSONALLY!   It's like KNOWING another language, you may know a little, or a lot.  Who do YOU want translating for you???  Or... do you really want to know the truth at all?  Many people don't want to, or don't care one way or another-- but in this case:   'Willful ignorance WILL  still get you killed-- and on the highway to hell!'  Do you still want to remain blissfully ignorant---  I won't exert much energy to hold you back, in fact my time and energy is precious, and won't last all that long.   But it's the Lord's patience and time table that you should be worried about, friends.

I have a few big bills coming up in December and just wonder if I can afford to get the front Winter tires for my truck in time...  Hey, 'the cream always floats to the top.'  I also need to get back on my diet.  I just bought some oranges today, but wished they had more plums out, or they might be out of season.  

But back at the ranch, the question of: "What does the Bible say about illegal aliens?" is something we ought to consider, because, so called 'leaders of the churches' claim that we should do this and that 'because of what the Bible says'  and then we find out by doing a little work for ourselves that the Bible says something quite the opposite!  Want to reduce spending and balance the bank sheet?   Apply the wisdom of the Bible and Poof-- it could be done.  But the wicked really don't want that. In the mean time-- work harder, because those illegal aliens need your hard earned money for all their free food, clothing and shelter... lol.  It will be so interesting to see what happens when things get much worse.  Gas just went up a dime where I live....

Tom   >>> here is me, Tom, showing Sharon how to use an Oxy-Acetelene torch to cut/ burn metal... about 6 years ago at Victory B.C., WI.  Always the teacher... lol.


Posted: 07 Nov 2011 01:49 PM PST
By Joseph Farah WorldNetDaily With illegal immigration re-emerging as a major issue of the Republican presidential candidates, I thought it would be a good time for a review of the moral dimensions underlying this problem - using the wisdom and inspiration of the Bible as our guide. I'm often surprised by how many Christians and Jews are confused about what the Bible tells us about