Monday, November 14, 2011

Green Bay, or MN?

Tom's Journal.

It's amazing what one good night's sleep can do to invigorate a man's spirits!  At this point in time, I am actually 'at peace' with everyone I know or email...Ha!  PTL, for God's gentle and tender mercies.  We are never going to please everyone, but if a person tries hard to be kind and good to others, at least he/ she will have a good conscience toward the Lord, and stand above any reproach from others.  I really feel that miscommunication and lack of true understanding are the cause of my wars, quarrels, and misunderstandings between nations and lovers.  My father, Gilbert L. Schuckman, was born on a large beef and wheat farm in S.W. Kansas, taught me so many good, logical bits of wisdom and Proverbs related facts.  One was:  "Tommy, me boy-o, always get the other person the benefit of the doubt.  Don't assume the worst in others, or come to the wrong conclusion."  And the Bible says, 'Don't answer another person until you have heard the conclusion of the matter.'  Unless you know that person so well, that you totally know his/ her character-- don't assume that he is looking to hurt or injure you!!!  So many times, I try to choose the correct words, terms, analogies, work pictures, but they are "lost in translation" via EMAIL or the written word!  And then hard, hurt feelings come about, and someone hates me-- for no good, logical reason!  What a shame and waste of energy... even among Christians!  Even great writers sometimes employ ambiguous speech, on purpose or not.  
     My college English professor liked me a lot but only gave me a B at the end... told me that I had the resources and talent to become a good writer-- although I was learning welding at the time-- to survive and support my family after being laid off from Chrysler along with 6000 people in 1989.  And that sad lay-off fractured so many divorces because of financial problems-- but the families who 'TOUGHED IT OUT' became stronger in the long run and had a good life, especially after we were all called back to work and retired with full benefits.  I could tell you many stories of selfish people, wives who deserted their husbands when times were rough... and now they are looking in from outside, not doing so well. We all make our choices in life and that speaks to our real inner character and trust in God, instead of our own efforts.  

I have made some very close friends these past few months, and one of them is, my cleaning lady, Anita, a fine married lady, hard working, with a heart of gold. We listen and chat to each other when we can, and I like her very much as a person.  I would NEVER touch another man's wife. Period.  I would do anything for her-- if I could, but just being friends is plenty!   And we talk and compare notes about the Bible and the Rapture.  The VA has a special program that helps disabled Veterans with light house keeping, etc., and I qualify.  

The article below talks about the incompatibility of the Jewish traditions, and the 'Church' and how the two cannot possible 'connect' or be ONE, in the future.  In other words, we love Israel, but the Raptured Church will have a special place reserved for them alone, in heaven.  It's just something neat to know and understand.  All these 'little pieces' build a big picture that lends great logic and acceptability to the Scriptures, for those who truly love Jesus as their  Lord and Savior.  

Well, I don't make a big deal of it, but I guess I will spend another Thanksgiving and Christmas alone, with just my faithful hound dog, "Deuce" with me for company.  That's what I get for being a cranky old fart, giving all my love and considerations to ONE woman these past 7 years, and she was quite enough, and we were in love.  She is gone now, and I have moved on, having grieved hard and long enough.  I am dating many women, just search for someone special, who is somewhat compatible to me, who can understand, love and respect me for who and what I am.  I honestly think that there are not very many REAL Christians, with good, honorable, loving hearts out in the world who are available to a retired guy like me in the 62 year old bracket.  So I will just keep moving on, alone, trusting in God, to make things happen for me, OR He certainly knows what hour the Rapture is coming, and may not want to complicate my life right now with a lady.  I am NOT crying in my beer, but continuing with my VA tests, therapy, procedures and appointments.  Also working out at the Gym and losing more weight.  

It's a nice cold day in Wisconsin,and I intend to watch the football game tonight between Green Bay and the Vikings!!  Woo Woo! Anyone want to bet on the outcome??  $$$$$


Q.  What do you believe concerning  the Church’s participation in the New Covenant, if they do, without fulfilling the covenant, which is for the true Jew.  Also, do we participate in the other covenants in a spiritual sense. I feel a little strange using that language because it lends it self to the whole “the [...]