Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is a Christian?

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Well, I can't complain about the weather today in WI, and I got my new Winter tires [in front] mounted on my big old truck yesterday for $500, so I am ready to rock and roll!!  I am ready for the high drifts of cold and snow!!  come snow, come!!

I am the kind of guy who gets side tracked too much, and needs to remind myself of all my wonderful blessings, especially in a time when things are falling apart in the world and here in the good old USA, with folks losing their jobs, health, homes, family, divorces, etc.  I don't smoke and I don't hardly drink much anymore... but I wish I could just have a small glass of wine every day...for heart and health, hummm, now that's an idea!  But I lose track of things a bit, and have to regroup my agenda and ideas from time to time.  I have decided that I want to get back on my strict regimen of diet and fasting again, with the YMCA weight lifting, etc., to continue my weight loss, in view of what the VA is telling me lately-- and some of my friends too.  Cut out the soda pop and starches, bread, pasta and just eat veggies and SOME protein again.      And that ought to take care of business.  I have a new doctor at the VA now, who is a smart Greek guy who really caught my attention and bonded to me, so I am going to do what he says.   He just happened to be the supervisor of the other doc I had, so we fired him [ the old doctor] and now I have a better, smarter doc to help me.    But it seems like I have to make the long drive down there to North Chicago, almost every week for this test and that!  But it's all "FREE" -- or should I say "earned" by military contract and combat of years past.  I am surprised that the Gov't is still honoring it's commitment of this so far-- but they need us to fight their goofy wars.. lol.  It would be hysterical to watch the stupid, spineless, cowardly politicians fight a war...Ha!  Do you think there would be another "beer summit???"  They have a lower rating then the Prez. 

Looks like I will be spending this Thanksgiving alone again, or sharing it with the dog, "Deuce" the Rottweiler... but that's OK.  I will certainly check up on my Mom to see if she if OK and taken care of... faithful son.  We Vets have long ago learned to 'suck things up' and improvise, adapt and over come any obstacle.  I am not worried one way or another, and I am not homeless or without resources, praise the Lord!  If all goes well, I just might buy another big motorcycle after Jan. 1st, maybe a Harley this time,after all the Goldwings I've had, and by then my knees might be healed better.  But the Honda GoldWings are so dependable with 6 cylinders or raw power, it's the Cadillac of bikes, IMHO, and cost over $20K !  Woo Woo!  But that is not my main priority, material things.  I am looking for a LTR, but taking my time so as not to make a mistake, or hook up with a paranoid, violent woman... lol. I am a sinner and slip up too, but I don't want to worry if the woman is going to cut off my head for some small infraction, or lack of social grace, or indiscretion in her eyes.   We all have idiosyncrasies and human failings, but some women love to hold a drudge forever and just will not forgive [and I am NOT referring to any one individual or person in particular-- please try to understand and grasp this fact.].  Looks are a little bit important-- but substance, honesty and Christian love are key!  I can get a woman anywhere- anytime, but I can't read her heart and many women now days have selfish, greedy, hateful intentions hidden inside and they are GREAT actresses and cunning-- and of course men too.  I am looking for the woman mentioned in the last part of Proverbs.  But getting to HEAVEN is much more important than having a warm body near me.  Better to be lonely and Saved than ending up in the 'wrong place.'  I am age 62, and millions of REAL Christians believe that the Rapture COULD be near.  And we all look, with biblical eyes and knowledge to IS REAL and and the coming war that MUST take place to set off a chain of events that ONLY STUDIED CHRISTIAN KNOW ABOUT--and care.  If this event is so important-- why don't others know, care or share it with their neighbors?????  Duh...  Or are they just like Lemmings who go thru life aimlessly, only trying to survive in this rat race?  Friends, find something really important in your lives to be PASSIONATE about and go for it!  People get sick, die, suffer hardships, or just go after all the zest, entertainment, travel, parties, kicks, adventure, and chase the elusive butterfly of so-call "happiness' and never find it in life.  And they never give a thought about what lies ahead of us after we die... or do they even care?  Sorry, that's not my style or wish.  I have already LIVED 10 life times of a normal human being and had a double handful of super adventure, and now I can do what ever I want.  I earned it.
Have a great day. 

So.... what really is a 'Christian?'  Don't think that you will automatically find them in a church!  Webster's says:  It's a follower or imitator of Christ. Well, how can we know Christ if we never MADE time to open the Bible and READ it??  Duh...  How can you be a RN, a welder, a Soldier?  Just putting on the uniform won't do it-- it takes hard training, and then some.  I like and admire a person who wants to work hard and achieve something special for themselves.  I think it sets them apart, and the Bible speaks about such ones favorably too. 

Time to check the mail.


Q.  On some websites and message boards,  members claim that only real Christians will be raptured. I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean. Are there degrees of Christianity? I thought you either are a Christian or you’re not. Maybe I’m missing something here. Please explain. A.  It’s true that from God’s viewpoint we are [...]