Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The thin veneer of Civilization.

Tom's Journal.

I like to listen to this fine gentleman on the VCY Christian radio, because he doesn't hold back from telling the bare truth and he is strong enough to name names and get into specific details about the 'World View' News, etc.  

I started getting more serious into writing when I got called back to Chrysler in 1995 after a 6 year lay off and very hard times.  Man!  Those hard times really stuck in my heart forever, and the way people treated me when I was down and out hurt my pride a lot and shaped my new mind set.  I decided never to allow myself to get in that circumstance again, but smart investing, debt elimination, etc, that I learned when I worked for PFS Investments-- taking a sabbatical from my welding trade.    But you know, the hard times were also a great test of my character and brought me to the Lord!!  God knew that I had too much pride and so full of myself that He needed to break me and reduce me down to nothing, and He did.  I compare those times to the Army training and combat-- you emerge from that conflict a different man who knows the real unvarnished TRUTH about life's dirty secrets that others can NEVER know.  I am not a hero or special-- just lowly dust in the wind-- but smarter dust, sanctified by my firm belief in the salvation by means of Jesus Christ.  Other say that 'they know' the Rapture will come "some day", but their daily actions and mindset say something else.  I am not talking about 'good and bad.'  I am just talking about the sober knowledge that produces correct thinking and actions to look ahead and prepare for something really BIG that is going to come  SOON!  If we say that we care and love somebody, actions should prove to be louder than words.  Example:  Would we plan so far ahead right now to rely on the Gov't to correct things, fix things, take care of us?  Even leaving the Bible aside-- common sense and a close study of current history-- the answer would be NO!  All the king's horses and all the king's men WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT HUMPTY DUMPTY BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!  But this is not a total negative for real Christians who trust in God with all their heart.  Trying to live by the Bible [and I am just as bad a sinner as my fellow man, very imperfect] really helps one deal with the world melt down.

And it you really want to know how bad things can and will get, just ask a soldier what a war zone looks like with people starving to death and selling their daughters for "hire." Well, the bible is full of the same circumstances, but how many BUSY, BUSY people read it...Duh??  It's not that they don't have time-- they won't MAKE time!!!

I am on a 'modified Fast' again, trying to purge and cleanse myself, but knowing Thanksgiving might change all that ... LOL!  Too much prime rib while dating?  That will change too.  Poor investment and small return.  People are just greedy and selfish and rarely bother to get back to me-- poor, ungrateful, piggish,  manners, so I am changing my tactics.  

And that's the nature of Brannon Howse's article about the thin veneer of Civilization that is disappearing.  A great read and an eye opener!  it kind of reminds me of the great, culture of Germany-- getting so bad, slipping into barbarism in the 1930's -40's under a mad man.

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 22 Signs That The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Starting To Disappear