Thursday, December 15, 2011

Helping Ourselves, and Others.

Tom's Journal.

What an interesting day, as the winds get stronger and the chill hits the bones and the flesh-- but I am not complaining!  'Deuce'-- the Rotty, and I are doing well, and I went to the GYM for a quick workout and the great Sauna and Whirlpool to wash my sore joints anew, and make this old man into a new creature... almost...Ha!
    I worry for a few friends of mine who are experiencing extreme hardship, and health concerns, and wish I could do more.  I also want to thank WHO EVER sent me the fine present in the mail, anonymously, today,  a carved piece of fine stone in the shape of a Cross with wire wrapped around it, tastefully, with a nice greeting card too.  Thank You!  And please step forward to ID yourself discreetly via my personal email address:   -- so I can thank you again, in person.  I THINK I know where the person is, near "Sharon, WI" but I am not sure... so  sorry.  Perhaps we can at least be good friends, no matter what happens, down the pike, and I know that must love Jesus Christ, as much as I do.  May God bless you, sister!  

And prayers too, for another close friend of mine, who lives 'Up North' Wisconsin, who is still struggling with terrible cancer, and personal problems/ challenges, etc.  I pray that the Lord [and I too--if possible] can bless you and make life just a little bit more easier and less stressful, if only you can believe that I like you very much, and hope that our new, young but strong relationship will 'jell', take hold and progress in these hard times when the whole world is shaking and rocking, right before something GREAT-- the Rapture!!!  And then, hell on earth will follow and woe to those 'Left Behind !' Let us take comfort in each other, hug and hold, and go thru these evil times, TOGETHER, if you feel comfortable with that. Most of my followers, readers, and certainly my close combat Vets and friends will testify that I am not such an evil man, and like to hep other, IF I CAN.  When I see something good-- I go after it to see if there is any Chemistry, and a possible bond there and close friendship.  And I KNOW that I need to slow down and give that person some space and time to breathe....  but I feel the need in these stressful times to 'strike while the iron is HOT!'  I am basically a good, and well trained, educated Soldier, and you can't fault me for that.  I KNOW what I want!  And most of you know that too.

And it would also be nice, if some 'new ones', some new readers, admirers, would sign up and join my 'followers.'  Feel FREE to comment and speak you piece in my "comments area" at the end of each Blog post, please.  You are very welcome!

I am surprised that Gold and Silver have down turned, right when I need them to go up... lol.  But I KNOW full well that these precious commodities will go back up, with a little patience and the USA continuing to go down that 'slippery slope' of failure, melt down, poor economy with no visible leader  in sight, nor a real acting Congress.  However, my fellow Believers in Jesus, fear not!  Our Salvation is near!!

Warm and Happy regards in the Winter cold ...and please try to draw neigh to God, and He will draw neigh to YOU!  I try to live and implement the very same stuff I share/ Blog about, sinner that I am, and don't want to miss out on any rewards handed out at the "Mercy Seat" in heaven.  And Friends, please allow me to show my love in my personal, humble, own ways, in giving some simple treasures to those most in need, KLD, etc.  So I guess now-- that I will just sit back and let 'you' digest some of the special, uncommon events that so recently gone down--  GIVE YOUR THANKS TO GOD!!  For God is the One who knocked on my heart to rise up and DO special things for YOU, dear lady, whom "I like a lot."   Know that it is certainly God who works behind the scenes and motivates the heart in other fellow servants of the Lord, to give and stimulate, to encite  one -another to 'do fine works' of love and charity, just in the nick of time !!  I am so proud and happy to be a servant of the Most High, a 'hammer and chisel' in His mighty hands.  Don't be too overwhelmed, dear "K", just give all the praise and honor to our Father in the Heavens.  Honest!  I have only good intentions in  my heart and only want to help, but also support and ferret out  ANY love inside you too.  'The cream always floats to the top.'  but 'IF' this is all wrong, and you never had me in your heart ever, from the get-go, release me, so I don't waste my time and treasure...I don't need to be hurt and cut any more.  There are surely other 'fish in the sea' who are looking for a man just like me!  But here is a man who truly likes you too much to say on a blog--it's a very personal thing... and I have already shed enough blood, sweat and tears. Everything I ever expressed to you was true and factional.  I will practice the patience you asked for.

Time to eat an apple now...  I only had a banana all day long, to eat.  I will succeed in more serious weight loss!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
 My old picture-- My "ultra ego".. LOL!  But I would rather have a broken down, old, pained body now-- for a holy, heavenly body in heaven some day...  Yes!  'Life is a mist.'  Use it to help yourself and grow neigh to the Lord, and also help other Believers out on the way...  I just repeated the two most holy New Covenant Commandments that Jesus told his followers, in different words!!  'Love God with all your heart, soul, etc-- and love your neighbor as yourself!!'  OK, now for that apple.