Monday, December 19, 2011

Spring Day in December?

Tom's Journal.

I thought I would take the liberty [and sometimes I pay dearly and reap the whirl wind for taking TOO MANY 'LIBERTIES'... LOL], But I think that good news like this NEEDS to be shared to prove that God is great, kind and merciful.  I realize that many of us just wonder WHY God helps the wicked [in this system] while 'allowing' the good ones to suffer, but "His ways are not our ways: and it will take thousands of years to learn all of that stuff, in heaven, me thinks.

Let me get in that I had a very busy and successful morning of pumping iron at the YMCA, but had to beat myself into moving my dead behind to drive there, got some healing herbs while in Kenosha, and then a prime rib sandwich [and the horse radish made my nose itch and tingle, but really opened up my sinuses]  the West quadrant of highway 50 and I-94, and  a cold drink to wash it down, felt better, then got my dear hound dog back from brother Albert  at Bohner's Lake, near Burlington, and gave them some diet cherry 7-UP soda pop... trying to say, "Thanks."  I don't drink that swill... lol.  
     Again... WHY are people in general so bitchy, crabby, and mean spirited right now-- this time of year??  Some are down right  real mean and nasty!!  I am in a good mood, although bone tired and aching from lifting weights, and using Nautilus machines at the Gym, whirl pool, sauna, and visiting some good old friends, etc.  I get into some great, deep, friendly discussions with guys I've have know for many years, and now we all get together at the Spa and work out/ sweat!  Good for us!!  Woo Woo....LOL!!  But the driving and GRIDLOCK on the road!  Whoosh!   Give me a break, please.

I found out last night that I missed my hound dog so much and thought I heard him moving about at night, and so used to checking where he is and letting him out side to make sure he has the opportunity to 'mark the back yard, and do his thing.'  Now I understand how people get so used to and love their pets!!  I thought that I was different, but come to realize that I am an old 'softie' too.  

So... well, the post below from Krissy Knox shows that for what ever reason, and I don't know the percentages of success-- but her dear hubby is 'cured' or in remission, and I am glad and happy for them-- because they went through hell a few times.  We can all comment and be glad for them too... and it's not that hard or complicated to post a comment on some one's blog, you know, or I hope you know.  Just deal with it!
    Why is it that trained soldiers, especially those who were and are in combat, can figure out ways to IMPROVISE, ADAPT, AND OVERCOME all obstacles---but candy ass, ignorant, sissy civilians are afraid to break a sweat, raise a blister, or push their small, pathetic, rotted out, degenerate pea brain minds more than an inch????  Duh?  What a sorry world of cowards, wimps, lazy, bums, and poor excuses for men, we have here.....shame.  But when combat Veterans come home from war and battle, they get shafted by their own Gov't, VA and dumped on by the public in general.  Why don't they get a LITTLE bit of help retraining or some points to land decent paying jobs and skills, fighting for OUR freedom???  OK, Tommy boy, time to stop beating the 'dead horse.'  Don't make wave, Old Soldier Tom...

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and retired Chrysler man:  30.5 years of hard, dangerous work!
Praise the Lord.
Attended Gateway Tech, and MATC [Milwaukee Area Technical College], etc, etc.  
Welder-- turned Writer.

If I could roll back time and still look like this [below], I could probably find more, better quality women, huh?   Just joking, dear friends and readers.  Have a nice, Spring Day!!

hi, you all
writing to let you all i wrote a new blog post. while i don't like to always send out alerts like this, i am doing so bc this is a very, very special post. appointment before last, john's hematologist/ oncologist (blood cancer doctor) told him he was in remission (actually he said "cured" -- although i don't know how he could say that!) from three blood cancers! Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, MDS (bone marrow cancer), and AML (leukemia). wow. to say john and i are thrilled is an understatement. i wanted to share the great news with my friends, and family and this is the first chance i have had to do so, so please forgive me that it took me a little while. but please come to my blog and read my story. and oh, it will be in a few installments, LOL, as you know how verbose i am! thanks for stopping by if you can!
post: John is in remission from three cancers!
Merry Christmastime  and God bless you,
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