Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can't Wait Until Christmas

Tom's Journal.

I got a lot done again today, but it seems like all I do is fill the gas tank in my truck! At least I have money to do that, while others have to work everyday and spend more.  People will survive, and if they don't -- that's OK too, because it's not my job to support everyone with a hard luck story!!  And I intend to be much more careful, watchful and alert from now on!  I may be 'slow' but I am not a mental midget... lol.  The trouble is that most folks don't know what they can eat that is more nutritious then all the junk and poisons they eat now!  I will never fault of run down my parents, but my kids lived a lot better with more variety than what I ate in the 60's, but I will never complain or hurt my Mom's feelings, and loved her great cooking on the farm in Racine County, WI.  We had our own orchard so we ate a lot of apple, and sometimes with some protein in them.. lol.  
   Time to move on again and look forward to the future, and I see some good things on the horizon, but I intend to simmer down, smell the roses, be content with who I am,  and what I have, make new friends and sail on.  I keep remembering that Country song about, 'you got to go through hell before you get to heaven.' And now, with my enthusiasm, I feel 'I'm knocking on heaven's door.' 

I didn't realize how I could love my old hound dog so much in the past few days as I did, from a very short one day 'vacation.'  I suspect that Deuce is grieving a bit after leaving the other dogs at my brother's house, and man, he was in a grouchy mood.. but then, he has his troubles and tribulations too.
Things will run a bit different from now I think, as I put a new spin on life and let some hot air out of the balloon called my head...LOL.  Thank you, Bro. Bill Tippett, for being my good friend and all your advice that was meant to clear my head and not my pocket book-- hidden meaning/ and joke...  No problem, I can eat baloney for the next few months...Ha!   I am going to pick up some Riesling German table wine to go with my good munchies latter, although I don't intend to pig out too much this holiday season... Christmas and New Year's.  

And you know -- some dinky dau who is STILL got an ax to grind.. or he has already lost too many brain cells from over drinking for too many years tried to send me some hate mail and newspaper clippings [after I though he's learned his lesson of being hospitalized' FORGOT that even though he printed a factitious, drunk false return address...duh... but he forgot that his main always goes thru Roanoake, VA   !!  I had a good laugh out of his bumbling, but I just wish he's get himself a life instead of worrying about me!! It didn't work, "WW" !!   Why don't you just worry about your own life before it escapes you, please.  He doesn't believe in the wicked, corrupt computers, so he only writes 'snail mail'.. oh well.

I wonder what it will take to get my back straighten out.  Opps, I forgot to plug in my scooter charger tonight, and it's low... and I am not going to break my ankles doing it in the dark of the back yard.  I need to help getting last minute chores done before the snow falls.

Warm Regards,