Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keep your mind clear.

Tom's Journal.

 YouTube - Sister Myotis on Thongs

  I hope you enjoyed 'Sister Myotis' as much as I did.  I need all the humor I can get.

For me, Christmas has always been a real  struggle, because although we kids never asked for anything, we knew there was a lot of tension in the air, big time stress, worry of our parents, and everyone trying to 'force ourselves to be cosmetically, plastic, merry and nice.'  We were raised Catholic, but I had a 'Crisis of Conscience' after I got home from Vietnam and no one could answer my simple questions about right and wrong, when I found out that the Gov't and organized religion were both lying to the people in a large way.  So I started studying the Bible in a serious way, only to be sucked in by the JW-cult that poisoned my mind for the next 22 years and two years after that a greedy wife abandoned me when I was laid off of a good paying job at Chrysler because I wasn't making enough money.. lol.  Sorry to rehash that, folks, but it was the Winter of 94-95 in Milwaukee when I believe I found the Lord, Jesus Christ, and accepted him as my personal Lord and Savior.  Although I've have serious life threatening accidents after that and too many relationships, I feel that the Lord 'protected' me ever since [but also all my entire life] then, as I have been growing in many ways, and now I just feel kind of burned out at this juncture in my life, at age 62, with 2 loved ones gone out of my life, and a few good friends pounding  me on the head [trying to honestly help me] so I don't completely self destruct.  I WILL make it by the Grace of God, and no one else.  

I [and millions of other REAL Christians] believe that right now is the 'calm before the storm', and we are in the camp waiting for the final shoe to drop before the Rapture, and  life would be so much happier or easier [maybe] having the right Christian woman beside me-- but that just may not happen. God, IMHO, could even be holding that part back so as not to pollute me, or draw me away from Him, and me thinks that there are PRECIOUS FEW real Christians left who are available-- all the good ones may be taken... LOL!  So, getting hooked up should NOT be my main priority, although many people at church are praying for me in that capacity.  I say this because I know that many others in the world are also suffering worse than I am, homeless, deprived, hungry, sick, dying, and cold and their poor kids too.  Shame, and in the land of plenty.  Trust an unjust, fat, greedy, shameless Gov't to allow that to happen.  

I just might go to bed early again-- feeling tired with no important thing to do or go to.  And the nation is in gridlock again at this "Merry Time" rushing around spending money they don't have.  I will survive-- even through my many blunders, and sins, screw ups.  Winners win-- and Losers   lose.   I have a soft heart-- and my brains seem to leak out threw them...  But my evil brother has been a selfish miser all this life saving every penny, and now he is poor.  If we are ever asked what we did to help others-- what will we say??  And it's not just money-- it's time, effort, smiles, hugs, selfless chores, work and errands !  Did we make the most of our talents and skills?

On the other hand, some folks know how to increase, multiply, invest money and make it work for them, and others are afraid to spend only on cat food to feed themselves .. or until the wrong man gets into office to strip the rich and give to the lazy--but history tells us that won't work very long.  Pity those kind of people  in ancient Israel- who would not work... lol.  The Law code was perfect-- given to an imperfect people--even, albeit, God's own Chosen.  That is why I always loved the book of Ecclesiastes, by Solomon, the last chapter.  

Well, my stuffed pork chops turned out perfect and delicious and now I feel so full.  I am looking forward to tomorrow and next week, and then some rest. 

Now... how do I remember, and keep in mind, a prime lesson that happened shortly after I retired in 2002, without appearing to be bitter or holding a grudge?  I need to write in on paper and read it ever other time that the same circumstance comes up in the future.  Or maybe I have finally learned now.  Hmmmm.  And if we hold  a grudge on the inside-- it will come out sooner or later. "Cryptic" --hidden meaning ??... Yes, but those close to me already know the answer to the riddle.  Satan sure is busy these days... and he knows that his time is short.

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Posted: 22 Dec 2011 11:15 AM PST
By Dr. Tony Garland Q. I was listening to your interpretation of the woman riding the beast in the book of Revelation. And I must admit that you have me lost. First you say that she is a distinct city that is called Babylon. Then you say that she sits on a beast that has 7 heads and ten horns. Then you say that the beast that carries her that was and is not and yet is,