Friday, December 23, 2011

Today is a better day.

Tom's Journal.

Ohhh, My!  After re-reading that last post I wrote yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if every reader left me..LOL!   It doesn't matter IF it's the Gospel truth... people just don't care for bad news on a dreary day!  I don't know if my blog is for entertainment so much, as I think and wanted it for many other therapeutic  reasons:  for personal therapy, self improvement, to help spread Combat Veteran concerns about PTSD and Agent Orange...  good, sound, truthful info about the corrupt, weird  VA system, and encouragement from the Scriptures.  Well, the last one is SURE to drive away many prospective dates...LOL.   Few women now days are Conservative and 'Old School' and Bible readers/ lovers -- but they sure don't like anything that lays guilt, sin or accountability on them.  Perhaps the Bible doesn't slow down my sinful nature so much-- but it shows me a way back to reconciliation with the Lord, and getting back to the good regimen/ program, and peace of mind that God loves me!!  So... in that sense, I guess it does limit my sinful nature and prepares me.  I guess my selfish motive has always been... "How to gain salvation/ get to heaven/  evade hell, and still have my cake and eat it too-- if that makes any sense..."   And maybe that sounds kind of lame.  My good buddies would just slap me up side of the face and tell me just " Straighten up and fly right !!!"         My Primary Objective in this life is to get to heaven, as the Bible tells me [and millions of others] that something BIG is about to happen!!  I was going to pull/ erase yesterday's post until I thought about the added Bible article regarding hell, and pure logic that piqued my interest and I so wanted to share that piece with others-- although it was kind of heavy, deep and 'dry.' -- 'not for public consumption at Christmas time'  Stuff like that will surely separate the men from the boys--and Believers from NON-believers, as I speculate that 95% of the public has their mind in other places... like how to buy gifts and pay the heating bill at the same time, plus keep gas in the car....duh.  I have been hearing so many horror stories of homelessness, poverty, betrayal, and mean spirited people -- in contrast to the "Merry Super HAPPY" plastic, fake Christmas spirit time.   Sorry folks,  I just don't get a good feeling right now-- with all the hypocrisy and hatred, bombarded by constant merry music and spend a lot Christmas time!!   It's just getting too old and stale.  I AM happy and joyful that Christ was born and come to take away the sins of the world IF we confess Him as our personal Lord and Savior!  But aside from that, all the other hoop la is nauseating for me,  sorry.   And right after the holidays are over-- Congress can get back to their gridlock, BS, while we all get deeper in debt, etc.  So, I am tacking a different direction to help a few friends, meet others, and work on my new 'pumping iron' program to gain more strength and grow stronger in the mind/ healthier!  Pumping iron and walking stimulate the circulatory system and the BRAIN, AND PUTS MORE OXYGEN IN TO THE BLOOD!!   Yes!

Today is a special day for me, but I'm not going to let the 'cat out of the bag' and run my mouth... lol.  I think I may need a 2nd small blog to my elite confidants-- kind of like an "inner circle" of counselors and wise people, to bounce personal ideas off their beautiful minds...Ha!  "There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors."  And church for me is good and healthy, because I get to check up on all the friends and families, brothers and sisters of like Faith, and get the local news of who is sick or going in for surgery, etc.  It's a Brotherhood for me,  and I have several Brotherhoods that act as 'Safety Nets' and "Net working" for me, and good associations and comradeship.   

So, today is one that I am looking forward to.
That cold weather outside really cuts through me and I  will have to dress better, with more thought and insight, in case of a vehicle break down.  I also need to re-charge my truck battery because I use the 'jig crane' winch to lower and lift my power scooter, that helps me so much when I do some serious shopping in big stores instead of standing in line forever while some woman takes her time in writing out a check for $5...and fishes thru her disorganized purse to find her mind....Ha!  I often   joke with the cashier by asking them if they take CASH!  But for many women [with all due respect] carrying cash means:  'Tis the season to get robbed, mugged, or murdered...' But I train women in self -defense!!  If they act too prideful-- I won't teach them anything...
I feel a lot better today!  Smile!   Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman