Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunny Sunday- Christmas.

Tom's Journal.

Well, my Christmas wasn't so bad after all!  After a good church meeting this morning and many greetings and well wishes, I went to see mom and the family gathering there and my brother Albert made some great food for all-- as he is the main cook in the family after his wife's stroke and loss of sight-- but even before that happened.   I brought some cold root beer and some Malibu rum to share, and everything was nice and  So then back to let the dog out, but the Packers game don't start 'till 7:20PM, so I can just kick back and relax.

I just wonder about getting another, new Verizon cell phone because mine is about 6 years old and starting to fall apart from use, wear and tear.   My wife always took care of that aspect of life, even if I was happy and satisfied with my phone.. lol.  Half the time I didn't hardly have to use my brain-- with her overseeing so many things-- that she enjoyed and wanted to, bless her pea-pickin' heart.  Until she started getting progressively worse with her health and less mobile-- so then our roles were reversed... but I didn't mind waiting on her one bit!  I only wonder IF I will EVER find another girl like her.... DARN!  I suppose we ought to thank the good Lord for the rain and the dry heat in due season-- what I mean is the good- and the 'not so good' in life.  We certainly don't live in a sinless paradise.... yet.

And isn't it something to meet a person who is cheery all the time and never has a bad word???  I like to rub up against such precious people so some of that happiness and cheer get on ME!!  

I was walking in church today WITHOUT using my cane for a while-- just to prove a point!!  Wow!  This is such great incentive to me that I plan to kick my weight lifting at the Gym into high gear this week.  I've got my appetite back too, but not over doing it-- and I figure that enjoying some Christmas and New Years favorites won't kill me either.  

Well then...some folks are just talking about a possible EMP- [electrical magnetic pulse] device- thingy used by terrorists to mess up our communications and transportation systems/ grid  in the country, and that would kind of kick us back into the 'stone age' for a while... lol.  I know what you are thinking...Ha!  Tom is on one of his far-fetched wild ass dreams again, or "Chicken Little" scenarios.  But I am just  saying, why not store some distilled water, just in case, and a few canned goods.  Just some food for thought.  Because a person can have lots of CASH, but he cannot eat cash, and when the stores are empty--transportation is stopped, what will happen then?  Just some food for thought.

I hope you all don't get the wrong idea or think I am a sour puss, but I am really glad that the holidays are almost over now!  Half of the US is considered  'not so Christian' if you want to count those who supported obama boy....because he ran on pro-abortion, pro- gay, stick the rich guys who provide all the jobs, anti- Constitution, anti-gun, anti-States rights,etc., pro-amnesty....duh, and I am NOT trying to start something today.  The point being-- the half that is NOT religious is just going along with the rest of all the materialism, Liberal news, commercialism geared to make the masses feel that they NEED to get in debt so deeply, just like the Gov't... lol... and less about the Savior's birth to a Jewish virgin, and it's all so ignorant and  fake, even just for one day in the year.  Well, I felt that this was a 'clumsy exercise' in my writing technique, an didn't quite know how to put it without sounding like a Grinch...sorry.  I am just fed up with all the "put on" fake 'good' touchy- feel-ly, phony, pretend so-called "Christmas spirit" thing, and one day latter, the world will be back at each other's throats worse than ever... and all of us ought to admit the obvious, please.  Come on, folks, do we for one minute think that there will never be another rocket or mortar attack on Israel after today ??

But for today, it was a Merry Christmas for many of the fortunate, as me and my dog, Deuce, and all my friends.
There are some good things in store for me tomorrow too, I hope!!  I have learned one thing for sure in life-- it's MURPHY'S LAW, and peoples' lack of honestly and accountability!  "Let your Yes mean Yes-- and your no mean no."

I am so full of good, quality food today, and so is my dog, Deuce!  It was a great sunny day, and God loves me!
I am hoping to get some newer pix of me to post to show a little weight loss... lol.