Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a Hound.

Tom's Journal.

This is one of my favorite web sites and it pretty much sums up most of my Biblical mindset and beliefs about the time we are in RIGHT NOW!   Please take the time to read what I have posted, if you want to get to know me, because I eat, drink and sleep on this stuff and share it with all I know, all the time!  
Does it seem ironic that in spite of all this bad news-- that millions of REAL Christians are still very happy, with love, joy, peace and sublime happiness???   I am happy and optimistic too right now-- even though I am working through some loneliness and recovery from the past year's losses, etc., of loved ones and deprivations.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  
     The post I wrote last night was especially profitable and encouraging to/ for me with God's promises to save all those to bend knee and confess their sins-- accepting Jesus as Savior.  And since I've been writing/ blogging these past 5-6 years, I have noticed that Christians are really in the minority, being pushed and squeezed into a small camp, harassed and harried at every corner and turn!!  But this MUST happen to fulfill Bible prophecy!   We know the time is very short and the "lynch pin" Israel could go to war in a heart beat-- and thus set in motion the Rapture, IMHO, and millions of other's
   Have a great day!

Tom Schuckman

By Jan Markell
December 28, 2011

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As we exit 2011, some things are certain in this age of uncertainty. Most readers will acknowledge that the end-time clock is racing. The year started with violence as a deranged gunman shot and killed or wounded many in Arizona. One of the victims was a U.S. Congresswoman. As 2011 winds down, chaos and violence rage around the world. The 1960s are being relived as angry young people demand that world governments bow to their anti-capitalist ideas.  Violence and instability are everywhere, however, and particularly in the volatile Middle East. 

So what else do we see? The world is riddled with war and rumors of war. Our churches are no longer sound. True Christianity is under attack from all sides, and Christians are being marginalized as intolerant bigots. In far-away places, Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Allah. Nature seems out of control as we observe record-setting disasters everywhere. Greed and corruption are the engines that run just about everything. Israel and Jerusalem are blamed for most of the world's problems. Allow me to expand on some of these.

War is on the way in the Middle East. Muslim nations are determined to force a showdown over the future of Israel, observes Ronald Reagan's Assistant Defense Secretary Frank Gafney. He warns of a "cataclysmic regional war and it will be over the future existence of the state of Israel. It may involve all of her neighbors, as they want to drive the Jews into the sea. It may include the use of nuclear weapons."

So much for the benign purposes of the "Arab spring." Consider Egypt. Under Hosni Mubarek, Egypt was the anchor of regional stability. Now, thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, instability emanates to all other Mideast nations from that hub. A united effort to annihilate Israel is underway.

America is assisting in that endeavor as the Obama assault on Israel continues. Secretary of State Clinton is warning that any American action towards recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel must be avoided. It might jeopardize the peace process even though that process is a joke.

Add to this litany an emboldened and ascendant China, Russia once again under the absolute control of Vladimir Putin, a Mexico free-falling into civil war with narcotic traffickers and their Hezbollah allies on our southern border, and you get a world that is fraught with peril for the United States. Isn't it obvious that we are in the midst of the Bible's predicted "perilous times"? (II Timothy 3:1) Sure, times have always been rough, but it's the convergence of events that is so intriguing at this time.

"Occupy Wall Street" is nothing to ignore. Suffice it to say  that it represents the lawlessness and debauchery that characterizes our times. Don't dismiss it as a silly circus of unwashed graduate students or fossilized 1960s nostalgists who can't even formulate a coherent platform. If they could govern, we would have the ideal Leftist agenda of Marxism, Socialism, and one-worldism. It would take a super-human person to blend those elements and make it work. His name is Antichrist and he is waiting in the wings.

In late October, the Vatican called for radical reform of the world's financial systems, including the creation of a global political authority to manage the economy. Read that again. The Vatican has called for a one-world economic and political system. Untold millions of Catholics have now been told that their leadership is ok with global government. Six billion more inhabitants of Earth must be persuaded but with record-setting global and individual debt,  this process will likely be easy!  

Many scenarios are yet to play out. The policies of the man we elected by a wide majority just three years ago seem to be designed to confiscate the wealth of most Americans and put an end to America's super power status by eliminating what little value our currency still has. More and more experts are warning us to be prepared for the hyperinflation that's sure to come when the rest of the world decides to stop lending us the money we need to fund our deficits. Already 70% of it is coming out of thin air, courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

America is not going away but a weakened America is necessary before someone can carry the globalist football into the end zone. The one-worlders know this and the world's rabble-rousers denouncing capitalism know this. As we often say in this office, "It's all coming together." On Monday, December 26, a prominent talk show host, with an animated voice said, "We need a world leader now!" He probably had no idea what he said or what the implications are. I noticed he didn't say that we need an American leader. We need a global Mr. Fix-it. Another host calls such a man a "spooky dude." He has no clue either.  Only the Bible helps us understand these mysteries and a lot of churches today consider the Bible an inconvenience. The Antichrist will be both: A 'man-with-a-plan' and a real 'spooky dude.'   

Perhaps one of the most profound prophecy-related stories in 2011 is global debt. We're another year older and deeper in debt! The whole world is in debt -- not just America! I could give you the stats but your eyes would glaze over. Worry not. The 'spooky dude' will solve it!  

The early church longed for Jesus' return and thus greeted each other with "Maranatha!" Imagine how simple their lifestyle was. They knew nothing of the clanging noise of concrete canyons around the world -- big cities throbbing with violence and turmoil. Still, that simple word comforted them because it promised a better world someday.

As we see 2011 leaving us, know that a better world awaits you, too! But it is not of this world. It is another dimension, another location, another time. Yet it could be here in the twinkling of an eye! The heart-cry of millions in 2011, and even more in 2012, is this wonderful word: Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus! I'll say it over and over again. Some will get sick of it but I won't quit. It's the one word that offers hope as the world comes unglued!   

Maranatha, maranatha! Keep looking up. With an eternal perspective, the headlines won't disturb you quite so much and you can focus on spreading the gospel while there is still time.  And find a church that believes same!   


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