Monday, December 31, 2012

Don't Drink TOO MUCH!

Tom's Journal.

Great Song:

2:55Farther Along [Live]by GaitherVEVO

Hey Friends,
Happy New Year, if only in thought, and God Bless all my spiritual Brothers and Sisters in Christ!  Believe it or not, YOU are more precious than my own kin/ family of unbelievers, sorry...  They do not have the sayings of everlasting life, and my best interests at heart, sorry again.  I still try to talk and treat them with respect, but there is a huge void and also chasm between us, and nothing can fill that but the Person who can grant me live forever in a nice, safe, grand place, Heaven, and that trumps everything else in this world of Satan. 

The Tea Party Patriots are my new hobby, and from them I am gleaning a good handful of Believers/ true Christians, who just want a modicum of justice so they can live peacefully without servitude and chains.  We are being taxed to death so the 'dog piles' in D.C. can give mountains of loot away to our ENEMIES in other heathen countries who would love to take our heads !!  Yes, there is  a good reason for our wrath and righteous anger.  But we must take measured steps to be balanced and do God's Will, and WAIT ON HIM. 

2:55Farther Along [Live]by GaitherVEVO

I do believe that 2013 will be a cold, snowy Winter, compared to other past years, and we need the snow for our farm lands and crops, believe me.  My cousin Wanda Jane in Hays, KS works for a grain elevator/ Corp., and she knows about the poor harvests due to dry spells our there in our grain belt.  But this is also part of the Prophetic scriptures in Matthew 24, and Timothy -in the Bible.  It sure helps to understand the Bible so that we know WHY and HOW things/ events will come about at the right time, and God cannot lie -- Titus 1:2. 
   So, as long as we don't think that WE puny humans can accomplish something that only God has already foreordained He will do in the near future, or try to take ANY glory away from HIM, because that, my friends, would be foolish and DANGEROUS!   As long as we all understand this important note -- we can be close friends.

So, when will we concentrate on hooking up with our local TEA PARTY orgs., in our own locale.  And yes, I know that from now on I must be much more discreet, and I urge you all to use my personal email address, please:

Sorry to say,  I have spent too many Christmases and New Years alone or far away from friends and family, for one reason or another.  And right now I live way U.P. North not too far from Canada, with only my wife, who is always busy.   We are getting to that part/ time in our marriage where we are noticing each others' idiosyncrasies and short comings... LOL, but that CAN be worked out and still be happy, if both learn to be truthful and co-operate like a biblical husband and wife.  Remember, Satan wants to bust up every Christian family and we are his MAIN TARGET... as he has the rest of the unbelieving world already under his thumb, and in MY HUMBLE OPINION, that includes the Congress and WH.  I wonder if those folks have something put in their water in D.C..... hummm, to render them senseless.  That's just what happened in ancient Rome when they drank wine out of lead vessels.   The slaves drank from wooden cups and were healthy!

Terri is out on 'errands' and to buy the veggies from the store that I forgot today.  Hey,  I am only a MAN!! 

Happy New Year!

Warm Regards, and Hugs,

>>>  Me at age 19, @ CuChi, Vietnam, early 1968, young and stupid, I guess, but with a big heart and skilled hands.

Watch VideoThink on this: “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Messiah Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Messiah Jesus.” (Philippians 3:12-14)

Pray on this: Gracious Father, though we do not know what the future holds, we know that you hold the future. “Yahweh has established his throne in heaven and his kingdom rules over all” (Psalm 103:19) We look forward expectantly to the coming year. Believing that “No matter how many promises God has made, they are all ‘YES” in Messiah.” (II Corinthians 1:20) Grant us grace to stand on the promise, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Messiah Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6) You have an ordained destiny for all of us. Let this coming year be a testimony to the fact that you are working all things for our good. In Jesus name, AMEN

New Print! Jerusalem of Gold

For many years it was on my mind and heart to paint Jerusalem as it might have been when The Temple (Ha Mikdash, The Holy Place) was on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the Land of Israel.

(Since photography was not invented until nearly 2,000 years later and any representations are recent, I found no paintings of the area with The Temple, but used as a guide for the actual Temple the model on display today in Jerusalem. This scaled Model was built by the late Hans Kroch, with the help of the late Prof. Avi Yonah of Hebrew University. The work was done throughout 1964-1967 and more recently renovated and brought up to date under the supervision of Prof. Zafrir.)

For Jews, the Golden City is the center of the world from the time of David and Solomon, who built the First Temple – until 70 A.D. when Rome destroyed and burned Jerusalem, the Temple, massacred its inhabitants – then drove any Jews who remained out into the Diaspora. The Western Wall is all that remains of ancient Jerusalem; it is the heart of Israel today. The Third Temple waits to be built.

For Christians, Jerusalem has have been the center of our Judeo-Christian faith as well as the very place which Yeshua (Jesus) and his disciples from then until now consider Holy. It is in the heart of all believers since.

The viewer in this art work is standing on the east side of Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives, looking Westward toward the Temple and the Eastern Golden Gate – sealed up today but which The Messiah will open and enter when He returns. The early morning sun is rising from the East, just touching down on the golden brilliance of The Temple. A shepherd overlooks the Kidron Valley. Hidden behind the olive trees on the left is the Hinnom Valley where pagans sacrificed their children in the fires of Molech. To the upper left in the distance (about five miles in reality) is Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. Somewhere nearby outside the city walls is the place where Yeshua, God’s Anointed One, was cruelly crucified by the Roman soldiers, as well as the tomb from which God raised him from the dead. Hallelujah!

Zechariah 14 prophesies, “Behold the day of Yahweh is coming…and in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives which faces Jerusalem from the east.…Yahweh my God will come and all His saints with Him,”… and “He shall be King over all the earth.” Maranatha!

The Jerusalem Connection is offering the archival prints (giclee) of this original painting, personally signed by the artist to you, for a suggested donation of $200. If the giclee is a gift to someone else, the artist can also sign it to the giftee. One hundred percent of your donation goes to help support the work of The Jerusalem Connection. Measure of the giclee is approximately 20 inches x 10 inches. Copyright by Pat Mercer Hutchens 2012-3.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Read 'em and Weep.

Tom's Journal.

BREAKING NEWS – Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama’s HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery.(TOH).
As reported to AL HENDERSHOT, Editor of The Obama Hustle.
Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama’s HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery. He also confirmed to KS SOS Kris Kobach that the information contained in the White House image isNOT “identical to” that in the official record.
Many of you have replied to concerned constituents that the matter is settled by the public statements of Hawaii officials, the HDOH birth index list, the newspaper birth announcements, and Obama’s posted short-form and long-form birth certificates. Onaka’s disclosure – the only one made by a HI official under oath –negates all that and fits the vast legal and forensic evidence collected so far, some of which is in my affidavit (privately posted at for NE criminal case #B2-119.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Commander, Mike Zullo (both of whom initially disbelieved the skeptics) have both signed affidavits saying there is legal-quality FORENSIC evidence that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and draft registration are forged.
Onaka has now revealed the REASON for the forgery: to hide the non-validity of the birth record. Evidence in my affidavit proves (among other things) that the 1960-64 birth index includes non-valid records.
Onaka’s disclosure is proof of results-altering election fraud in every state in this country, since fraudulent filing documents were used to place Obama on every state’s ballot. Absent a non-Hawaii birth record, Obama doesn’t even have a legally-determined birth date, place, or parents so nobody can lawfully say he meets the age or citizenship requirements to be President – and yet every Certification of Nomination falsely swears that he is eligible.
EVERY electoral vote for Obama is thus now LEGALLY KNOWN to be fraudulently-obtained and must not be certified as lawful on Jan 8th. As with the Sandusky case, those with knowledge have legal responsibility to act, and that is now you.
Our President has committed perjury 6 times by swearing (in AZ, NC, and WV) that he is eligible, knowing that he has no valid HI birth certificate (and claiming a Kenyan birth in his bio until 2007), and let his spokesmen pass off two forgeries as genuine on his behalf. He knowingly allowed a decorated military surgeon to lose his life’s savings and retirement and spend 6 months in prison for simply wanting to know if his combat orders were lawful, or whether they Constitutionally had to come from Joe Biden instead – who OPPOSED the “surge”.
It appears that many felonies have been committed. An impeachment must precede a criminal investigation and trial, so failure to impeach is obstruction of equal protection & the rule of law – without which, none of your life’s work even matters because the laws you make will only be enforced when politically expedient to the powerful. A banana republic.Read the full story here.

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  • There must be many felony accomplices getting very nervous about now.
    • Yes they can feel that rope around their scrawny little treasonous traitor necks long ago. I say arrest all of them beginning with the house, senate, white house, judges and work our way down filling those fema camps. What they planned long ago as a counter to obama’s felony fraud identity problem that’s now upon him was to pay an accomplice beforehand to write a book about a big fat lie that obama’s father is really the “Marxist Freak frank marshall davis”, which is just misinformation’s, and they will produce forged micro-film to prove it, watch. Theirs no end to the deviant mind of a sociopath. The end justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
      • Off to the Klink I say… Hurry up ol’ chap, lets be done with you… Really, the only question is: Do we deport you and you live out the rest of your wretched life in a Kenyan prison???
  • It sez under the picture.
    • What’s your point?
    • Do you get your stupid out of a can, or is it delivered?
  • TO ANONYMOUS~ YOU’RE A COMPLETE IDIOT! You need to search all the links! But, then again OBOTS are idiots! I call them as I see them. Liars, and disgusting filth. The word honesty has no meaning to you, as well as the word hypocrisy or morals.
  • This should GO VIRAL NOW!!!
    Before the negro induces Civil War from the White House with all the racist lust he can muster.
  • It should be a “pubic execution” – For the whole world to witness & observe as a long standing reminder -!!
  • High Treason gets death by SCOTUS and Obama’s found guilty on High Treason.
    He’s committed more crimes than the worst criminal of History.
    Obama’s the Antichrist aka “EVIL-ON-EARTH”.
    The Antichrist Obama is revealed.
    Check this out.
  • He should be hanged after being found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.
  • Good lord, when are you people going to let this go???
    There is NO EVIDENCE that this actually happened. So, it’s official because someone on the internet says it’s official. Hey, check this out: as reported to HP, the United States government is officially giving every citizen a free BMW. It must be true, because it’s on the internet!
    • ocp
      According to the lady in the Progressive insurance commercial, nothing on the internet is fake, it’s not allowed.
  • So where is the evidence of this “proof”. Is there an official letter from Alvin Onaka to Ken Bennett? The headline says that “Alvin Onaka Has Publicly Certified To AZ SOS Ken Bennett”. Where can this publicly certified information be found?
  • After a little investigation it appears the original article was published May 24th, 2012.
    So this article on BIN does not seem to be legit.
    • ocp
      Clearly Before it’s news, is extremely late at getting this news.
  • Where is the PROOF??? More BIN BS…..!
  • ocp
    Before I jump on this bandwagon I want to see this public certified statement. I see it being talked about but nothing actually backing it up.
  • Although this conjecture might be close and even maybe correct, there’s absolutely no evidence to support it. But then again, there’s no evidence to support the narrative of the Kenyan either.
  • Because this is such an argues felony with far reaching consequences there should be many people that both knew and participated in the fraudulent record. Including the compliant news media , NBC, ABC, CBS, should be fines a $Billion dollars for lying to the public and should loose their license.
    • Orly Taitz and Joe Arpaio are Biblical saints of the Apocalypse.
      No joking.
      They stand up and don’t give up.
  • When will something be done all I ever hear is he needs to be impeached.
  • Make sure you forward this to FOX news oreilly and the other clowns they keep around to pacify the leftists.Ship this entire regime especially the socialists in congress to GITMO and waterboard them daily.
  • Now, will our overpaid, underworked, possibly wthless elected officials in Congress do anything? They have known this for over 4 years and choose to do nothing because they are afraid of being called racist. Shouldn’t the integrity of the Constitution and the safety of the country have a greater priority than name calling?
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