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Israel - Church Differences.

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Israel-Church Differences
Posted: 12 Jan 2012 06:32 AM PST

By Dr. Andy Woods Sugar Land Bible Church One of the rules of basic Bible interpretation is to recognize that the church and Israel represent separate programs of God. They are two trains running on separate railroad tracks. Theologian and founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, Lewis Sperry Chafer, noted twenty-four differences between Israel and the church. [1] Here are a few. First,

hope that there is a Link included with this article, but I know that  you can Link up with others sources, ei:  The Bible in the Prophecy, someway, somehow. 

I try hard not to spread my blog to newer people, especially those too "young"  or new in the Bible, who don't have a basic foundation in the Scriptures, and I suppose that it IS a bit " too intense"-- too deep, as one woman told me, as she cancelled a date with me... lol.  Her loss, or her myopic, ignorant, lazy mind that may not reap the benefits of splendor in the Rapture. But can we really expect someone who was never trained, studied or even read the Bible-- to understand the more weighty things hidden in the Scriptures???  It's like anything else in this world-- we are ALL ignorant to some extent.  Heck!  What do I know about giving birth to a baby or women's dress sizes..duh??  I just gave my wife some money and said,"go get what ever you want or need [in the past]." And who knew better than her?  I consult "experts" in many different fields that I am unfamiliar with to get the best that I can.   And I do stress that term Rapture a lot because that is the big 'vehicle' that will occur in the twinkling of an eye, and very soon, as millions of studious Christian all over the world believe.  Are we Christians missing anything special by studying the Bible and knowing all these things??  Of course not!  We lead happy, fruitful, productive lives, we suffer, hug, cry when we are hurt or lose a loved one, and are just as human as anyone else-- except that we are Saved, and know where we are going.  Not because we are better human beings or sinless--- But because we are just smart enough to 'Kiss the Son, Jesus Christ, and bend knee to Him, and confess Him as our personal Lord and Savior.  Sorry folks... it's as simple as that!  

Frankly, I learned a lot from this article, again, and so I felt the need to share it with my friends and readers.  I decided not to pester the good people so much in this new year, 2012, but to season my words with salt, take my time and cherry pick the words more carefully.

Well, we got our first snow in Wisconsin, about 5 inches with all the goofy Media hype... LOL, but i don't know why all the hoop-la when we have lived here for many years and know it will snow again.  If you don't like the change of Seasons, go to FL or AZ !!  I just happen to like and cheer for the Green Bay Packers, and I think the quarter back is someone special, as we have a few things in common.

I was afraid that my PC was slowing down and burning out, but I shut it down and powered back up, so that it runs a bit better now, and I need to straighten out my anti-virus thingy today.  I feel that I just might have made another good, close friend, but I will keep it under wraps until I know more, and feel kind of superstitious mentioning the person .. yet.  I hope to take things slow this time and learn from my past mistakes-- but you have to admit that there are so many insecure women out there [and men] who honestly don't know what the heck they want, or are looking for....duh.  As for me, I DO know.  And I don't think I am doing myself any good staying in this one horse town all alone, or others any good either. I need more space, area, and new people to share the Bible with, and bible tracts.   It's been a rough year in 2011, and I figure that it's just about time to expand and broaden my horizons.  I have a good positive feeling, and just need to force myself to do more.  Who ever shoveled my front and back yard-- THANK YOU!!  I certainly appreciate it.  

I should have beat myself to do some veggie and fruit shopping today after lunch [and almost choked on a fish bone... but I went home instead.  I need to drink more water for my dry skin in the Winter, and I bought an ice scrapper for my truck today, and a needle nose pliers... maybe to pull out fish bones in an emergency at home.  I want to try harder to stop talking about my extreme losses of last year and try to move on now, making new friends!  

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