Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking for a new Church,

Tom's Journal.

Thank  you, 'inner circle' for your timely responces and comments to me lately!!  It's so fine to have a body of Christian friends that I can depend on to put their heads together in sort of a 'think tank' to get at while eating fresh fruit.  Our mini "R and R" in Union Grove, WI., was so fine and helpful in sorting things out in my head, visiting friends, my mother, taking a few couples out to eat, and transporting another truck load of 'stuff' up here to Iron Mtn., MI.    Still, our next 'mini vacation' will have to be a full 7 days somewhere nice, without the 2 dogs.  I am wondering if Terri isn't a 'work-a-holic ?'  

I see people running around 'U.P.' here with just T-shirts and shorts!  And I think that things up here in the Tundra are 'leveling off' and I suspect that the baloney and hot air will be tapering off about now, as perhaps the waring factions will gently mind their own business now and get a life of  their own.  Maybe we should all pray for them, that they start reading and studying the Bible to find out what Jesus Christ really wants them to do.   Check out:  1st Timothy, 2nd chapter, 3rd and 4th verses.  I just hold up four fingers to remind me of that verse to look up 'what God wants.'     I recommend that they start with reading the Book of Matthew, and  then Romans, to get a firm grasp on the Salvation of the Gospel.  Personally, I am diving into the book of Psalms lately, to bring me some peace of mind.    I am now looking for a church in the area, just the right kind of Conservative  Baptist, of  Community Bible teaching church  to get some good fellowship and music with fundamental  nuts and bolts-- mainly the Gospel, etc.  I can spot a phony baloney in a heart beat, because the Holy Spirit guilds me [us] and all others to seek the Kingdom.

I am not just looking for "busy work"-- but constructive work around the house, also at the YMCA, church, making new friends there and being outside to appreciate God's wonders and perks up here in the Great Northern woods.  And I have mentioned my dreaded taxes and getting my paperwork all together to take down 'South' next week, pluse doc's appointments.  Hey, my knees are getting better now-- so that I sometimes walk without any cane!!  I knew that the new Oxygen set up from the local VA would really benefit me!!  Wow!

Now, to find a shirt to wear.



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