Monday, June 4, 2012

False Prophets -- There is NO covenant with America.

Tom's Journal.

Sorry, folks...  there IS NO Covenant between America and God-- the same as with Israel and God.  Period.  BUT-- according to Genesis 12:3,  'those who bless Israel, will be blessed in return', etc.  Too many modern day 'false prophets' search in vain, the OT [Old Testiment] for promises to other people/ nations, at various times, and try to squeeze them in-- misapplying them to US-- the USA- AMERICA, and it's just wrong, or worse, a LIE!! 
    Do we want to be misled??  Are we too lazy to dig into the NT [New Testiment] and find out the Truth of the matter?  If I learned one thing in the past 63 years, it's to push myself in checking, personally, learn to dig deep, to find out the real answer-- the Truth of the matter, about what God has in store for us.  What in the world could be more important?? 
     There will be NO revival at the last minute in America, that will "save US" before the storm, and most likely, all the other past examples in the Bible of people taking no note, 'just as in the days of Noah, the flood came killed everything outside the Ark' of Salvation!!   Sorry, again, folks, things just don't seem to change in all our human history, as wise old King Solomon said in the book of Eccl.  It's the same old song, and that is why God HAS MADE SPECIAL PROVISION with a 'group' of perhaps millions of sincere Christians who do kiss the Son, and bend knee to Him, our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus.
  Got to go right now.. more latter.



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