Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
I'm back... from a short trip down to S.E. - WISCONSIN, for business and pleasure, and a couple of fine dinning with some close friends.  Sorry, that I simply didn't have time to see and visit with the rest of my old buddies near Union Grove area.  Terri and I got a lot of hard cleaning done at my old house, and carted off many things that we could use U.P. here in Iron Mtn., MI.
   If there is one thing I have learned lately -- it's the high spike in gasoline and food prices, and it don't take long before the 'speculators' to figure out that soon there ought to me a super 'SPIKE' in many items on the market/ commodities, and the time to stock up is NOT when the prices have already gone thru the roof!!  Duh...  It's before everything already cost too much to buy!  My wife said that she never did buy the more pricey cuts of beef before she met me.   I told her that I can already see that we might be eating more hamburger, chicken and pork, from here on soon.  I cannot continue to charge food that I like, only to go deeper into debt.  I will probably be drinking more water soon, too, and that will cause me to lose weight. 

I hope that folks can learn and see that the horrible Midnight movie killings in Denver, are just another time for the Liberals to try to push thru some zany gun laws to defraud U.S. of our 2nd Amendment Rights-- but I am still wondering how a guy could just order the guns, etc., over the InterNet?!

The following article that I posted below, should correct poor, faulty thinking amidst this horrible act of stupidity, and immoral behavior--- but remember that, Genus is the other side of extreme wickedness or insanity, IMHO.  And after all, God made life very hard and miserable for Adam and Eve, after they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden..... and why?   Go figure that a PERFECT human mind could conceive even more diabolical horrors before they died, even at some 930 years old at time of death.  Check out, Genesis chapter 3 and before.  Now that Terri is at home every day before her foot surgery in a week from now -- I get to study with her almost every day!!  And I try to make it fun and interesting so these things will 'stick into her mind.' 

We are now praying for God to send more rain to the dryer parts of the USA.  We got a few inches of rain here in WI, but I don't know if it will save some of our corn crops... and 1000 dairy calves are already dead from the recent heat wave.  Of course, ya'll know that the dry Summer now-- promises to send the price of food high in the following months, and just think about the lower amounts of bees to make the flowers, crops, and fruit get pollinated and grow too.  Hey,  one way or another, God will have His prophecies unfold and come true -- because He IS God. 

I hope and pray that most of us will be generous in giving to the local Christian congregation to support our food pantries, etc., as times grow more lean, unto the last day that we breath on earth-- before the Rapture... when Christ calls us home to heaven.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2012 11:58 AM PDT
By Dr. Albert Mohler The news hit the airwaves like a sudden onslaught, and the truth began to sink in. It has happened again. This time, 50 people shot while attending the midnight premier of the last in the Batman sequence, “The Dark Knight Rises.” According to press reports, a 24-year-old man burst into the crowded theater, wearing a gas mask and carrying an arsenal.

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