Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gravy from Heaven.

Tom's Journal.

Well, friends, and readers,
I've been thinking and posting this same thing for a few years now....duh.  But, again, the Bible clearly explains what type of people we are dealing with here-- the ancient Persians [Modern Day Iran], and the way they think!  Most people will do or read or rely on anything OTHER source other than the truth of the KJV Bible --- and what folly!  And having only a 24 hour day to get all of our stuff in, we have to organize some sane system of PRIORITY, don't we?

Unfortunately, few people on earth see the value of studying the BIBLE and History in their lives, thinking that it might be inaccurate, useless and unprofitable $$$, but they are totally wrong, and the most money I've earned was AFTER I found the Lord!  Part of that is because we are not prone to make goofy mistakes or squander our hard earned money $$$ on foolishness after the Spirit enlightens us....  smile on that note, and after I finally humbled myself with the divine help of the H.S. [HOLY SPIRIT/ GHOST] to the Lord God, Almighty YHVH,  or Yahweh or Jehovah.  See:  Palms 63: 18 !  God's ONLY Son,  Jesus Christ, as WE know Him, had a pre-human existence, and was born of a Hebrew Virgin, by the Holy Spirit.   He lived perfectly for about 29 years on Earth, and then started His Earthly ministry preaching the Word of God, performing many Miracles and Wonders, also gathering and teaching his 12 disciples and others until horrible torture and death at the hands of the Romans, at age 33.   See:  Luke, Chapter 3, for Jesus' complete genealogy and linage --- all the way back to Adam.   
          BTW...Does anyone know of a GREAT reciepe for beef gravy to put on the meat and mashed potatoes.... please???
There is a small 'ma and pa  café' in Crivitz, WI., that  has the best tasting gravy that you would die for there !!!   Wow!  'Gravy from Heaven!'  Ha!  But they are tight lipped about giving out the recipe.  I like to stop there sometimes, on my way back to Kenosha, WI., to visit friends and family.    

Along with this, the preacher/ pastor's sermon was built around Romans 8: 21 -23, etc, which was very encouraging so as to instill all trust in God's promises concerning us -- whom He has 'known about' long before we were even born!!!  His Word is guaranteed and signed in the precious blood of his Son, Jesus Christ, and better than tons of gold!   My wife, Terri, managed to hobble to church today too with the aid of her 2 crutches, as she elevated/ rested her sore, pained foot on the pew to her side, and we were both happy to be at that assembly of Christians.  And then, after the service let out a huge cloud burst just came down on us BIG TIME so we all got soaked wet, but we needed the rain.  And then about 20 minutes latter, the sun came out and the rain was over.   It's strange like that here U.P. in the mountains of Upper Michigan.   I am still looking for many more friends up here that I can chum with, and share talents, hobbies and skills... like my wood working and wood carving, etc.  I will try to pray harder and more often. 
    And now, a word to the wise:  "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE MAN [OR WOMAN] WHO DOESN'T HAVE TO DO IT."   
My dear old buddy and fellow helicopter 'door gunner' --member of the famous 240th Assault  Helicopter Company [AHC],   Walter E. Weber,  took a picture of me and a few others at our EM CLUB @ Camp BearCat, RVN: 68-70, when I must have been age 20 or 21,  and now thru the 'grapevine' I just heard that he is dying, with hospice at his side, and dear family.  I believe he was perhaps a year younger than me, smart as a whip, great mechanic, Christian .... and I am beside myself with sorrow and pain,  for his ravaged body and spirit, and great suffering……..  We did not agree on everything, and he expressed himself well, and gave me a piece of his mind,  several times.   But I always loved him as my combat Brother and Friend.   I know that he was smarter than me in many things.  He also has a fine wife, in Mary..  Sure sometimes we argue and don't agree on everything -- but that's not important, and I believe that most of us suffer from PTSD, anyway.  Prayers and well wishes to my brother, Walter E. Weber, from Galax, VA., and all his family.  I am the dark headed Sp/4 on the Left.  --Tommy Schuckman--
In my humble opinion, Walt is way too young to leave us at this time-- and I think that all his hard, kick butt fighting for his country in Vietnam may have had something to do with his early sickness.  His wife, Mary, and mine all met at D.C. for a great party time and many wild stories that he remembered... and we had a very close bond.  God bless Walt, and his family.

And as for the below article of "when" Israel might do her pre-empted attack against the crazy militarists in nuclear Iran,  do we really think they would post that time in the news???  Ha!  Israel would NEVER trust the flapping mouths in the WH-- with all the leaks by this goofy Administration already??!  'Loose lips sink ships.' 
     My best advice would be to "draw near to Christ, while He may yet be found..."  Repent of our proud ways and humble our bloated hearts that lead to a fall. 

Have a great day.
One so-called 'friend' told me that he thought I was bragging or showing off by attaching some of my older pictures of myself when I didn't weight as much -- so I just might keep them to myself from now on.  What do YOU other good folks think about that?

Warm Regards,
Tommy S

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Posted: 29 Jul 2012 12:40 PM PDT
By Ryan Jones Israel Today A senior and widely respected analyst with Israel's Channel 2 News said in Friday's pre-Shabbat newscast that top American officials have become convinced that Israel will launch a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities in October, just one month before the US presidential election.Ehud Yaari had just returned from a trip to Washington, where he told

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