Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How much time do we have-- to share the Gift?

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IMHO, and in the world Christian 'Camp' conventional wisdom has it that the 'right time' for Israel to do her pre-emptive air strike, would be BEFORE the American Prez. election, because they feel that America would be forced to support that important strike.  When backed into a corner, even a dirty old rat will fight back, and we still have to worry a bit about public opinion....  much different than AFTER the political race, when they can bury their head in the sand again... although I am inclined to think that a conservative new Prez would assume the role of a proper Commander in Chief.   However, the truth of the Bible be told, and divine prophecy fulfilled, it is GOD Almighty of the Bible who will really protect Israel and beat her enemies!!   The entire world will know and understand that a 2nd rate country [ even if they are brave, fine warriors fighting for the survival of their small State] could not have finished the big job of taking out such deep, well guarded, defended underground bunkers used for developing their nuclear bombs, etc.  Is it not exiting to see all of this high anxiety, high adventure happening right before our eyes???  Wow. 

We suspect that the Rapture will follow not to far behind the war between Israel and her enemies...  so that gives us something to think about, and TAKE ACTION!  I've been blogging and emailing about this subject for years.  If I have helped just ONE person find the Lord and follow Him -- it will be all worth it.  PTL. 

So then, if we know and understand what this all means, will we act like Christian soldiers?  Or will we continue to act like ignorant animals, just following the pack of materialistic, immoral, poor excuse for human beings now polluting the earth, slipping closer to total destruction and hell?  Time will tell.   Some may say that it's my nature, or the combat PTSD that won't leave this old, grey haired, tired Vietnam Veteran and retired Chrysler welder, etc.  At least I finally have a good wife -- Terri, and a place in the sun.   My warning will continue until God shuts me up or calls me home, and I will be happy to share the Gospel with every serious ear.

If we are correct, or if we are wrong or mistaken -- we shall continue to serve the Lord.  1st Corinthians tells me that the 'Wisdom of the world is foolishness with God,' and so we know that we are in the 'Season' if not the hour and day.  Let us also give thanks for every single day that we have left on earth, and try to give the finest possible gift to those we meet and deal with -- the love and promise of everlasting life in heaven -- FOR SURE !!
   Just think...  If you knew for sure when your last day at home would be -- what would you do to take care of your affairs?   Terri had the many stitches removed from her poor foot, and still has plenty of discomfort, but she is slowly getting better.  We are always talking and tweaking, and making future plans that blend into God's prophecy and plans too.  Your prayers and well wishes are always a comfort.  Thanks.  I have a feeling that we will be getting an early, cold Winter this year, if we are still around.

Warm Regards,
Tommy S

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Posted: 19 Aug 2012 07:35 AM PDT
By Ryan Jones Israel Today For the umpteenth time, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday publicly declared that the primary foreign policy goal of his government is to see the Jewish state erased from the map of the Middle East."The Zionist regime [is] a cancerous tumor," Ahmadinejad told millions who took to the streets of Tehran to mark Iran's Quds Day, an angry commemoration

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