Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Important News about AGENT ORANGE, a poisonous chemical defolient sprayed in Vietnam.

Tom's Journal.

Please share this info with all/ every Vietnam Veteran, and family!!

Thank you, [Crew Chief] Jimmy Hood, for sharing this with me and many others.

Subject: FW: Important Agent Orange Information

I hope this information will help someone.

Ok, listen up! This is important stuff for anyone exposed to Agent Orange, or those who treat them. Please pass this on to other Vietnam or Korean vets. Several years ago, it was determined that wind patterns carried the residue of Agent Orange far and wide, getting into the food and water supply. So, even if you weren’t in the field where it was sprayed, you are as susceptible as we who were. Allons. Jerry
Some of you know that for a few years my family doctor and neurologist (plus a cancer specialist) has been running test on me for neuropathy. This neuropathy is spreading through out my body, so I was sent to a neuro specialist in brain/body.
In the meantime I learn that neuropathy has been added to the Agent Orange list but the VA doesn't openly express it very well. It is on the VA Medical web site keyword: Peripheral Neuropathy. My VA doctor in Huntsville told me that my problems were in fact from the exposure to Agent Orange but refused to send me to Birmingham Alabama for a "prognosis".
That is why my private physicians tend to me as a back up for sure. But anyway. I have been told by the Neuro Specialist (and I am still in testing) that I have permanent nerve damage. It has now moved into other vital parts of my body, legs, feet, arms, and hands, my shoulders, and elsewhere. The Nero Specialist is going to try and stop the progression in areas that may respond. However, most he told me was irreversible damage, especially from Agent Orange which he had no doubt it came from. I ask why, he said I worked for the VA for 4 years and I know how they operate, and that they probably wouldn't tell you all the facts around this matter, I have seen many cases.
I thought you might like to pass this on to your Vet friends list because they VA will run around the bush about your problem, they want to blame it on Type II diabetes which has been confirmed from Agent Orange as Kidney problems. Do not let them tell you that the neuropathy is just from Diabetes, it's not true for War Zone C veterans, especially the units in our sector who was on "Operation Fresh Start: the Rome Plow land clearing operation.
As for me the damage has been done. But I am writing this to let you know do NOT TAKE no for an answer which you start to feel numbness and pain in your legs. The VA knows better! And where it comes from. Also have a spine exam.
George Burks

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