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October Surprise.

Tom's Journal.

I can only read, measure and assimilate all the reliable News that I glean from sources and heads of State, mostly Israel...  or BBC, etc.  The vast majority of real, biblical Christians in 'my camp' believe as I do that, "we do not know the day or hour -- but we know the season" -- and we are there now!  That ought to reflect on our daily, personal lives, friends!! 

Satan is furious and super busy with his legions of fallen angels trying hard to pull down "Prime Targets" --namely faithful Christian families, married couples and teens, as well as 'targets of opportunity' or secondary targets.  The MAJORITY of the world already lies in Satan's hands -- just read it in the "Book."  Satan wants MY scalp, and any and all other Christians who try to regularly FIND opportunities to preach, teach, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ONLY Salvation there is before it is too late.  Frankly, I know what I must do-- but still have some fear of goofing up and messing up my life with some stupid idea, or sniffing down the wrong trail.... sorry.  My recipe is to pray constantly, study, memorize key scriptures that I personally need, and NEVER, NEVER QUIT !  Two are better than one  -- IF that legally married spouse [one man and one woman] are BOTH bible loving Christians who are willing to study together, pray together and help each other when one falls down.  I love that scene, and I love my wife, Terri.

I played football and track when I was in high school at Waterford H.S., grad in 1967, and then joined the Army [for more education... LOL].  I seemed to have a fear of fumbling the ball or tripping when I was running the 880 [half mile] distance races, and high hurdles, etc.  I was afraid of landing 'wrong' and maybe breaking my neck when pole vaulting -- in those olden times onto just hard sand or  patted down, hard saw dust...ha!   Not like the better 'fall pits' of now days of foam rubber or what ever they use these days.  We all have our fears and idiosyncrasies or phobias, but some of us just 'suck it up' and pretend to be OK... however, the Army and combat in Vietnam taught us how to survive -- and then we taught our young too, because we loved them so much and wanted them to survive too.
     I miss my son, Andy, really bad, and hope to see him in heaven.
Now this coming battle is not so much carnal -- but spiritual, as mentioned by the apostle Paul.  See:  Ephesians 6: 12... "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  The Boy Scouts tell you to Be Prepared.  The Bible tells us to put on the full suit of armor, with the shield and sword.. and all those terms mean something -- if you take the time to read it...duh.  I have always admitted that I, personally watch too much TV -- but what if we all used half of that time to study the Bible, but prayed hard right before for the Holy Spirit to help us understand the true meaning ??  After all, dear friends, the Bible IS written pretty much on a 5th grade level. 

Hey, guys and gals,  I need lots of good friends and encouragement too!  Why not leave a comment or email Old Soldier Tom, and share lives or concerns or just visit, please?  Too busy, you say.  Well, if you think you are too busy to visit now -- just wait until AFTER the Rapture, when you are scratching like a chicken just to survive... and you wish a gallon of gas was  still $4.09, instead of $5 or $6/ gallon !

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Tommy S

October Surprise: Israel said to be readying October attacks on Iranian nuclear sites

August 7, 2012 5:00 am

U.S. intelligence analysts watching for indicators of Israeli military action recently reported that there are signs the Jewish state plans an attack against Iran in October.

The Obama administration, meanwhile, is preparing to provide logistical support for a military strike but is pressing Israel to delay any action until the administration’s policy of sanctions have had more time to work, and that any attack would be put off until after the November presidential election.

U.S. opposition to any pre-election strike was discussed during the recent visit to Israel by White House National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon and a later visit by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, according to U.S. officials.

Panetta signaled possible U.S. military options for an Iran contingency during his press conference in Tel Aviv with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak Aug. 1. Panetta said the United States and Israel are united in seeking to prevent Iran from ever having nuclear arms.

“We have been steadily applying more and more pressure against Tehran, focusing on diplomatic and economic sanctions, and I believe these steps are having an effect,” Panetta said.

He then added: “It’s my responsibility as secretary of defense to provide the president with a full range of options, including military options, should diplomacy fail. President Obama has made clear that preventing a nuclear-armed Iran is a top national security priority by the United States and that all options — all options — are on the table.”

Any Israeli military attack is expected to be carried out with little or no warning, which has meant stepped up monitoring of Israel by U.S. intelligence agencies for all indicators of an impending attack.

Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister, made a significant statement on Israel’s plans on July 25. Barak said during a graduation ceremony that if sanctions fail to halt Tehran’s nuclear program, an attack would be needed.

“I am well aware of the difficulties involved in thwarting Iran’s attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon,” Barak was quoted as saying by Israel’s Ynet news agency.

“However, it is clear to me that without a doubt, dealing with the threat itself will be far more complicated, far more dangerous and far more costly in resources and human life,” he said, referring to a future nuclear-armed Iran.

Barak also said that sanctions and other diplomatic steps “are not enough to stop Iran’s nuclear program.”
U.S. officials said both Donilon and Panetta urged the Israelis to give sanctions a chance to work. New sanctions were imposed on Iranian financial institutions last week.

But the sanctions contain loopholes that critics say will limit their effect in influencing Iran’s Islamist regime from coming into compliance with international controls on its nuclear program.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, contradicting standard U.S. intelligence analysis, stated recently that there are signs Iran engaged in nuclear arms development past 2003, when U.S. agencies said such work halted.

Some Israeli military leaders are said to be raising new concerns that Iran is positioning its forces for asymmetric counterattacks, specifically a new aggressive naval strategy of shutting down western oil supplies. Evidence of the new strategy was the recent dispatch of Iranian warships to the Mediterranean for the first time since 1979. The warships could be used to threaten shipping through the Red Sea and followed threats by Iranian officials to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, through which a major portion of the world’s oil passes.

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