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Tom's Journal.

I have heard so many zealous, Bible loving Christians/ and combat Veterans say that IF they had a choice, health and the money, they would love to travel to Israel and help defend that sacred land against all the heathen enemies!  And count me in that march too!  Of course, I would have to ride a much bigger helicopter this time-- 40 years latter than my last tour in Vietnam...LOL!  IF, IF, IF I had the time, youth, and 'bread' I would love to study Hebrew in Israel, and Greek too, to better understand God's Word -- but now I am just an old, disabled, broken down war horse, living and waiting with my attractive wife, Terri, U.P. in Iron Mountain, MI 49801, for God to push the 'War Button' unleashing the first part of His game plan -- and that is what the following short piece of news is all about.  And YES, this is the time of urgency, along with all the hustle and bustle or our hectic, 'hard times' existence on earth -- just as the days of Noah.  Please see:  Matthew 24: 36- 39.  Comparing the Coming of the Son, Jesus -- to the last Days of Noah before the great flood.  And I am well familiar to these special verses thru the last 40 years of intense study. 

And I need not tell you all that a person can also be a 'pew sitter' in some church being misled and allowing themselves to remain IGNORANT--GOING along with the meaningless 'traditions of men' and church doctrine, instead of just looking in the Book, written mostly on a 5th Grade Level !!   Many times there are huge fireworks when a person finally learns the TRUTH of the Bible, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, and anger spills over with rage upon finding out that someone you loved and trusted has been lying to you all these past years -- and stealing you hard earned money!!  Like I say, do you want the real truth???

OK, folks, here is a simple equation...  Go to a quiet peaceful place, alone, and just pray to God, the Father, to send  you the Spirit so you can find out the real truth, and what He wants you to do-- and end the prayer "in Jesus' name. Amen."  Then, just read 2 books of the Bible, St. John, and the book of Romans.  That will give you a firm foundation of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about, and start you on your way to discernment and understanding.  Now... if you do NOT have that simple, basic foundation of truth -- how will you look for a Bible teaching church [That is an old English name for a Christian Congregation-- and not necessarily a 'building.']  Keep you money in your pocket until you find out for sure that they are teaching, sharing, and preaching the true Word of God.  A Big red flag should shoot up if you don't see the members of the congregation carrying in their own copies of the bible -- and none present in the racks at church.  The brain is like a muscle -- when you don't crack open the Bible regularly, the muscle tone fails and gets soft.  You want to keep your 'Sword' lightly oiled and sharp! 

I do believe that some of our beautiful trees U.P. North are starting to change already!!  Wow! What a super intense, hot, Summer, and I would bet that we will have a long, cold, snowy Winter this year, along with gas and food prices going up, up, and away!   Now would be the right time to draw near to Christ, and also stock up on a few store items, canned goods, etc.  ~James 4:8,  "Draw nigh to God,  and he will draw nigh to you." ~ KJV.. of course.  I strongly recommend getting a copy of the DEFINED King James version Bible, to better help you understand the purest, closest, most accurate translation on earth.  Go to:  --Don't leave home without it.

Warm  Regards,

Time to authorize use of force again
by Elliott Abrams---
How America can stop what the New York Times calls “Israel’s March to War” is the hot topic this month. The issue—for the Times—is whether Israel is on the verge of bombing Iran’s nuclear sites, or can be persuaded to delay that decision and rely on the United States instead. This is what a parade of U.S. officials visiting Jerusalem this summer have counseled (and pressured) Israel to do. But the comments of Israel’s top officials suggest that its patience is wearing thin and that it may act soon, in weeks if not months. As the Associated Press put it, “Israeli leaders, who have long issued veiled threats against Iran, now appear to be preparing the country for war. … The heightened rhetoric has fueled jitters that the zero hour is near.”

Why would Israel, with so much less power than the United States, decide to take on a task at the far outer edge of its military capacities? Why not leave that task to the superpower, which would do a much better job? The answer is simple: Israelis do not believe the United States will perform the task—will ever use military force, even as a last resort, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

In that belief Israel is not alone; its view is shared by Iran. The Iranian record in the nuclear negotiations demonstrates that its leaders do not see themselves at the edge of the apocalypse. Instead they feel free to delay forever, present ridiculous proposals, and refuse to engage in serious bargaining. Meanwhile they push their nuclear program forward, with ever more centrifuges producing ever more enriched uranium, while they also test improved missiles. Read on...

Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said: “Explicit threats are being made these days on the security of Israel and its citizens. -- These threats indicate an erroneous evaluation of our strength and our capabilities. Anyone who thinks he can ‘get rid of Israel’ and try to harm our country will discover the deadly power of the IDF. We are poised and ready along the borders to handle threats facing our doorstep. The IDF is armed with the best and boldest soldiers and commanders in the world, including the Golani Brigade.”

God says: “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. On that day I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness,” declares Yahweh. “I will keep a watchful eye over Judah, but I will blind all the horses of the nations. Then the clans of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘The people of Jerusalem are strong, because Yahweh Almighty is their God.’ --- “On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a firepot in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume all the surrounding peoples right and left, but Jerusalem will remain intact in her place.” (Zechariah 12:2-6)

The Jerusalem Connection says: Unfortunately war with Iran is inevitable. It will likely include Iran’s clients, Hamas and Hezbollah, and maybe others. If Zechariah’s prophecy is fulfilled at this time (it has not been fulfilled before), Israel will experience a stunning victory. The aftermath results of such a decisive victory will, without a doubt, bring a deluge of vicious and condemning criticism from the world powers. (One can only hope and pray that the United States will not be included.) The stage will have been set for the climactic battles of Zechariah 14. This will be the time for Christians to stand tall in support of Israel, our Elder Brother. Be assured that these Christians will be subje ct to the same onslaught as Israel. May Yahweh, the God of Israel, help us both.

Media myth of two cities

The history of Jerusalem did not start in 1967. Thousands of years of Jewish history took place in what is now called “Arab East Jerusalem.” Only when the Jewish residents were driven from their homes in 1948 was the city divided between East and West. This video shows the reality of Jerusalem today and includes interviews from survivors of the fall of Jerusalem.
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