Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the Near Future.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Guys, Gals, Brothers and Sisters!

I guess that Milwaukee had storms and power outages last night and today- but needed the rain, and we U.P. North got some too...PTL.  We live about 7 miles up across the Northern/ Michigan border, in Iron Mountain, MI, and it's a slice of heaven up here, without most of the crime we hear about South of us.  The people, houses and general population are more conservative, humble, friendly, and a meca for many combat Veterans, military retirees, and we even have a VA hospital here in IM too!  They are kind of 'slow' and 'back- woodsy', but people can adapt...Ha!  The Pharmacy of the local VAMC loves to 'drop the ball' constantly in sending out the critical medications to we Veterans, but I well know how to build a fire under their glutius maximus, and they ought to be accountable for all their actions or loss of them -- just like anyone else.  With a State or Federal job, they feel like they struck gold in the lottery, and once they are in, they are pretty well safe and smug, but as we all know, that comes with the territory, and only a few brave, honorable souls like the good Governor of Wisconsin has enough back bone to hold their collective feet to the fire...praise the Lord. Still, I think that this part of the Woods is an all-America, 'Old School' town of basically good people, who still have the good, old hard work ethic. Many deer hunters up here that only take meat for the table, to lay beside their beans, potatoes and salad.  And boy!!  The price of meat is going thru the roof in the stores, and gas was $.19 a few days ago!!!

   Putting the Good Book aside for a moment, I also have my finger on the real pulse of very smart, wise men and authors -- plus having a blue chip education in Finance, also having been Federally Security licensed, etc., with PFS Investments, etc.,  but as a matter of fact, the REAL experts say [especially in a book that scares me half to death..] is that, America WILL experience much harder times in the short and long haul because it's just not possible to swim back to shore -- so deep in debt are we.  It's called "Compound Interest" in reverse-- and that is what most credit cards are...    a 'legal way to rip off the middle class' of America... and I personally know too much about that game...duh.  If every American man, woman and child were taxed at 100%, we still could not climb out of the hole!!  I KNOW, have studied and applied myself to regaining my fine credit rating, and it doesn't take all that long either.  But again, we are fed that goofy mind set on TV about what we OUGHT TO HAVE, BUY, OWN, EAT AND WEAR!!  We all feel the need to maintain our life styles [except the Prez], no matter what the cost.  We all piss away money of foolish things [and the term 'piss' is mentioned in the Bible too..sorry].  

Friends,  I would like to continue and go on in more depth and detail, but... the short answer for all my brethren in the Christian Faith, the ONLY Faith that is not man-made or pagan... we shall be spared the BIG, and major turmoil, when the 'dirt' hits the fan, soon.  After the 'trigger to the main Event' that looses the dogs of war, we firmly believe that the Rapture will take us up and out of harm's way -- to heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ, with new, different bodies that never hurt or ache [!!!],  -- and after while return to earth as Christ's warriors to "correct" things on earth.  And then return to heaven forever in bliss and happiness.    This is all reliable Scripture, friends!  It took me so many years to get to this point of understanding!!   And yet some folks learn it much quickly....hummmmm, but good for them.   

Terri is out and about 'doing chores' after I gave her $300 to spend on anything she sees fit -- EXCEPT more flowers, scrubs, and ornaments to decorate an already decorated nice, house and yard!  I also asked her to stock up on a lot of toilet we don't walk about feeling nasty.  Ha!  I remember my first tour in Vietnam @ CuChi, RVN, right on the Cambodian border where the VC loved to sneak in and murder us at night.  Our showers didn't work for a few days so when it rained hard we went outside and stood outside, under the roof of our quarters/ huts with a bar of Dial soap and showered that way, and nobody got upset or embarrassed.   And we only paid 10 cents for a bar of soap, pack of cigarettes, and many other things because we never had to pay a tax on them.  Life was rough, but surely not impossible,
 and the Army trained us well.

More later,
Here is a picture of me @ age 19, when I was in the place called CuChi, RVN [Vietnam], young and crazy, that I mentioned before.  And I just started growing my mustache.


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