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Israel - a heavy Rock.

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I always loved "LOGIC" and smart people who could teach me something.  I just, and still do, love to chum/ hang around such folks who seem like such a blessing to me, improving my character and wealth of understanding.  And thru my life there has been, gratefully, a number of wise men, scholars, and godly people who have taken me under their wings and taught me to be a better man.  I also liked to watch Star Trek shows with Mr. Spock, the most logical dude around... lol, but now days, the Bible is my main course, of course.

Lately, as I have posted, I found some more info explaining why our God in heaven is "ALLOWING" all this evil against Israel to happen, especially  throwing that wonderful country under the buss:  See:  obama and the 'Dims.'  [sic.].   I honestly see things a lot better now, and don't have the mental and emotional anguish and worry anymore -- no matter what comes down the pike -- no matter who wins the election!  Of course, I would hope that a real man of integrity and principle who loves the Constitution would win...  but ours is not to ponder why -- ours is but to do or die.  This is what I call the peace of God's good Grace...PTL. 

Today is another rainy day U.P. here.  Good for study and pondering.

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September 7th, 2012
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

One of the recurring themes of the last days, as foretold by the Hebrew prophets and confirmed by the Book of Revelation, is the international isolation of Israel. From a Bavarian court to the U.S. State Department, South Africa to Charlotte, North Carolina, we are seeing evidence of this in this week's headlines. (Well, actually, that's not exactly true. We don't read about Israel's growing isolation in the headlines because the Mainstream Media refuses to report it.)

In fact, the prophet Zechariah says that, eventually, all of the nations of the world will gather together against Israel. They'll do so over the issue of who controls Jerusalem.

In its 3,000 year history, Jerusalem, which, ironically, means "City of Peace," has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, and attacked 52 times. Just since the nation's rebirth in 1948, Jerusalem has felt the impact of four major wars. Why? It has none of the usual assets that cause great cities to rise. It has no seaport, no natural wealth, no particular strategic military value. The ancient trade routes from Egypt to Assyria, Babylon, and Persia ran north and south along the plateau of Jordan, bypassing Jerusalem to the east.

During centuries of occupation by the Muslims, Jerusalem was a dusty, backwater city so unimportant that it never even achieved the status of a regional or provincial capital. Yet, despite 2,000 years of mediocrity and desolation, Jerusalem is now the most contended-for city on the face of the earth.

Ominously, Zechariah predicted that the thought of possessing Jerusalem would so "intoxicate" the nations of the world, that in the last days they would go to war over it. He also described the city as such a "burdensome stone," that any nation that tried to solve the dilemma would be "cut in pieces."

The British found themselves charged with settling the Jerusalem question in 1917. Thirty years later, the British Empire fell apart. Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat took on the challenge of Jerusalem. One lost his presidency, the other his life. Bill Clinton led the United States into the fray with the Oslo Accords in 1993. George W. Bush and Barack Obama stuck to the plan. Nearly twenty years later, the U.S. economy is in shambles, our military is worn and tattered, our people exhausted and divided, and our foreign policy is in absolute disarray. And Israel, which did not even exist from Zechariah's day until 64 years ago, is more isolated and hated than ever.

(Don't believe me? The issue of Jerusalem put the Democrats into such a publicly embarrassing position at their convention this week, that they had to break their own rules to insert a "mention" of Jerusalem into their platform. They then broke their own rules again by ignoring three obviously insufficient voice votes to the contrary to add the word "Jerusalem" by arbitrary decree of the flummoxed convention chairman.)

South Africa's Trade Ministry recently announced that it will not allow goods manufactured in Judea and Samaria and labeled "Made in Israel," to be sold in South Africa. Why? Because its leaders say that Judea and Samaria are "occupied" by Israel. They only recognize the "1948 borders as delineated by the United Nations." Never mind that there are no such thing as "1948 borders... delineated by the United Nations."

The United States and its 29 partners recently conducted its second "Global Counterterrorism Forum." It was held in Istanbul, Turkey, and co-chaired by Turkey's Foreign Minister. Israel was conspicuously absent. Why? Because it wasn't invited. Again. It's curious that the nation most targeted by the world's terrorists -- and the one most experienced at combatting that terrorism -- is deliberately left out of a forum dealing with terrorism and counterterrorism. Sort of like not inviting the Vatican to a world conference on "How to be a Good Catholic." Not to say there was no expertise there, however. All of the major nations who are considered state sponsors of terrorism attended. I suppose they want to learn how their potential victims are planning to deal with them.

Even Judaism is finding itself increasingly embattled throughout the world. In Bavaria, a rabbi is facing court charges for performing a circumcision. Despite the fact that male circumcision is a 4,000 year-old practice of Judaism (1,800 years in Germany), it has been banned in hospitals in Austria and Switzerland. Denmark and Norway are considering similar legislation. Even San Francisco tried to ban it. Other nations have already outlawed certain kosher animal-slaughter practices.

Oddly, while many European nations are seeking to ban Judaic and kosher practices, they see nothing wrong with allowing Muslims to establish "Sharia Law courts" to adjudicate civil matters among Muslims. Great Britain has 85 such courts. Though obviously not empowered to enforce a full range of punishments in European nations -- yet -- Sharia law is an undeniably barbaric system. Beyond the well-known customs of stoning to death homosexuals and those accused of sexual infidelity, cutting off the hands and/or feet of thieves, and "honor killing" one's own family members if they've "disgraced" the family, accepted Sharia Law punishment can still be quite brutal.

In Saudi Arabia, a 39 year-old Egyptian mother of two who got entangled in a business-deal-gone-bad with a Saudi princess, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and 500 lashes. She is to receive 5 lashes per week for two years. Activists say that she is already a shell of herself and has suffered probably irreparable damage to her body. But, on the positive side, this is Sharia - not Judaic - law and she is, after all, just a woman.

Please forgive the sarcasm. If it weren't so brutally pathetic and true, what passes for worldly wisdom is like a bad script for a "Dumb and Dumber" movie sequel.

Folks, even if these events didn't fit in to so many of the prophets' descriptions of the last days, the fact that they perfectly embody the Apostle Paul's prediction that in the last days man would not be able to think even in his own best interest, should be enough to let us know we're there.

And in the days to come, we will see Israel and the Jews isolated more and more by the nations of the world. Until one day, they will stand absolutely alone against the world. Only the Messiah will be on their side. But that will be enough.

Please, make plans not to be here for that moment. Accept the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and make your reservation for the great escape that will save all believers from those dreadful days.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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