Saturday, September 15, 2012

MARTIAL LAW--Executive Order.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,

Do some of you older, mature adults remember the 'good old days' when Mothers would buy some older stewing chickens and threw them into the 'Pressure Cooker pot' to make them more edible/ chewable, and softer??   Have you ever fooled around and played with a vise mounted on Dad's work bench and put your finger in the vise and slowly tightened the tool?  Have you ever let things go and had to HURRY UP and RUSH in the last final hours to finish your homework, Term Paper, Thesis, and felt like the whole world was knocking at your door??  Ha!  That is called "Pressure."    I really hated those Federal Exams during my education of Finance, and  Securities/ Investments, with PFS Investments, etc.,  but they were mandatory and important! 

And right now I am about to study HARD and MEMORIZE a number of Scriptures from the Bible, for a 'Bible based org '  that I just joined, and found out that real 'work' is indeed hard!!  Pray for me, and I will also invest a few coins for some important herbs I know that will help my brain RETAIN and learn new things that I need to memorize assigned material.  I have been studying healing Herbs for the past 30 some years, and feel qualified to help others, but not for pay.  Just read the discovery books for your self,  BUT... do NOT prescribe Herbs for other folks-- but let them LEARN from books themselves!  Important. 

OK, so I know that many new, younger guys and gals use the 'singing'/ musical method to teach memorization.   Get rid of/ Drop all you past PRIDE and LEARNING/ Education, so that you can just learn to be a humble person, and LEARN NEW THINGS.  HOW DO YOU MEMORIZE NEW THINGS, if you must do it ??  I want to know... please use the 'comment box' provided on this web site.  If you have trouble doing that little chore -- just email me:

In the mean time, let me just say that God, my Lord and Saviour has blessed me big time as He rewarded me with a good, steady income, when He allowed me to retire at the tender age of 54 -- from that unhealthy, stinky place called 'Chrysler' in Kenosha, WI., after 30.5 years!  Yes!  I thank my Lord and Savior every day for all His Grace and Blessings, and my pretty wife, Terri, too.  Again,  I believe that the time is near and close, where the State of Israel COULD launch  a 'pre-empted attach' on Iran--- or Syria ANYTIME NOW!!   Since they both could send vehicles of  mass destruction -- even as we speak!!!  For one thing, the Israelis probably have the best net work of spies in the world.  And, two, the Bible predicts it too.  Book of Ezekiel and Revelation. 

So... now it's noon, and I am burning time -- got to use my time wisely.  Take care-- and good bye.

A nice, qualified guy named, Paul, from the IM --VAMC  [Iron Mountain, MI., Veterans Association Medical Center],  came over yesterday to make sure that my CPAP breathing machine was working OK, and noticed that a tiny 'do-dad' micro card was 'out of place' and not pushed in, like it should be... and THAT signaled the possibility that my machine was not working correctly...Ha!  NO WONDER I WAS ALWAYS CRANKY, IN POOR SPIRITS, TIRED, AND MY EYES WERE SORE AND DRY!!    My point,  many times it's not a 'personality/ jerk, angry old combat Veteran lashing out!!  It could be something is out of order --that can be fixed!!  So... ladies/ women/ spouses, please figure and THINK before you make a wrong judgment, [and condemn your man before you learn all the FACTS], PLEASE........   a little kindness and TLC really goes a long way..  Thank you very much.
    And here is most likely a morsel of meat that my dog, Deuce, is doing tricks for. Good Dog!!

Warm Regards,
Tommy S

Stop Obama's MARTIAL LAW Executive Order!
Barack Hussein Obama has just signed a Presidential Executive Order, which would give him thepowers of a DICTATOR -- whenever HE thinks it's "necessary" to institute MARTIAL LAW! He has given himself the powers to declare martial law -- especially in the event of a war with Iran. It is a sweeping power grab that should worry every American -- TAKE ACTION NOW!

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