Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More tweaking and fine tuning.

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Hi Friends,
I have been doing a lot of soul searching again, and doubled down hard on my Bible studies, plus asking advice from a  trusted, smart Pastor, Kevin S.  I found out that I had a few things wrong and felt the need to correct myself and former blog posts a few days ago, concerning Predestination, the "Elect", and also the Rapture.  This is heavy, important stuff to me -- and part of it is my 'sole reason for living !'  The Apostle Paul said in Philippians... 'that he considered all his worldly possessions to be nothing more than a dung heap -- but for finding the Lord.'  [Paraphrased].  I intend to explain all this stuff in the near future -- if we have one... LOL. 

But, for one thing, I used to think that the Rapture would most likely come shortly after the coming war between Israel and Iran, Syria, etc.   And now I believe that there is NOTHING more to wait for [except God's command], and the RAPTURE could come anytime!! ANYTIME, NOW!!    Well, that could be either tomorrow, next month or next year!  But my pastor [good, respected friend]  thinks that it is VERY CLOSE AND NEAR!  All the more reason to hunker down, study, read, pray, and share the bible and message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every one we meet.  Well, folks, this new tweaking and fine tuning of knowledge will certainly add another demension to my battle plan-- and sort of advance/ speed up my reasoning....  I don't think I will be goofing around with my hobbies too much anymore... when I now have bigger fish to fry.    I tried to reason with my dear wife today... that if she knew that she only had a month.. or maybe one year to live, with not too much money, what would be her "bucket list?"    Seems to me that if I were in those deathly shoes, I would want to prepare myself to meet my Maker and get my affairs in order SOON!  And I suppose that everyone else might have their own version of what they would do too, in that circumstance.  Now, this doesn't mean that we don't brush our teeth and take a shower, and keep our homes in good repair, etc.  But we ought to have some priorities in life, ME THINKS.  That's all, folks.  What do you think??  Comments..

And I do NOT accept the "Predestination" thing that is working it's way back into the Church either.  I do NOT accept Calvinism!  Every human being has a shot at Salvation thru the blood of Jesus Christ IF they accept him in their heart!  And yes,  Satan is so busy infiltrating the Church these days, trying old tricks and new ones too.   So how do we know what to believe and what not??  Study the Word!  My kind and gentle pastor, a big man and strong inside and out, will give me NOTHING except the pure Bible in his answers.  And he takes the time to reason with me so I can truly understand things.  I am blessed.  And if we don't understand something the first time, pray harder, and study harder!  Sometimes I, personally, have to re-read something many times to get it to 'sink into my beat up brain box!'     My friends and peers tell me that I am smart and educated, but I feel 'ganged up on' and 'brain hiccups' [some would use the term:  brain farts...   sorry],  these days, with intrusive thoughts, even combat PTSD to deal with.

I am honestly working on 'self improvement', Scripture memorization, making all church meetings, gaining more real friends that I can talk to and help, and my own relationship with my wife.  Some women think that a man is weak when he suddenly becomes more gentle, kinder, polite, generous, etc, having more 'fruits of the Spirit.'  I figure that I will do what ever it takes to get my sinful body off this earth and into heaven -- just as the Bible says.   So, if that means cutting off some old relationships that only drag me down, constantly criticize and assassinate my good name and character, so be it!  I can and will sever a tie just as easy as changing my shirt.  "NO BODY'S GONNA BREAK-A-  MY STRIDE.."   Like that 'choo choo train' named "Thomas".. LOL, in the musical video.  This life now is more than a game or spectacle.   It is a life and death struggle, for ALL the marbles, and eternity is a long time to make the supreme mistake!  I will forsake family, love, spouse and friends if I have to choose between them -- and Jesus Christ.  I figure that if my past life has been a living hell, filled with PAIN and MISERY, why would I want a repeat.   That would be like voting for an illegal alien [ a 2nd time]  who got elected to a high office, only to destroy our country, hurt our dear friends, and embrace our enemies who want to kill us-- giving them tons of money that we had to borrow from another enemy -- China!! 

Friends,  when someone prooves to me that I am wrong -- with the Bible, I always admit my mistake and try hard to remedy the problem.  Best to be humble for the Lord, as we make mistakes and sin every day.  I am trying now to memorize the whole Psalm One... 130 words, for a special class that I meet with on Saturday nights... and learning good things! But it's work.

More details next time....


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