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Must Christians read the Bible?

Tom's Journal.

I used to strongly dislike the older folks who reminded we younger teenagers about the 'Good ole days' when they had to work from dawn 'till dusk and get paid pennies, etc.  But some of that "Old School" advice made sense and instilled a good, hard work ethic in me-- so that I taught the same values to my 3 children, Barbara, Andy and Sarah, and they seemed to turn out smart, educated, well rounded, productive human beings.  PTL.  And then, there is something called "Smart Work" vs: hard work, and the Bible tells us to whet [sharpen] the edge of our axe before chopping wood...duh, well that makes sense, right?  

I am so blessed that I constantly have the FREEDOM to read, study my Bibles and other study material, plus special, close friends I have on the InterNet, who have more smarts and wisdom than I -- hoping that some of it will 'rub off on me.'  My only cray baby sobs come from the fact that most of my long time, close friends, super combat Vets/ Warriors, are so far away from me in distant States and all over the world!  I miss them terribly but FaceBook helps me connect and share my good things!  PTL.  

So!  "Must a Christian read the Bible ?"  If a person gets into a severe auto/ or motorcycle accident and is dying, can he/ she be Saved and know for sure that they are going to heaven?  You DON'T HAVE TO BE BAPTIZED TO GET TO HEAVEN!  But it's a good thing to do to show others that you want to 'walk the walk', please God, and follow Jesus' foot steps, etc....   I can cite many scriptures that show, 'If you confess the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart or hearts as  your personal Lord and Saviour, believe on Him and love Him, you will be Saved.  BUT... it makes sense that you would want to get to know the girl that you are going to marry, and get to know their mind set, and how/ what they think on varied subject, etc...  right?  The very short article below is good and interesting with more info that is easily digested...  please read and share, if you like.

We have a well stocked house, etc., and don't need anything right now to survive and be happy and content -- but I am getting restless and would like to go for a drive.  I truly ENJOY my many Freedoms here and now.  Been around the world before my 20th birthday, Europe, Asia and most of the States, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Germany, but U.P. here with my dear wife, Terri M. Schuckman, is my home now, and still trying to sell my old house in Union Grove, WI.   We don't have all the big box stores and luxuries of the Big Cities down South in Milwaukee, etc., but then we don't have their violent crime and mean spirit either.  People in the Upper Peninsula seem to be happy, gentle, polite, mannerly, and more Christian/ Conservative, IMHO.  I purely hate moving, but this time the Lord was with me on this loving adventure... thank you, Lord Jesus! 

I wish I could go deer and turkey hunting this year, and I LOVE fresh, clean fish, but I am somewhat Disabled, and doubt if I can walk that far.... [sigh], so maybe some of my friends up here will give me some venison.  Yum- yum!  And I know how to cook pretty good, having done about 50% of the cooking, raising my 3 wonderful kids, that I miss now so much.  My dearest son, Andrew T. Schuckman, was killed last year [but I am forbidden to speak much about the crime --as I might mess up the coming trial of one of the animals who did this foul deed... sorry]   I CAN tell ya'll that I am not too worried about the proper punishment for those 2 rascals-- because I trust in the LORD to 'take care of things.'   I am a sinner man too... but my sins are forgiven via the ransom sacrifice of Jesus' precious blood. 

I predict that our East Coast and South will suffer some violent hurricanes soon, which will also spin off tornadoes/ big storms in the USA in the coming weeks ahead.  We all know that these are 'JUST' natural normal things that happen, BUT-- I believe that there is a definite 'linkage' to the God-haters who are so arrogant and course so as to blaspheme God in a proud, nasty way, lately.  Any bets??  Ha!

Warm Regards,
Tommy S

--- Everybody should have at least ONE skill or trade, IMHO, and here I was teaching my past wife, Sharon, how to 'stick' weld, and cut metal with a Oxy-Acetylene torch.  RIP -- Sharon.  Your harsh, painful, physical suffering on earth is over...  PTL. 

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Must Christians Read the Bible?

By Rebekah Wilson
Guest Writer

CBN.comWhy do Christians read the Bible all the time?
Most teachers hate circular answers. You know, the ones in which you use something in the question as part of the answer? But in this case, the information in the Bible does actually help us understand why Christians seem to read it all the time.
In the book of Psalms, the writer states: “Blessed are those who do not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.” (Ps. 1:1, NIV)
Another version continues: “Instead you thrill to God's Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You're a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.” (Ps. 1:2-3, The Message)
There are three steps to understanding why Christians want to read the Bible.
First: Christians want to live changed lives that are different from the sin, wickedness, and mocking they embraced before encountering Jesus Christ. Why would anyone want to become a Christian if their lives would stay exactly the same after coming to know God?
Second: The Bible, which was written by God through people inspired by Him, provides access to His thoughts and commands on practically every topic of life. We don’t have to wait for God to write his thoughts down on a stone tablet and send them down a mountain to us! Instead, we can just pick up His book and read it. By reading His words, we can learn how to live life a different way.
Third: When we come to know and love His views, then we can begin to model our lives by them, which will make us like the strong, healthy tree in Psalm 1. We will always bear the right ‘fruit’ for every situation, and we will continually grow closer to God.
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