Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Taken --One Left.

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Friends and Readers,
I need to get ONE thing off my chest this morning, please...  Terri M. Schuckman makes the BEST Carrot cake that I have ever eaten!!  She puts in Walnuts and crushed pineapple to keep is moist, and grates the fresh carrots in by hand [of course].   Wow!  Terri is a fine cook anyway, her food for which some would DIE FOR... lol.  I love her more and more every day -- but I am still set on working on COMMUNICATION -- both ways.  I think [my 2 cents worth] that honest communication is KEY to every marriage. 

Although she would be considered a 'young Christian' she is rapidly learning the Bible both at church from a fine pastor, Kevin Sullivan, and from my own hand, with personal/ family studies many times a week. 

God has surely blessed me, and prayers are always welcome for our spiritual porogress-- our marriage is for 'keeps' until death do we part -- or the Rapture.   I should be a saint by now-- yet I still feel like a sinner man.  At the tender age of 63, my eyes have seen more than most men in 3 lifetimes, and then some.  Death has knocked at my my door twice last year with the passing of Sharon and Andy, my only son, and that still hurts, but we must move on.  If we don't have the wind to fill our sails -- we best drag out the oars and start rowing.  The 2 animals who took my dear son away at age 37 are both in jail, and I wonder if they realize how much damage they've done to my extended family...  I hardly think about them much these days except the DA in a Southern County sends me emails to keep me informed -- and that's all I may say on this subject.

'One Taken -- One Left, ought to wake us up., per the short article below as there is much there to glean and contemplate on this sobering subject.  The book of Revelation need not frighten us, and it CAN be understood!  It's just that some of the 66 books of the Bible are more easy to understand than others.  And if I were a gold miner, I would not expect to get rich in one day either.... lol.    If you want to MAKE the time to actually study, and have God's Holy Spirit, you will learn and understand.

I bid you all PEACE and have a great day!!

Christian Hugs,
Tom Schuckman

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Posted: 15 Oct 2012 09:34 AM PDT
By Dr. Tony Garland SpiritandTruth.org Q. I am going through your Revelation study and so appreciate your gentle tone and teaching style. There is much to glean and contemplate as I listen and look at the slides. The comparing of scripture to scripture to further highlight and illuminate passages is also much appreciated.Please permit me to bring something to your attention in hopes you

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