Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tom's Journal.

I just want to throw my 2 cents into the ring again tonight before I crash.  As a born-again Christian, and serious Bible student, I know and believe that God's Plan is well under way, as we can plainly read from the Scriptures, if we have the Holy Spirit working for us, and the Rapture is still something I think and pray about daily.  Exactly how this will come about and when is still unknown to us servants of Christ, albeit we know it is near.

Now that Gov. Romney seems to be pulling ahead in the polls, although it is still a very close horse race, gives me pause, because I KNOW how important this is to huge, POWERFUL, entities working and maneuvering behind the scenes, with evil men like George Soros, and other power hungry "king makers", and people who stand to make their fortunes if obummer wins again-- and pushes us down that wife path to Socialism... before the Anti-Christ rises up from the shadows.   Beware, friends, there is always the horrible possibility that sneaky, dangerous people or societies may be planning for just an eventuality to so some immoral, violent thing to one of the candidates.   I already voted for the fine gentleman with a blond wife and 5 sons, ahead of time, and happy about that fact!!  It was important to me to vote this year especially, and here is the reason why, even though Gov. Romney is a Mormon....   I believe that he is a good, moral man, and faithful to the U.S. Constitution, and a 'Free Economy.'  This means that he will RESPECT our precious FREEDOMS to practice our Christian Faith undisturbed, as we exercise that Right!  Who knows that we can't win more souls over to Jesus Christ before 'Our Father' in Heaven puts the hammer down and starts things off??  It would mean that we can speak, preach, share, teach the Bible to all those who have a listening ear, and attend church without worrying about getting shot, beat up or bombed-- like in other countries not so friendly.   That means a lot to me. 

There is also the distinct possibility of a mad "commander-in-chief" seizing control -- using so-called 'Presidential power' to even STOP the election, blaming some lame 'national emergency'... and please don't think that I am that paranoid to stay awake dreaming such things up.   Like I said before, THIS election is for ALL THE MARBLES, my friends and readers!   

But,  if something like this should happen  -- my KJV Bible tells me that all is not lost, because that just means that God might speed things up a bit so that we don't suffer that long down here-- ME-THINKS.   In the mean while, we always have a job to do, and most of you know that means sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- that good news of Salvation as long as we have to, as commanded by the Lord, Himself. 

I am still trying to shake my nasty sore throat and upper respiratory ailment that is much worse than what my wife had a few weeks ago.  I am coughing up bad looking 'frogs' as much as I can, but this only insures that my throat will stay dry and sore, raw, irritated.  I take my healing herbs like, Ginger capsules, Capsicum, Garlic, etc., but right now I just have a big head ache, and I NEVER have head aches!  Also in the line of preparation is paying down/ off as much 'plastic credit card debt' as possible, because no matter who gets elected, things will prob get worse before they get better -- IF they get better...  sorry, folks, I didn't want to throw a wet towel on you now, but it's the truth as I see it.    But I was raised to a 'hard work ethic' born German-American in Wisconsin, there is something also called 'smart work' too, and the right investments.  NOT TO PAY OUR MIDDLE CLASS TAXES to feed obama's entitlement class who REFUSE TO WORK....  but having SOME money is a good insurance for when bad times come, and emergencies, in my book, at least.  Yet,  I personally know some good, hard working families U.P. here who are barely making it !  That hurts me, but better that I should SHOW them some Financial tricks and just common sense, than just hand them some money. 

However, the Book of James has important things to say about seeing our spiritual brothers and sisters in poor circumstances -- and not trying to help them.  I like to help my friends!!  But the pastor, IMHO, ought to examine each case for it's merit before taking action...  because he knows them best, I think.   Way U.P. North where we live, people have to have the basic housing, warmth and warm Winter clothes to exist, but then these are 'All-American' rural, families who walks around in shorts in the Winter-- so I've seen... LOL.  There are  a lot of long beards too. 

I figure that if I don't drink or smoke, then we can afford a few small luxuries like four wheel drive for the deep snows, and my new bow and arrows/ quiver.  I may have to buy my wife some good leather boots if she wants soon. 

Tomorrow is another day.

Warm Regards,

>>> Deep Snow>>>

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