Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unquenching the Spirit.

Tom's Journal.


Yes,  I figure that it is the day after the big storm Sandy, and I can only imagine the heart break and total numbness of losing all your precious things -- because I have gone thru all that a FEW times!  Seems like when you THINK you have the world by the 'horns', or what ever, a turn of events can totally smash all your dreams and aspirations in a heart beat. 

When I was in the Army and most of my time was spent over seas, Germany and Vietnam, I had time to do alot of deep thinking, planning and some dreaming, and hoped to do something big when and if I made it home alive, back on the farm.  Just think...  I was OUT OF THE ARMY WITH AN HONORABLE DISCHARGE, age 21, single, born into a middle class family, and looking for the right girl to settle down with.  Wow!  My first real job was at Nestle Co., in Burlington, WI., making chocolate, but I was bored silly with the same routine-- after flying in helicopters in combat every single day a few month prior to that....ha!  It took me SOOOOOO  LONG to slow down and adjust to 'civilian life' and after I started having severe nightmares and flashbacks in broad daylight I went to the Milwaukee VA hospital to seek help -- and that was smart!  One of the docs told me that my body was traveling at 30 mph, but my mind was going 100 mph!  So he gave me some pills to calm down, but I still have challenges for the rest of my life...  until I found the Lord, and the Holy Spirit.

The short article below talks about a haunting challenge of mine, and now I freely but ashamedly admit that I was guilty of this type of transgression --  BECAUSE OF MY STUPID PRIDE, IMHO [In my humble opinion].  Trusting in the Lord, and allowing the Spirit to help you is kind of like learning to swim....  You have to learn how to relax and just let go!  Sorry for that human analogy, but it works for me.   When you finally surrender  your whole self [the 'old' man] to Jesus Christ -- and let HIM take care of you, fight your battles, then will you see a profound change in your life!  If  you go into a relationship and THINK that you will CHANGE your mate/ spouse after you get married,  you will fail.  But if you give your whole self to Christ, become HIS slave/ servant and apply the Bible to YOURSELF -- you will not only improve yourself -- but your mate WILL SEE THOSE CHANGES IN YOU, and then change his/ her ways !!!   It works!!  Some folks never learn this.   Some folks do learn this and prosper in love and marriage... PTL.  Personally, I can't stand stress and strife, and fighting.. so this spiritual blessing is a healing balm to my broken bones and spirit.  Thank  you so much, dear Lord!  BUT...  If your mate remains a selfish, mean spirited human being, he will of course be chastised in due time -- and all the people in the world who read and love THE KJV BIBLE believe that the time of reckoning is so close now..  so why even worry about the small things in life, when our Lord will take us away swiftly?   Duh.  Don't sweat the small things, dear friend.  Been there -- done that, too.... lol. 
    It's a serious thing to mess with the Holy Spirit!!  Don't even think about it, please!  Without it, Satan will kick your butt all over the earth, chew you up and spit you out!  Now, I know that I have the Holy Spirit in me-- ever since I was Saved, born-again [which is redundant, sorry] but just for those who are "New Christians."  Hey.. We all had to start somewhere and had to crawl before we learned to walk and talk...  so there is nothing to be ashamed of.  But once you have that Spirit, run with it and learn/ study hard to build yourself up-- so you can effectively share the Gospel with others, and you all know by now that the 'Time is Near.'
     Sure, Storms and Sandy's happen this time of year, but anyone who has checked their history knows that we are getting a large dose of nasty business, and just MAYBE this will shake out the precious souls who are still sitting on the fence, before the "REAL STORM" hits us with a vengeance!  

Praise the Lord that the UPS man just rang the door bell... and only you combat Vets will understand this cryptic message.  I also got a reminder phone call this morning about my morning VA Stress  Test on Nov. 2nd, thank you very much.  I hope that Terri can come with me to drive me back home after the test. 
     I am also dismayed that my eyes are getting worse and blurry so much, and must wait for another VA appointment.  I am thus blessed because I do have this VA medical package, but I also have Chrysler Humana, that my dear wife, Terri, enjoys, so she could get her foot "fixed."  It is a slow healer, in our opinion, but would have only gotten worse in time and perhaps crippled Terri in the long run.  I am happy that I brought some goods to the table of our marriage union, and love to help others if I can.  I am very happy with Terri and things are working out well, despite some early bumps from relatives..  sorry.  We just live our simple lives with our own small place in the sun, 'LIVE SIMPLE -- LIVE WELL.'  We are not rich, but certainly much better off than 2/3's of the world!!  God's Grace is sufficient for us to deal with every day fluff and bumps, and living U.P. North in the great Northern Woods is fine for me...  as along as I can still email, phone, visit and write letters, etc.  And that reminds me.....  duh, write some letters today!
     Well, I hope I have not opened my private life too much to the public, but hope that this blog post finds all of my friends and relatives in good health, spirits, and love.

Warm Regards, Hugs,

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>>>  I promised Jerry B., from NH, that I would send/ post this pic of me and my past wife [dear Sharon, who passed away 2 years ago on April 9th] some of my wood carvings, like the "Clinging Cross" where I like to use Walnut and Cherry wood to work with, etc.  Jerry is also a disabled, honored Vietnam Veteran, and my close friend!  Bless you, Bro. Jerry!

Unquenching The Spirit
Q. I have read in one of your previous post that if we continually ignore or disobey the Holy Spirit’s guidance we will lose the ability to hear him. Aka Quenching the Spirit. This bothers me for obvious reasons. If someone did indeed quench the spirit is that a permanent event or can it be [...]

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