Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revival Or Last Call?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
It easy to just jump on the 'band wagon' when someone comes up with a popular idea/ or theory, and I am guilty of that too, and had to eat crow.  But [always] when in doubt go back to the BIBLE and make sure of all things!  Case in point is the modern belief that there could, or should, be a national American Revival like early times in the USA that brought in a new spirit of big time Faith and Belief in God's Word and true Christianity, with powerful good preachers converting and turning around great masses of the population-- to live for Jesus, and then they prosper and do  special things.  And normally after that, Father God blesses our [once] great Country, give us strength and determination to win 'righteous wars' like WW-1 and WW-2, etc., where we would have ended up speaking a 'different language' if we lost  --LOL!  That Socialist tyranny would have made slaves of us all, and Christianity does not thrive in a Socialist setting!!  Actually, God wants us to prosper and live free, have plenty,  to raise our families in peace, safety and tranquility -- but when we reject Him, and kick Him out of our courts, schools and Congress, practise abortion and cheer the Gay agenda -- we sure do suffer!  We are seeing just that national tragedy RIGHT NOW-- but this is just a 'Warm up', folks!  I DID NOT VOTE FOR THE Islamic leaning ALIEN WHO REFUSES TO SHOW HIS RECORDS AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE !!!    How in the heck could America let someone like this become President-- and the color of his skin means nothing to me!!!   Remember that, when our clown in the WH continues to chip away at our PRECIOUS, sacred, Rights under the US Constitution that came from  Christian Founding Fathers!  Our Congress is spineless too, sorry to say, and sometimes we can 't find much difference between the 2 main political parties,  Dims and RINO's,  and our national debt is dragging us down and destroying us!   We are just about to lose our most important Freedom and Right to bear Arms too right now, people !  Once we lose that Right... the rest will come tumbling down around our ears and we will wake up as slaves to a Socialist system!  I FOUGHT against Communism in Vietnam for 2 long years and almost got whacked a number of times, while flying every day in helicopters as a crew member: 1968- 70 [as you all know]. 

Back at the ranch...please let us take the time to research the Bible... MAKE THE TIME, because one of these days or nights the RAPTURE will come, and that will be all she wrote.   You would kick you self if you were 'Left Behind.'  All you so-called 'good intentions' won't be worth a bucket of spit!  Sorry folks...  
    It is not popular to go against modern day 'conventional wisdom' and jump up to wave the American flag -- but even a rat knows enough to abandon a sinking ship, friends.  Think-- what is more important??  Going to heaven forever to be with the Lord, happy FOREVER??  -- Or fighting in the wrong, corrupt, satanic army and going down that long tube to hell?  Why is it satanic?  Because God sees things as pure and simple:  "If you are not FOR God -- you are surely judged to be on Satan's side"... Period.   And I know that I am right on this one, friends.  Frankly, there IS NO OTHER WAY, except God's way, and human reasoning will always put you on the wrong side of God.  Heck!  Just READ THE BOOK!  Ha!  Hey!  I get lazy and bored too, but some habits are good and beneficial, so a smart regimen is the best way to go, and I have tested that reasoning too many times, only to come back with my tail between my legs to beg forgiveness from God Almighty, thru his Son, Jesus.  After a while, even an old, dumb farmer  Tom, will see the light, we hope.   Once you've got a good grip on the 'good stuff' -- don't let go!

Thank you for all the prayers for my long drive to Madison, WI., taking my dear brother, Tom Harrison, to get his "procedure" done, and he came out of it just fine [It's a private matter-- so I can't describe it on this post].  I got to know Tom, who attend church with me way up North in Iron Mountain, MI  49801 these past 6 months and he has always treated me well, with kindness, as we are both in a special church group called "Reformers Unanimous," that has a 90% success rate of overcoming addictions!!  Please share this with your loved ones who still struggle with those nasty demons that destroy lives, families and marriages !!!  It's a Christ centered system that helps people understand that getting right with Jesus is what will truly 'SET YOU FREE!'     Please consider buying the fine book:  NEVERTHELESS I LIVE [Living freely in a bound world]. by Steven B. Curington.  Write:  P.O. Box 15732., Loves Park, IL 61132.  Call:  815-986-0460.  Visit:   --exert from page 230:  "The devil hides the truth from the lost by blinding their hearts so that they cannot see the image of God shining unto them..."
     I don't know if I should talk about my own embarrassing problems, but after I got married to pretty Terri U.P. North in a different State with my own house up for sale in WI. we had some hot arguments about me drinking whiskey--  she said when ever I drank that "dog water" I turned into  a JERK!  So...  I called up Pastor Kevin Sullivan from the Family Baptist church in Iron Mountain, MI., [where we also live in the same nice town] and he was so kind in welcoming me into the group at the very next meeting.  I had a problem with my pride-- but found out after I humbled myself that this new Biblical system really works!!  Wow!   Seems like everyone has a different challenge to work on, some swearing/ bad language, some smoking, many drinking, or pornography, drugs,  eating too much, etc, etc., but the 'UR system' thru books and the bible really does work, as we buy a few great books and memorize   scriptures, and get a pat on the back, and pray together.  It's kind of fun, as we meet for an hour and a half every Saturday evening, and after wards, there is coffee and food. 
       I had NO problem quitting the "dog water" booze thing and Terri was happy, and loved me all the more-- and this was last Summer that I made the decision-- and it worked for me.  See, we can work out our differences if we "GIVE" a little bit!  So now, I am working on  weight lifting at the local Gym, serious dieting and not drinking sugary soda pop that I love too much.  It's just ruining my health!  Life will be better for me after I lose 100 pounds!  So, if  you are at the end of YOUR rope with big challenges, please consider looking into this fine way to stop what is causing you so much unhappiness, and MAKE YOUR FAMILY HAPPY TOO.   Remember:  a 90% Success rate!   But that is only secondary...  Do it for Jesus, and see how kind and loving He is to us, ready to forgive and take you back, OR find out what true Salvation really is as you go thru the Scriptures together with the other friends, and make more close friends that will help you in life!  It worked for me.  Any how, Tommy Harrison, is a good hard working man, married, who loves the Lord, and 'we is buddies' [sic] Ha!  He was in the Army too, and stationed in Alaska... brrrrr.    So we have a lot in common and had a nice long 10 hour talk, to and from the Madison, VAMC to have his private procedure...  poor guy.  And he had to go to work the next  he may be a little sore down there...  We both love to eat venison, fish, and good steaks.  And I promised to sharpen his knives for the kitchen too.  He lives in Wisconsin, over the State line.       Hey guys and gals... now days it's smart to have a few extra friends the way this country is headed, with much worse times headed our way.  "You ain't seen nothin' yet !"  The Bible tells me so.  But in the mean time, we have a big fight in saving our 1st and 2nd Amendments from being taken away from us in the USA, with the Socialist Dims wanting to take it all away and leave us vulnerable.  Not to start a fire storm argument right now after that tragic  school shooting on the East Coast-- what a terrible waste of young lives!  But for what ever time we have left here on earth Freedom is dear to we Christians, so that we can just live in peace and harmony to practice our pure worship to our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

OK, we are getting some heavy snow up North here, and I must get going to do some chores.

Warm Regards,

Revival Or Last Call?

Q. I know you have already stated that the Bible does not support an End Times Revival. But you’ve also written that you believe “the Lord is issuing a giant last call” before He takes the Church. I continue to be unsure of the difference and how this plays out and I don’t know how to refute people who insist we are in/headed for Revival. These people are talking about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

A. The difference between my reference to God’s “last call” for the Church and Dominion Theology’s End Times Revival is that Dominionism sees this as a world wide event that leads to Christian domination of the world, whereas I see the last call taking place only in the East where the Gospel previously hasn’t made great inroads, preparing the Church for the Rapture by bringing in the last of the “full number of Gentiles.”
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