Monday, January 30, 2012

Frozen Tundra.

Tom's Journal.

Now days, the time is passing so much faster and I know why, with some one new in my life, and unfortunately, I almost wish we had more time before the Lord comes now.... sorry folks,  too bad we didn't have a few more years to enjoy life to the fullest now, personally speaking-- and I know that's a selfish wish.  I am not used to being so happy all the time!!  Few folks gave a rip about me with my sorrows and life of hard knocks before as they were all too consumed with their own little niche in society and life with loved ones and families-- they all had someone to love and take care of them.  Sorry again, folks, but I am just telling the truth as I see it.  My own dear Mom is even a bit bitter, crabby and jealous of my good blessings being showered upon me lately. 
    But I promised my readers and others that I would NOT get negative anymore, but be joyous and cheerful from now on-- unless I needed to tell the truth about on going news, the Middle East, politics [which always makes me SICK!], etc., God's pure Word, the Bible, etc.   And because I am sort of in transit, I really cannot  publish where I am specifically, lest some degenerate decides to break in somewhere to steal, etc., but I already have stowed away some valuables.  If God wills it I may be putting a ring on someone's finger down the road, soon enough... but I am taking things slow and careful.  The town I hope to move to has it's own large VAMC, and a YMCA, etc!!  And I know that I can find some good people to hang with there-- besides finding a Bible teaching church to boot, that is not too judgemental. 

I love being able to drive my Dodge Ram 4 by 4 into a huge snow drift and then just twist the little 4WD  knob inside the cab and drive right out again...LOL.  It's slick ice that bugs me and makes me slow down.  I just bought a new HP--PC a week ago and learning to use it, with a touch screen feature, more to learn.  And living in the 'frozen Tundra' makes life interesting up here too, but I know how to dress. 

So I feel so much more happy lately, but have much to work on at this time, tax season, and transfering some things, but still taking things nice and slow.

I invite all my friends to continue praying for me, please, and be happy for me.   I will continue to pray for and email my dear old friends and offer true encouragment to them too.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

I am out of the dating business now, and hopefully, for ever!!